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2020-10-28 03:48:19 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

So kinda new to the server myself. @AOFAGrimReaper42(SSG) still need #4?

2020-10-28 03:49:29 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

Epic Games username TalkingWeb13537

2020-10-28 03:50:04 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

I'm on Switch more than anything.

2020-10-28 03:50:19 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

Actually, that's all I use for Fortnite.

2020-10-28 03:50:23 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  


2020-10-28 03:51:15 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

Stock Apple EarPods.

2020-10-28 03:51:28 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

It's not great, but it's a mic.

2020-10-28 03:52:53 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

you Xbox or PS4?

2020-10-28 03:56:42 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

Define "sweat" for me, would you?

2020-10-28 03:57:11 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

Good with weapons/aim, yes.

2020-10-28 03:57:46 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

Building/cranking out 5 story buildings in -5 seconds, no.

2020-10-28 03:58:05 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

I should say modest with building.

2020-10-28 03:58:44 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

Around last December/this past January.

2020-10-28 03:59:04 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

About when the Lt. Evergreen skin dropped.

2020-10-28 03:59:30 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

I still use that skin to this day.

2020-10-28 03:59:45 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

Mostly because I don't waste money on IAP

2020-10-28 03:59:53 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  


2020-10-28 04:00:10 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

I never have.

2020-10-28 04:01:11 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

All the videos "Kid does *insert dumb/stupid method* to get V-Bucks" on Youtube though...

2020-10-28 04:01:40 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

Those are why I still just play the game free.

2020-10-28 04:04:21 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Someone tell Epic make this skin a reality please

2020-10-28 04:08:12 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Anyone who doesn't know of this boss is a "filthy casual" lol

2020-10-28 04:10:10 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

one sec my dude

2020-10-28 04:10:26 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]

2020-10-28 04:10:51 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

And now I take my leave for the evening.

2020-11-01 03:14:58 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Anyone want to do a couple of Smash Bros. rounds?

2020-11-01 03:15:13 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

SSB tourney would be awesome BTW

2020-11-01 03:19:02 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

lemme know when the Fortnitemare is done

2020-11-01 03:19:51 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

I did one round on Solo and died one of the Shadow whatever-you-call-its.

2020-11-01 03:20:02 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

I was last one alive of the players too.

2020-11-01 03:21:27 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Every once in awhile I'll run into another Lt. Evergreen skin on Squads.

2020-11-01 03:22:12 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

More often than not I'm the only "Christmas tree man" on the match. I'm perfectly okay with it.

2020-11-04 04:04:52 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Is there a gaming-specific thread on here?

2020-11-04 04:05:26 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

i.e. one just for people who want to game and take a breather from politics and stuff?

2020-11-04 04:06:24 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

I live in TX myself.

2020-11-04 04:06:43 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Dunno why people haven't called it (texas) for Trump.

2020-11-04 04:07:29 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Ah, a fellow Texan? @VladTheImpaler

2020-11-04 05:18:14 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

yes he did

2020-11-04 05:18:36 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

TX was seen as a necessary win for POTUS.

2020-11-04 05:18:42 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

As was Florida.

2020-11-04 05:20:17 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

hurry up and call Georgia and Wisconsin already people

2020-11-04 05:21:16 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

82% reporting according to Fox News Trump with 53.1 percent to Biden's 45.6

2020-11-04 05:21:21 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  


2020-11-04 05:22:14 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Cindy McCain cost the Republicans AZ big time.

2020-11-04 05:27:06 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

hurry up with Georgia already people jeez

2020-11-04 05:44:44 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

@VladTheImpaler who got NC?

2020-11-04 05:45:27 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

oh crap

2020-11-04 05:45:32 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

if we lose NC...

2020-11-04 05:46:49 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Wisconsin and Georgia need to be called.

2020-11-04 05:47:37 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Georgia has been a "hurry up and call" for at least an hour if not more.

2020-11-04 05:59:29 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Georgia is a Trump guarantee at this point.

2020-11-04 05:59:45 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Biden can have Nevada all he wants.

2020-11-05 02:10:09 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Is there like a gaming-only thread on here? i.e. a go-to for people looking to play Minecraft or Smash Bros., something like that.

2020-11-05 02:14:10 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

Call of Duty Ghosts ring a bell anyone?

2020-11-05 02:14:49 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

I'm looking at getting an Extinction squad going and don't want to end up paired with some weird leftist.

2020-11-05 02:14:58 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

*for Xbox 360

2020-11-05 02:16:16 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

I think they'll work with one another.

2020-11-05 02:16:41 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

Xbox Live username GreyWolfSif4559 in case you need it

2020-11-05 02:30:32 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

do I even want to *swear word* know?

2020-11-05 02:30:56 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

oh jeez I thought you were gonna say Biden got 270

2020-11-05 02:31:36 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Are there any Smash Ultimate players on here?

2020-11-05 02:31:59 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

I'm looking for a good ROB main for tips and coaching.

2020-11-05 02:32:18 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

I main Mii.

2020-11-05 02:32:40 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

One of the locals I do is doing a new main november event.

2020-11-05 02:32:55 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

you play Link?

2020-11-05 02:33:24 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

I main Mii Sword a ton.

2020-11-05 02:33:44 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Go ahead, judge me. I don't care.

2020-11-05 02:33:57 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Nightbot shut your mouth

2020-11-05 02:34:14 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

I figured it would happen sooner than later.

2020-11-05 02:34:21 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

*the Steve reveal

2020-11-05 02:39:09 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

@JunoBlade even without John Robert's vote.

2020-11-05 02:39:33 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

The man is a supreme disappointment to Republicans(John Roberts)

2020-11-05 02:40:44 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

your Xbox Live username?

2020-11-05 02:45:54 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

thanks man

2020-11-05 02:51:31 UTC [G4T #🐸meme]

2020-11-05 02:58:14 UTC [G4T #👀looking-for-team]  

just dropped a party invite

2020-11-11 00:54:34 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

@BrysonCreates what about a Smash Bros. Ultimate thread?

2020-11-11 00:55:26 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

NC has been called for Republicans.

2020-11-11 00:55:38 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Both the Senate seat and electoral votes.

2020-11-11 00:56:31 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Decision Desk

2020-11-11 00:59:23 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

Business Insider and there's a few more I'm sure.

2020-11-14 17:19:36 UTC [G4T #smash-brothers]  

couple of rounds anyone?

2020-11-14 17:19:56 UTC [G4T #smash-brothers]  

I got a Mii Sword that's starting to get rusty lol

2020-11-14 17:20:53 UTC [G4T #smash-brothers]  

lemme know a time

2020-11-14 17:21:56 UTC [G4T #pokemon]  

Go, Sun/Moon, Black/White, Sword/Shield, all that.

2020-11-14 17:22:33 UTC [G4T #smash-brothers]  


2020-11-14 19:29:03 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

I just visualize people as "tree or not tree" in-game

2020-11-14 19:29:21 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

mostly 'cause I still use Lt. Evergreen as my skin

2020-11-14 19:30:19 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

I got a few people who are like "Change your skin!"

2020-11-14 19:33:35 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

they are with one of Tim Pool's latest, yes.

2020-11-14 19:34:02 UTC [G4T #😀maga-chat]  

@PeePeePooPoo it still says "stopped streaming *insert time* ago" on one

2020-11-14 21:49:01 UTC [G4T #pokemon]  

Was Gen 5 X and Y?

2020-11-14 21:49:12 UTC [G4T #pokemon]  

Or was it B2/W2?

2020-11-14 22:21:19 UTC [G4T #cod-modern-warfare]  

so is this for original MW(2004 X360) or the 2019 remaster?

2020-11-15 02:46:53 UTC [G4T #smash-brothers]  

still want a round or two @SonicTaunt ?

2020-11-15 03:01:56 UTC [G4T #🐸meme]  

dunno if this counts as a legit meme or not

2020-11-15 03:02:17 UTC [G4T #🐸meme]  

also I have never played Cuphead

2020-11-15 04:56:17 UTC [G4T #🐸meme]  

fun fact: last play of that game was totally legal

2020-11-15 04:56:54 UTC [G4T #🐸meme]  

defender was making a play on the ball thus "legalizing" any contact with the receiver

2020-11-16 02:34:42 UTC [G4T #smash-brothers]  

couple of rounds anyone?

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