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twat <:Troll:755503585831157850>

Yes he is a d*scord bot


its all good then

I did not know but noticed the suspiciously low age

we have no questions

but we will set everything up

just tell what your ideology is, your age

your nationality

how did you find our server?

gimmie name

@everyone To be granted into the server, answer the following questions!:
1. Name (fucks sake its not your real name just whatever you want to be called holy shit)
2. Age.
3. Ideology.
4. Describe your views.
5. How did you find our server - if invited by a friend, give a full username.
6. Anything we should take note of? (Optional)

@StopItsTravTime before I let you in

specify "I believe in fascism"

what is fascism, what do you want, what is the state


I know he is

but I want him to explain himself

thats the vetting process

just a quick one line atleast its not that hard travus

Why come back <:Troll:755503585831157850>


was about to ask ^^

third time or what

we don't consider ourselves nazi communists like the meme if that's what you're wondering

nazbol is national bolshevism, not nazi communism

we believe in the preservation of the nation, and the people who rule in a nation, by means of socialist economics
this is in utter opposition to the neoliberal globalisation that destroys the nation, as well as anti imperialism

so basically a nazbol?

welcome aboard woop woop

welcome abaord

eh shit we're getting more of Those

@SirNoonilot <#781958867034177536>


can you actually be serious

we are both a meme server and have actual political aspects

if you're some 13 y/o spastic maybe this server isn't for you, we have enough of those

also, please use shift+space

its fine, its fine, if you're on phone its atleast respectable if what you write is shit

just atleast try

thats better

welcome aboard lad!


it does just wait


it does concern us because we are a political server

@Aaron Strasser do vetting please!

welcome aboard laddy

wdym white fascist?


welcome aboard friend

we're a political server, answer the <#781958867034177536>


can you take this serious

the fuck is anarcho imperialism

your ideology seriously can't just be racism


..okay I will let you in

try not to say the NWORD too much



democrat is not an ideology

we need the numbers

to flex ๐Ÿ’ช



I don't trust you too much

why is your account so young?


stfu and do the vetting



take this serious

wait until you have your phone



the fucks a emo religion

and who told you

cringe but welcome


111 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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