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Greetings, gentlemen

Good evening, good to be here

Hey not to interrupt the conversation, but are there any admins or something similar here who could answer a question for me?

I just wanted to know as far as dues go, is there a certain date every month we need to send our membership fees or will someone contact us for that?

Tbh most women won't be receptive to these things, and as such I think you should focus on building a bond first, and eventually she'll mold to your beliefs. And is Apollo an app @sigruna14 ? I signed up on IEs website, but don't remember Apollo

So to check when I need to pay go to the IE site?

Alrighty, thanks for the help!

Wait, is the member site separate from the IE site? @sigruna14

Tbh lefties like Bernie Bros are probably easier to turn to our side than cuckservatives.

Alright haha thanks

People that don't understand the difference between folkish socialism and Marxist socialism are smoothbrains

Yes I agree, but purely from economic and other views like protecting the environment they share more in common with us than cuckservatives imo. You just gotta figure out what's going to make them realize the people the push on western society don't care about them.

Eco gang is a position most can get on board with

Tucker nationalism. His hit on capitialism was amazing

Yeah my family tries to grow/hunt as much of our own food as we can. Otherwise we try to avoid as much of that processed cancer as possible

Idk why it's so hard for normie conservatives to grasp that capitialism has failed our people

Capitialism was more than likely coined and formulated by Marx. Mercantilism, and the general idea of trading one good for another is great. But capitialism makes a god out of the economy, and as you have seen, it separates one from their nations culture. It puts profit above the people

I get what people mean when that say things like what you said, but I want to disassociate the word capitialism with the idea of mercantilism that we have participated in for centuries.

Mercantilism is basically just trading your bacon for my gold, or your pelts for my money, or your ammo for my food etc

19 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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