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2018-05-28 19:49:37 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #general]  

dayum librals





Über deine Hâhen pfeift der Wind

So kalt

Jedoch der kleinste Sonnenschein

drinkt tief ins Herz hinein

It's a song

Im in German4

Aaaaah I'm not cute

I'm not cute

I'm the opposite

I'm nottttt

I'm disgusting

I'm only telling the truth

I'm ugly though

I'm not cute though I'm gross and ugly

It's true though

But I'm not

I've never been cute either

My name means Ireland

America is number 1


I'm not cute

My first name is Irish and last name is English

I'm a walking contradiction

I can't vc

T blockers are neat

TFW I was only slightly low t

MFW pre HRT t levels were 615

I'm low T high E

My T levels should be in the double digits now

Like the teens

Or 20s

Tfw had naturally low estrogen levels

MFW apparently I'm 5'9 exactlt

wish I had hairless genes :c

i cri

I am sleepy I wanna sleeep

I haven't been depressed for like 2 hours

I'm good now

2018-12-29 03:16:11 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

+giveme consent

@Eris I'm 18 now btw


It was August 9th but I'll take it

I cant read

Wwhat does it say

I'm not stupid

Um not gay

I'm straight

Shut up bot

I'm geterosex


I'm heterosexual

72 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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