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2018-11-04 03:23:47 UTC [Subverse #new-member-alert]  

2018-11-04 18:31:03 UTC [Subverse #bot-commands]  


2018-11-04 18:31:13 UTC [Subverse #general]  

!dont agree

2018-11-04 18:31:15 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-11-06 01:18:29 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-11-07 02:10:08 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Wait so whos winning

2018-11-07 02:10:19 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2019-01-24 17:29:04 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The guy is a criminal

2019-01-24 17:29:54 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

"Phillips actually spent most of his time in the Marines as a refrigerator technician after initially being an anti-tank missileman for four months, had not been deployed outside the US and never saw combat, according to the corps."

2019-01-24 17:30:13 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

"According to military records provided to the Examiner, Phillips served in the Marine Corps Reserve between 1972 and 1976 and held the rank of private on April 18, 1975."

2019-01-24 17:33:50 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

The old man is a freaking liar.

2019-01-24 17:39:05 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Yeah but i wonder why tho

2019-01-24 17:39:33 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

There really isn't anything special

2019-01-24 17:39:38 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

About him

2019-01-24 17:39:43 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2019-01-24 17:39:49 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

What damn

2019-01-24 17:40:05 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2019-01-24 17:40:20 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

He's not fit for president then

2019-01-24 17:40:49 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I could just imagine the guy is like fidgeting and accidentally presses the **nuke the world** button

2019-01-24 17:41:17 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Fucking launches a missile at Russia

2019-01-24 17:41:19 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2019-01-24 17:41:26 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Lmao thats true

2019-01-24 17:41:47 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2019-01-24 17:41:49 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

O no

2019-01-24 17:41:58 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

He's a part of the sex industry?

2019-01-24 17:42:03 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2019-01-24 17:42:15 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I was going along with the joke

2019-01-24 17:42:50 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Also im sure the migrants and India could use those McAfee condoms

2019-01-24 17:43:07 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

They have waaaaay to many kids

2019-01-24 17:43:27 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Same goes for the hoods in america

2019-01-24 17:43:50 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  


2019-01-24 17:43:52 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

I didnt see it

2019-01-24 17:43:53 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Pm me

2019-01-24 17:43:54 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

2019-01-24 17:44:00 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

What the hell did you send

2019-01-25 14:12:18 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

What japan did is debatable

2019-01-25 14:12:23 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Logically it makes sense

2019-01-25 14:12:34 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Morally i bet some.people would say its wrong

2019-02-17 18:13:40 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

Its confirmed

2019-02-17 18:15:35 UTC [Subverse #newsroom]  

with the evidence given by the police. Yeah he's definitely staging these attacks. Its confirmed ITS FAKE REEEE

2019-02-21 01:44:36 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Whoever did the announcement is late

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