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Okay, just paid $100

I've been auto-verified as an existing member.


We're surprisingly far away from real artificial intelligence, Apollo.

Her debate with Enoch was kind of a flop. She thinks we blame joos too much and it's really all our fault. And DAMN that woman is loud.

One time I went to a movie in LA. Audience was all Black people. They we're so loud I couldn't hear the movie. They shouted at the screen.

Moly is part jew. This should be interesting.

I'll just hold my skepticism inside then.

And he's so jewy.

I never sperged out on libertarianism, so I didn't have a Moly phase.

The funny thing about Moly is he hated his mother and he considers the fact that his jewish line could have any effect on his behavior to be a "nightmare". And yet, he is very, very jewy. He craves attention, crazy high verbal, revolutionary weird views, loves money to put it mildly, neurotic. Jewy.

I saw him once at a bitcoin conference. He loved to be a celebrity, but his eyes nervously moved about like he was trying to spot any infidels (incl. me). I watched him closely because I knew what he is. He could tell I was an infidel.

But I understand that if he can be pushed to be of use to us, go ahead.

There are no more arguments.

Speaking of donating, I'd like to see a pivot to crypto-currency. I know you guys eventually want fiat cash, but I'd like to see you offering multiple types of crypto addresses.

And lawyers could be convinced to accept crypto, thus eleimi acting the need to "cash out".

You are talking to me?


18 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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