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I don't think anyone is worried about the piss tape emerging

They still are too

The left are the most perpetually butthurt people in the country

I was in VC with like 5 other people all night, none of us expected it

it was glorious

You got to see the tears firsthand?

I would have just wandered into every hipster coffe bar in town just laughing

1984 would be the most relevant today

Both in different way

1984 would be like google in 100 years

yeah more like 6

No it's getting worse all the time though

They have my nudes and I've never taken one

I want to buy a sheet of acid off silk road, but I haven't even been on tor since 8 years

Eh, I know someone who got it somewhere

i'll find it

Tor is fine, you're getting spooked corn hub

Chicken Tikka Trump

Did he actually say that

So many celebrities I used to like keep getting cucked


25 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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