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2018-07-25 00:28:50 UTC [Centipede Central #reports]  

pretty sure @rexsunflower is breaking discord tos by posting nsfw in a non nsfw channel in <#432587924152909824>

2018-08-04 01:44:15 UTC [Centipede Central #general] funny to watch all these guys be wrong

2018-08-10 23:30:04 UTC [Centipede Central #reports]  


2018-08-15 15:11:48 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

somehow I keep getting pinged even though I suppressed everyone and here, and no one is mentioning me πŸ€”

2018-08-16 13:50:20 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

rip, she isn't disappearing though, still doing docs

2018-08-16 13:51:07 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

first time I saw an actual video clip of pepe being accused as a hate symbol <:feelsbadman:363124318290444288>

2018-08-16 17:48:03 UTC [Centipede Central #politics]  

I heard that the people claiming to be a bunch of those "tragically separated kids" were child traffickers

Got my disguise ready (double sided)

um, where is your evidence that an unloaded gun can't shoot someone?

2018-11-07 01:32:04 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

Really hoping meme magic will prevail and we will have the majority in both

2018-11-07 02:47:44 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

wait no, you gotta stay around for 2020

2018-11-07 03:33:38 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

are you sure its early enough to be sure?

2018-11-07 03:37:37 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

tbh just at the moment we aren't doing bad with the definite info we have, with a 19 point lead, only got half of all the stuff in though

2018-11-07 03:38:30 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

won/lost isn't good though

2018-11-11 02:34:28 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

does anyone know the difference between and They both link to each other on the home page for different things, I'm just wondering why there is two domains...

2018-12-20 01:21:01 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

to be honest, I don't really see it going to the range of billions. Maybe meme magic disagrees, but I think it won't really get above a few hundred million at the most. Which would help a bit as long as he can still get some funding. If he isn't able to get somewhere close to the amount he wants, I won't be optimistic about the whole thing getting built

2018-12-28 01:10:18 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

I doubt you could find a single server where there isn't at least one person who doesn't like trans people, so if you are asking if everyone here is ok with people being trans, then probably not.

2018-12-28 01:10:51 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

But if you asking if you will be banned for being trans, then I don't think so. Only libtards etc.

2018-12-28 01:12:57 UTC [Centipede Central #politics]  

No articles on how quantum computing is evil yet <:thinkstare:363124375928700930>
pro-obese libs are always talking about how being fat makes you harder to kill if you are shot, but their stomachs are no match for this monster

2019-01-09 02:17:37 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

I don't think it fits the definition of propaganda. It fits both the left and right's view of what needs to be done at the border. Well maybe not the view's far left npcs after he got elected but I don't think it really counts as a legitimate political view if all of the members of the group change it every few years for no real reason.

2019-01-09 02:22:45 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

A wall isn't too much, it just stops the illegals, he isn't going to destroy the existing legal points of entry

fucking damn it I knew joe rogan was liberal on most things but I didn't realize he was a full blown libtard

@Colonel Sandersβ„’ I think anyone who watched part of his most recent thing would disagree. He was agreeing with the nyt girl a bit too much. She wanted more gun control, thought fake news was completely fine as long as they apologize for it eventually etc.

Strange, makes it sound like he is just siding with whoever is on, but not consistently because I've seen him get into actual arguments also. Maybe it just made it seem worse than it was when he agreed with her on some things because she goes on to talk about how she supports Alex Jones being deplatformed and all sorts of crazy ultra-left things. Joe Rogan obviously didn't agree with everything she said, but he did agree with a good bit of it.

2019-01-22 23:00:39 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

what a handsome young man


none of that shit is completely accurate, plenty of people are told that their kids will have a horrible condition and then are fine for their life, these tests are no reason to kill someone

Plus I don't think we would be going in a good direction if we started selectively killing people based off of genetics

This isn't much of a debate when people are just spamming lol

@T3x4splatypus I think that is sort of legitimate logic in a way, if you make it illegal there are plenty of ways to kill a baby. I mean you could probably do it by just eating soap or something. Some attempts may even result in the death of the mother, which would add loss of life so I see where they are coming from


I think abortion should be legal if there is a very high certainty that the woman will die if she continues with the pregnancy and she chooses to do so, maybe in cases of child rape as well

completely illegal


tbh this could be a lot better if there were stricter rules

@T3x4splatypus yeah I get that, their hypocrisy has no end.

2019-02-03 02:36:53 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

pretty sure it was jack

2019-02-03 02:38:14 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

Women don't have the right to give themselves the right to murder people in my opinion

2019-02-03 02:39:37 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

I know a guy who has a pretty strange political orientation where he has a few conservative views but hates donald etc. He even hates abortion, but he actually believes the thing you mentioned and thinks that he should barely tell anyone his view because he doesn't have the right to have it

2019-02-03 02:41:04 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

It's the baby's body, women have no right to rule over their bodies

2019-02-03 02:41:25 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

as in the baby's body

2019-02-03 02:43:49 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

I mean legitimately if abortion is legal then it's a bad situation when the guy pressures the girl into aborting, but in a real relationship (if abortion has to be illegal) then both should have to decide for the doctor (and only certified professionals should be allowed to do this if it has to be done) to go through with it

2019-02-03 02:45:49 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

@Chadwick **Just DO IT**

2019-02-03 02:46:18 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

how did debate night legit turn into a roblox voice chat

2019-02-06 02:58:05 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

Is that nancy clapping?

2019-02-06 02:58:19 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  


2019-02-06 02:58:36 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

I heard a uni stopped him today, I'll try to verify that

2019-02-06 03:01:03 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

@Mr1Gonzalez I don't even think he tried to go there lol

2019-02-06 03:01:10 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  


2019-02-06 03:01:29 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

daily wire is livestreaming commentary and he has been talking about how much he doesn't care about it lol

2019-02-06 03:01:35 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  
2019-02-06 03:02:41 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

wait every parent? I hope he means men also because that would trigger the feminists lmao

2019-02-06 03:03:46 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

Begone abortionist baby killers

2019-02-06 03:04:09 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

red is for brick, blue is for electricity

2019-02-06 03:04:18 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

no tie is for being useless

2019-02-06 03:05:07 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

probably in a pedo basement or something idk

2019-02-06 03:05:33 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

with bush in the pedo basement

2019-02-06 03:05:51 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

well obama maybe just the gay prostitute basement

2019-02-06 03:07:06 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  


2019-02-06 17:35:35 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

I know this guy who has some very *interesting* views. In a recent conversation he revealed that he believes that internet trolls and self-proclaimed incels were born from the Buddhist belief of reincarnation <:Thonk:475770135181787138>

our lord has awoken

I caught a rare deleted tweet Ok, thanks snopes! It's okay because they killed the baby a second time before harvesting it's brain, I was worried there for a second. I almost thought it was as bad as that time that Donald Trump said 1/3 instead of 30%, glad your site could inform me that that statement was completely false.

This new tech is truly amazing, can't wait to see where the future takes us

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