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2020-11-06 06:19:32 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Anyone else getting rapidly unfriended for supporting trump? 🙋🏻‍♀️😂

2020-11-06 06:20:48 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I’m sick of being silent while anyone hella far left can say whatever they want 😂😂

2020-11-06 06:22:23 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Yeah there’s no point arguing with them. It’s like talking to a wall. Too far gone most of Em

2020-11-06 06:23:21 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I haven’t cut off a single person. Hell im happy for them going out and voting (some for their first time too!)

2020-11-06 06:25:42 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

The right one will come along ☺️

2020-11-06 06:28:27 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

If honey boo boo’s mom can have children with multiple men, anyone can find love

2020-11-06 06:32:04 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Sounds like a pop punk cover band

2020-11-06 06:35:34 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Then the 12th amendment happens if neither gets 270 😅

2020-11-06 06:36:49 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

The house votes the president in then

2020-11-06 06:37:08 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

And the senate chooses the vice

2020-11-06 06:38:35 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

If CA doesn’t secede, plate tectonics will break em off eventually 😂😂

2020-11-06 06:39:16 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Yes plz everyone in CA here run 😂

2020-11-06 06:40:32 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Idk but I want out of PA

2020-11-06 06:41:47 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

No, that’s why it’s so sus. PA loves their guns and fracking. It’s goddamn Philly and Pittsburg

2020-11-06 06:43:30 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

> Does anyone want to buy a gaming PC???
@newt-gecko-goat sorry already built mine 😭😂

2020-11-06 06:45:22 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

@newt-gecko-goat nothing super crazy, it’s my first build so it was a decent one but on a budget! I have my list somewhere but it’s almost 2 am and imma be dead tomorrow 😭😂

2020-11-06 06:50:11 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

I’m so ashamed of PA, I wanna move LOL

2020-11-06 17:55:56 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

This shit is messed up 😂😂

2020-11-06 17:56:35 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

Right and the people who do care are being called babies and sore losers 🙃

2020-11-06 18:05:57 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  


2021-01-07 19:53:25 UTC [Zeducation #💬|general]  

The whole situation is fucked

2021-02-01 19:31:52 UTC [Zeducation #🎮|gaming-memes]  

https://youtu.be/am4a8EfQDQM my bf found this and it can go in multiple meme channels IM CRYING 😂😂

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