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Didnโ€™t think I would use this for anything but gaming, but here we are!

How did I get added to MN? Iโ€™m in TX

How did it go? My guess is peaceful.

What about adding a โ€œbreaking news/urgentโ€ channel for the absolute most important happenings. The page should be admin posting only, no reply. If someone has something going off, get it to an admin and theyโ€™ll decide if itโ€™s breaking news. Iโ€™m muting all the channels, but if anything crazy is going on, Iโ€™d like a channel open so the absolute most important happenings pop up on my phone.

Iโ€™m trying to remember a quote about being armed/strength leading to peace. Armed peace = peace, unarmed peace = easy target. I feel like thereโ€™s a famous quote Iโ€™m looking for...

Who is going? They guy who introduced me to all this lives there.

Whatโ€™s the IG?

@[LA] Zoomer Medi/k/ in regards to the urgent posting, this kind of stuff needs to be public. Someone with no priors, no history of mental illness, being labeled โ€œred flagโ€ is exactly why red flag laws are unconstitutional. I believe a peaceful resolution is the best, but it needs to be widely publicized.

That shit is scary and legitimately makes me paranoid about even being in these groups.


If they were unlawfully arrested, this could be a good thing. It sucks for them, but thatโ€™s exactly what needs to happen. Publicized overreach. The public opinion is not in our favor, right now. That needs to shift.

You know just as much as I do at this point. Iโ€™ve got all my info from this discord.

How were they arrested for disorderly conduct???

Odessa has a โ€œmass shootingโ€ not too long ago, so Iโ€™m sure theyโ€™re on high alert.

Isnโ€™t unlawful carry a felony???

Unlawful possession is. Maybe unlawful carry isnโ€™t.

Nvm. Can be class A mis, or 3rd degree felony depending on circumstances.

Bold move, but probably for the best ๐Ÿคฃ


But for the record, Iโ€™m not all about the cop killing. If yโ€™all want me in on that, you can boot me now.

Supporting and murdering are very extreme differences.

Iโ€™m not a thin blue liner, but LEOโ€™s shouldnโ€™t be KOS, either.

I agree. Iโ€™m just trying to figure out if people want real change or if they just want war. Not so much here, but the Facebook groups are sickening to me.

1) do I have to buy ammo?
2) is cardio involved ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

What Iโ€™ve been saying all day. This sheriff was wrong, and it can really help with PR when it comes to light.

Theyโ€™re doing something right, for once

> Y'all also realize if its dry for a long period of time shit happens. We havent had rain in a hot minute
@Thecoolnerd98 โ€œhot minuteโ€ how punny

Can you guys stop creating channels for me to mute??? Lol

Thatโ€™s above my pay grade. And discord knowledge grade.

Youโ€™re a little late on this one

This is a buddy of mineโ€™s page. Heโ€™s usually a talk things out type, but heโ€™s pretty connected. He started a congressman campaign a few years back. Heโ€™s republican as hell, so he probably doesnโ€™t line up with a lot of yalls views, but heโ€™s losing his livelihood and getting mad. Just sharing. Donโ€™t hop on and go crazy lol.

It gets worse every year.

I was going to go last year, but didnโ€™t. It was insane, but as far as I know, no one got shot. A few really bad drunk driving wrecks though.

It used to be awesome. Good people, just having fun and letting loose. Not to sound like an old man, but the kids with their jacked up trucks with RWP were there last year, and it got way too roudy.

Say what you want, but my mom works in a nursing home. They are death centers if COVID gets in them.

Texas has done a pretty good job keeping the homes safe. NY on the other hand...

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