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Hello guys

Kosovo is Serbia

Disgusting handless woman's

Kosovo is Serbia

Kill Islam

Kill Islam

God protect Europe

From Islam

Kill Muslims


Kosovo is Serbia

Death to Islam

I am a cute princess

So I get a lot of invites and shit

Idk that sry 😔

I guess not true fascist 😔

How can this degenerate win

What's the thing with Americans

Just nuke them already

What's the point they gonna infect us all with their stupidity

Now some retard in my country will see this and think hey this is good

Nuke you degenerate fucks you don't deserve a country

I hope you all get cancer and die

Every single degenerate who voted for this ape

Cancer to your families

Cancer to your whore mothers for brining you to this world Biden voters

Sorry normal people you gonna have to die from this nuke too its for greater good

43 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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