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2017-09-28 01:22:28 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

What would it take for a random person like me, to be able to ask a question in the voicechat?

2017-09-28 01:58:01 UTC [The Right Server #gaming_tech]  

It does

2017-09-28 01:58:04 UTC [The Right Server #gaming_tech]  

European here

2017-09-28 01:58:13 UTC [The Right Server #gaming_tech]  

I think I am the only European here

2017-10-01 12:33:18 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

"You would be christian within the hour", moreso implies forceful measures, rather than his own choice

2017-10-01 12:33:35 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

But that's just my 2 cents ;p

2017-10-01 12:34:03 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

How so ?

2017-10-01 12:34:44 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

And how come you haven't swayed Futurestorms yet, then?

2017-10-01 12:34:50 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Aren't you one of those users?

2017-10-01 12:35:59 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Oh yeah, so it'd have to take a longer amount of time

2017-10-01 12:36:27 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Fair point

2017-10-01 12:39:27 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Would you classify yourself as an Observer or a Starter then?

2017-10-01 12:39:53 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Just curiousity :)

2017-10-01 12:40:14 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

The person who did not classify himself as a joiner

2017-10-01 12:41:02 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

@!Co-Owner! What type of Christian are you, though?

2017-10-01 12:43:56 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

That's an answer you give when you are asked. But what if we ask the bible? - What does it say about that question ?

2017-10-01 12:44:58 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

I don't think he's implying that you said that :p

2017-10-01 12:45:16 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

So, you have a few questions

2017-10-01 12:45:42 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

He is asking

2017-10-01 12:45:45 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

And I asked you a question

2017-10-01 12:45:58 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Really interested in the answer to my question

2017-10-01 12:46:06 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

"Well, then why can't i just sit quietly with my KJV in my yard, read peacfully and reference some queries using the web, instead of going to a mass/ritual?"

2017-10-01 12:46:16 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

"That's an answer you give when you are asked. But what if we ask the bible? - What does it say about that question ?"

2017-10-01 12:46:20 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

These 2 questions

2017-10-01 12:46:26 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Go ahead, friend :)

2017-10-01 12:46:57 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

May I rephrase it first? The second one

2017-10-01 12:47:06 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Ah, nevermind.

2017-10-01 12:47:15 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

I thought it would be confusing

2017-10-01 12:49:34 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

I've always seen church as polite peer pressure. Tbh. :)

2017-10-01 12:50:56 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

No, what I mean is, is that I wouldn't ever act or speak out of turn, out of respect for the church or the religion - So should I happen to enter one, I end up participating

2017-10-01 12:53:58 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

For the longest time I've been an Atheist

2017-10-01 12:54:05 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

I am questioning, now, though.

2017-10-01 12:54:15 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Due to recent experiences

2017-10-01 12:54:46 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Honestly? I think that would be a answer best given in that server of yours

2017-10-01 12:54:51 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

an *

2017-10-01 12:55:23 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

I arrived to the conversation after that :)

2017-10-01 12:56:04 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Regardless, I am not sure my answer is appropriate for the "Serious chat", it's super morbid and lengthy

2017-10-01 12:57:01 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

I'll summarize it;

I think a lot, always have, always will. Recently I started bringing up questions I couldn't answer myself; God, Heaven, Death

2017-10-01 12:57:19 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

I have OOT, which is a branch of OCD, which is why I think as much as I do

2017-10-01 12:57:28 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

So the topic of Death -really- got into me

2017-10-01 12:58:02 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

That's kind

2017-10-01 12:58:38 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Trent, is my topic inappropriate ? :p

2017-10-01 12:59:46 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

But yeah. I basically fell into a deep existential crisis. - There are so many more details about it

2017-10-01 13:00:01 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

It was recommended that I sought out a priest, but I never got around to it

2017-10-01 13:00:23 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Priest, or at least an educated Theist

2017-10-01 21:57:31 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Just noticed I have "Patriot" - Never knew you could be a European Patriot ;p

2017-10-01 21:58:58 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

No reason to stop someone from recording, that's impossible unless you remove everybody

2017-10-01 21:59:45 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@vec Yelling and showcasing anger will not push your point more across

2017-10-01 22:08:27 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@somerussianguy Are you looking for an answer to this?; "What we are doing here, is a micro-action towards our goal, but what would a macro-action be? / I see that a movement has started, but I feel like not enough is happening" ?

2017-10-01 22:08:33 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

I feel like this is what you're trying to say

2017-10-01 22:09:28 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

We need a movement with emphasis on logic

2017-10-01 22:09:35 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Which we have

2017-10-01 22:13:02 UTC [The Right Server #gaming_tech]  

Minecraft is transitioning towards being a cashcow

2017-10-01 23:39:35 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Debate night at "The Right Server"; Screaming and yelling because you disagree

2017-10-01 23:41:57 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Can we have 10 seconds of silence?

2017-10-01 23:42:11 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Like, that's a legit method for debate etiquette

2017-10-01 23:52:02 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Please mute the obviously disruptive people, and continue without them for the time being

2017-10-02 00:01:44 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Maybe he thinks it's funny

2017-10-02 00:03:18 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-10-02 00:04:00 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

He looks tired just from sitting down

2017-10-02 00:16:31 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

I don't think I've ever met so many people who sounded drunk, without being drunk

2017-10-02 00:31:41 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]

2017-10-02 03:17:27 UTC [The Right Server #gaming_tech]  

It's getting increasingly worse

2017-10-07 00:12:55 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Is that person from Denmark? Then it would be accurate

2017-10-07 02:17:31 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Thermoluminescence dating

2017-10-07 02:17:36 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-10-07 02:17:43 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Widmanstatten patterns

2017-10-07 02:17:50 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Oxidizable carbon ratio dating

2017-10-07 02:18:01 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Ice layering

2017-10-07 02:18:11 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Fission track dating

2017-10-07 02:35:57 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@Darth Dawkins These limits usually take the form: "Because we observe [X], which occurs at rate [Y], the universe must be at least [Z] years old". There are three standard creationist responses: First, creationists assert that current rates (Y) are different than past rates. It is possible that these rates changed β€” but under uniformitarianism, which is necessary for science to function, we must assume that rates did not change unless there is evidence for this change. Second, creationists appeal to the Omphalos hypothesis and argue that God deceptively created the world to appear old. This is an unfalsifiable hypothesis, and is unscientific. Third, creationists ignore the evidence and deny that [X] exists altogether or assert that belief in a Young Earth is based on faith, not science. All of these answers are critically flawed.

2017-10-07 02:50:24 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Who is Jordan Peterson ?

2017-10-07 02:50:58 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Also, I am trying to get Dawkins here to understand that just because he asks his questions to the other person, it doesn't mean the other person then automatically have to answer

2017-10-07 02:51:32 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

If the other person doesn't answer the question, he automatically has to answer his own question, to progress

2017-10-07 02:51:39 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

But he doesn't want to answer his own question

2017-10-07 02:51:59 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

So there's no progress, just fingerpointing

2017-10-07 02:52:22 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Trying to defend you Taco

2017-10-07 02:52:28 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

I might be doing a shitty job of it though

2017-10-07 02:53:03 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Read what I wrote, from the other side, Taco

2017-10-07 02:53:16 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Dawkins is asking questions

2017-10-07 02:54:03 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

So, I support you - I think Dawkins is unreasonably impossible to have a conversation with

2017-10-07 02:54:53 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

I wouldn't say beaten

2017-10-07 02:55:16 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

That's just because he has a stonecold perception of how a troll looks like/sounds like

2017-10-07 02:55:21 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

And just labels people immediately

2017-10-07 02:55:48 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

I can't tell if that's his view

2017-10-07 03:00:14 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

I was tagged, what's up ?

2017-10-07 03:00:22 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

I did

2017-10-07 03:00:27 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Super hilarious

2017-10-07 03:00:49 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

What about it ?

2017-10-19 03:14:54 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

As a non-paramedic who is barely listening to what he is saying: What is wrong with him ?

2017-10-19 03:15:27 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Thanks for clarifying, Siri

2017-10-19 03:17:07 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Nah, not a <:dindu:356316970733404161> - Sounds way too pale and weak

2017-10-19 03:19:11 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

It's not secret information

2017-10-19 03:20:06 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-10-19 03:20:10 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Just google it

2017-10-19 03:25:10 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Jacob, it bothers me that you said a blatant lie, I disputed it, and you are ignoring it

2017-10-29 21:50:50 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

What establishes that god exists? @Darth Dawkins

2017-10-29 21:51:07 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Beyond your belief, and various books

2017-10-29 21:53:05 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

But it's been written, translated, and rewritten so many times

2017-10-29 21:53:19 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

I see the bible as a compilation of explanations, for parents to tell their kids

2017-10-29 21:53:38 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Because they are incapable of making up explanations themselves

2017-10-29 22:13:01 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Fair point, I'd like to move over to Darth Dawkins though. I take issue with his perception of the world, and his stubborn interest in not allowing anybody else to refute his belief.

If I could, I'd preface my question with; "Humor me for a second, and assume that there is no god" - Which he will definitely not want to, so I will ask him nicely again, and insist, "Hypothetically, can we humor the idea that there may not be a god". And he if agrees, I'd ask the question: "If someone were to provide you exact evidence that god does in fact not exist, would you then believe the evidence, and further showcase the evidence for others, or will you completely refute it, because you believe the bible itself is evidence enough against it?"

2017-10-29 22:14:54 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Similarly, I'd like to ask him: "How come we have hundreds of fields of study, that completely dispute the idea that the earth is a most, around 6000 years old, and all you have is your book, yet you still can't humor the idea that you might be wrong about that theory?"

2017-10-29 22:15:46 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

I also take issue with his extremely poor debate etiquette

2017-10-29 22:34:09 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

My point of view about the argument of providing causality is this:

2017-10-29 22:34:48 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Isn't it a bit convenient that the number 1 argument for causality has been pushed into every nook and cranny of the world, making it very near impossible to actually implement any other theory?

2017-10-29 22:35:42 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

At every turn you attempt provide another theory, it's basically turned around, pushing it towards God with phrases like: "Well, that's basically god anyways"

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