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2018-10-04 05:30:15 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Guys, how the means of production are created under communism?

2018-10-04 05:30:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

random question

2018-10-04 05:31:48 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

How the fabrics, and means of production are created under communism, if it is not such thing as the "state" or "investment"

2018-10-04 05:31:50 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 05:32:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

why.,.. there is a lot of rules in this debate chats, I already have been banned from another 5 discord servers

2018-10-04 05:32:23 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

ancaps, and communist

2018-10-04 05:32:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

just explain me that quickly

2018-10-04 05:34:58 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I did it

2018-10-04 05:36:42 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

And why to this day, we still need goverment

2018-10-04 05:37:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but in real communism there is not goverment

2018-10-04 05:37:59 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Well... now HOW means of production should be created under communism

2018-10-04 05:38:41 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

if it's not Goverment, Or capitalist to invest in new means of production?

2018-10-04 05:38:57 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

But how they CREATE IT

2018-10-04 05:39:36 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@agag he got banned?

2018-10-04 05:40:24 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

and other question, Why is it so hard to changue our ideology position?

2018-10-04 05:40:28 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

every person

2018-10-04 05:41:22 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

in North Korea there is no goverment?

2018-10-04 05:43:53 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Fsypro so you think that capitalism and communism is just the same?

2018-10-04 05:45:09 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I have a question for the Alt-Righters if you really think that capitalism is not as bad as the media tell us, WHY when you choose a republican president the USA economic freedom just drops?

2018-10-04 05:45:15 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I mean go down...

2018-10-04 05:45:45 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Yes, if you look the economic freedom with republican presidents it just go DOWN

2018-10-04 05:46:09 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

USA is now 20th in the economic freedom list. IT WAS 5th

2018-10-04 05:46:14 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

is not as relevant as it used to be

2018-10-04 05:46:35 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

you can see it in a lot of sources not just 1

2018-10-04 05:47:07 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

So trump and republicans are actually against capitalism?

2018-10-04 05:48:36 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@usa1932 You shut my mouth

2018-10-04 05:48:38 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 05:48:59 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

well... so under trump, USA could become the next Singapore?

2018-10-04 05:49:06 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

same gdp per capita

2018-10-04 05:49:10 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 05:49:23 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

USA used to be so great...

2018-10-04 05:49:29 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

and I'm not from USA

2018-10-04 05:50:30 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Just think, what if for example China, have the same economic freedom as New Zeland

2018-10-04 05:50:35 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

how that could be to the WORLD

2018-10-04 05:50:38 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

HOW RELEVANT will be china

2018-10-04 05:50:42 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

SO FKN RELEVANT... so much

2018-10-04 05:50:55 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 05:51:23 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but if China was just as free as Australia or Hong Kong they would be the kings of almost everything right?

2018-10-04 05:51:33 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

the kings of the Media, Music industry, movies

2018-10-04 05:51:33 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 05:51:38 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 05:52:19 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

the economic freedom of China right know is even LESS than in my country Mexico, so they are actually pretty fucked up

2018-10-04 05:52:27 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

they are relevant now cause they are A LOT OF PEOPLE

2018-10-04 05:52:43 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but if you add that economic freedom + A LOT PEOPLE that would be a FKN EXPLOSION of creativity

2018-10-04 05:53:21 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Jeez... i wish...

2018-10-04 05:53:30 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but USA is still the greatest in that

2018-10-04 05:54:50 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

so If USA goes from 18th, to 10th in just 1 year under Trump presidency, that means that your president is doing VERY well, I would vote for him again.

2018-10-04 05:55:01 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but it wasn't the same with other republicans

2018-10-04 05:57:20 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Trump made America great again in just 1 year

2018-10-04 05:57:25 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

he achieved the impossible for me

2018-10-04 05:57:31 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

congratulations America

2018-10-04 05:57:53 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Do you actually know what candidate won the presidency of mexico this year

2018-10-04 05:57:59 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

A socialist

2018-10-04 05:58:33 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I hope you enforce your borders

2018-10-04 05:59:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

If our economic freedom drops like it could be happen in this very years, you will recieve a lot of people from here.

2018-10-04 05:59:53 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

then once they get to USA they will vote democrats.

2018-10-04 06:01:02 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Mexico is not that bad, Actually our IDH is still better than most Hispanic countries

2018-10-04 06:01:05 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

(south america)

2018-10-04 06:01:17 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 06:01:29 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

until now, AMLO will take the presidency in 30th december 2018

2018-10-04 06:01:51 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

He already said the exactly SAME things that Bernie sanders said, and EVEN WORSE

2018-10-04 06:02:11 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 06:02:43 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

He said that Fidel castro was a good leader for Cuba

2018-10-04 06:03:15 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

prepare for the illegal inmigration

2018-10-04 06:03:16 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 06:04:59 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

You should tell the mexicans living in USA right now that they should back to this country, now that a socialist won the presidency they could be happy here.

2018-10-04 06:05:14 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

"the liberal mexicans who vote for Hillary

2018-10-04 06:07:49 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Cuba is even more free than Venezuela now

2018-10-04 06:08:23 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

and the venezuelans said when chavez won "We will not be like Cuba", yeah...because they WILL BE WORSE

2018-10-04 06:08:24 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 06:08:38 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

now all the mexicans here are saying "we will not be like Venezuela..."

2018-10-04 06:08:40 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

we will see

2018-10-04 06:09:33 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

xD, they are pretty fucked up

2018-10-04 06:09:49 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Pinochet saved Chile

2018-10-04 06:10:17 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Best Hispanic country right now

2018-10-04 06:10:43 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Actually the population of Chile is just a few millions, and here a lot of people listen music of Chile.

2018-10-04 06:11:07 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

ironically anti-system groups

2018-10-04 06:11:26 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but they come from Chile, cause they have enough liberty to achieve that.

2018-10-04 06:12:25 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Is just like USA, system of a Down, Eminem and a lot of that, are "Anti-Status quo" but they only exist cause the system ALLOWS THEM to exist.

2018-10-04 06:14:55 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I mean, just see, Mexico is BAD for living, but venezuela is SO SHITTY that they prefer to come here to live. to traver all the fkn KM, to leave their country just to live here.

2018-10-04 06:15:21 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

even when Mexico is not great enough. That means that venezuela goes fucked up

2018-10-04 06:15:33 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

a lot of mexicans said "well we can't be worse than we are right now"....

2018-10-04 06:16:00 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

AMLO thinks that mexico is in bankruptcy

2018-10-04 06:16:02 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but not really.

2018-10-04 06:17:58 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

socialist actually think that

2018-10-04 06:18:01 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

socialist here.

2018-10-04 06:18:12 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

at least bernie sanders tries to disimulate with Americans

2018-10-04 06:18:32 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but here, you can say that Venezuela is a GOOD example for democracy and they will clap you

2018-10-04 06:19:31 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

if North Korea is not communist, the URSS wasn't communist either

2018-10-04 06:21:05 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Cuba either, no country is communist at all, EVERY communist country NEEDS capitalist workers to maintain the bureaucracy

2018-10-04 06:21:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

investigate about the merchants in venezuela, They get up at 4:00 A.M and WORK more than 15 hours per day

2018-10-04 06:21:42 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

just to get a minimum salary

2018-10-04 06:21:45 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

is ridicolous

2018-10-04 06:22:23 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

goverment just took 85%

2018-10-04 06:23:51 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

It is impossible to do a "revolution" against them, there are more people who get benefits from socialism, BY DOING NOTHING, than people who works lots more than them.

2018-10-04 06:25:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

idk why almost everybody in south america, enjoys more goverment.

2018-10-04 06:28:58 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

At least Chile is the Neo in the hispanic world,
maybe thanks to Pinochet.

2018-10-04 06:32:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

LMao Zedong

2018-10-04 06:33:56 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

He just got away from everything, and he's still a great national hero for China.

2018-10-04 06:39:17 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

When the goverment just get big enough to control almost all the wealth, they become pretty honest.

2018-10-04 06:48:01 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

It is my only doubt, Why russia is so rich if they have a BAD economic freedom?

2018-10-04 06:48:07 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

is the only country that don't fitç

2018-10-04 06:49:03 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I mean their IDH, they still have a relevant population

2018-10-04 06:49:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but their economic freedom is even worse than Mexico

2018-10-04 06:49:23 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

how they do...

2018-10-04 06:50:40 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

obviously USA is the most relevant country in the world, next is China (because of their population), But in Russia I don't see any reason

2018-10-04 06:50:51 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

they don't have that much of population, not economic freedom, no nothing...

2018-10-04 06:52:12 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

But the people there live like europeans

2018-10-04 06:55:10 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but how do you explain that russians are so LEFTIST, if they don't have hispanics or people there?

2018-10-04 06:56:01 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

But they don't have any elections?

2018-10-04 06:57:29 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

So how was the collapse of the URSS?

2018-10-04 06:58:00 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

what was the economic freedom of the URSS?

2018-10-04 06:58:04 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

the same as RUSSIA?

2018-10-04 06:58:19 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

More statist

2018-10-04 06:58:35 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

is left I guess

2018-10-04 06:59:17 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

National Socialism

2018-10-04 06:59:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

that doesn't tells you nothing? national SOCIALISM

2018-10-04 06:59:43 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but that was the name

2018-10-04 07:00:35 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

No country was full socialist, or full communist, because they NEED capitalism to survive

2018-10-04 07:00:41 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

they need merchants, people working for them

2018-10-04 07:05:40 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

USA needs to be even more capitalist to show the whole world (EVEN MORE) how a country can be the very first

2018-10-04 07:06:19 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

still today there is no competence for USA in terms of economic freedom, / population.

2018-10-04 07:06:52 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I don't see globalism as a problem at all

2018-10-04 07:07:35 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

even illegal inmigration should be legal, if the country guarantee individual freedom.

2018-10-04 07:08:00 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

even if USA goes FULL of mexicans, if USA keep their economic freedom just like now, you'll be as good as you are right now

2018-10-04 07:08:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

the problem is democracy not capitalism or inmigration at all

2018-10-04 07:08:22 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

is the GOVERMENT method

2018-10-04 07:08:23 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

the problem

2018-10-04 07:08:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

third world is third world because of their goverment, Look at chile

2018-10-04 07:08:42 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Chile is full of Hispanics like us

2018-10-04 07:08:56 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

and it is a lot better than Argentina, and Argentina is more "white" than chile

2018-10-04 07:09:27 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I put you EXAMPLES

2018-10-04 07:09:40 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Argentina is great now?

2018-10-04 07:09:50 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

look at the inflation that they already have

2018-10-04 07:09:51 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 07:09:56 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

They elected a LEFTIST too

2018-10-04 07:10:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Uruguay, and Chile are far better than Argentina

2018-10-04 07:11:10 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

if you allow EVERYBODY to come to your country you, they should be adapt to YOUR country policies, not the contrary

2018-10-04 07:11:35 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but they change it THROUGHT democracy, and democracy is still a tool of the goverment

2018-10-04 07:12:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

There is not such thing as a "better" race... i mean, I AGREE that we are that some groups of humans are capable to do certain things but not better

2018-10-04 07:13:27 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I mean... we are still animals. if you see there are race in everywhere, some dogs are better than others in certain things

2018-10-04 07:13:34 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but not the whole race

2018-10-04 07:14:20 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

not the same at all, we are not the same, as humans, but as individuals

2018-10-04 07:15:17 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I even agree with you, maybe some kind of people like some asians are more inteligent, than a certain group humans, BUT they are the same as individuals

2018-10-04 07:15:46 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Just keep the individual rights..

2018-10-04 07:15:51 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

and allow EVERYBODY to come

2018-10-04 07:15:54 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

nothing bad will happen

2018-10-04 07:16:50 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

it is not that easy, if it was HUGE goverment in usa, even Americans wouldn't be allowed to "fix it"

2018-10-04 07:18:05 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

and also depends A LOT in who, because we are not just like "races", homo-sapiens tend to be interracial in a lot of places.

2018-10-04 07:19:00 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I just TOLD you, if that was true, Argentina will be in the TOP 10 wealth nations, like New Zeland, Australia etc. and guess what, they are WORSE than Peru.

2018-10-04 07:19:20 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Chile is in the top 10 instead.

2018-10-04 07:20:11 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Christians don't even know what they want

2018-10-04 07:20:54 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@TradChad did you read the old testament? "The 4 angels in the 4 corners of the earth"

2018-10-04 07:21:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

The bibble Update version 2.0

2018-10-04 07:22:24 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

lol, I still think that it is a silent majority in USA that don't believe in that bullshit

2018-10-04 07:24:08 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] I put you an example, if race is the problem WHY Chile that have more hispanics inside, is more prosperous, than all the other hispanic countries and EVEN SPAIN?

2018-10-04 07:24:36 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] So facism is the answer not race?... pff

2018-10-04 07:24:59 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] If it was facism they wouln't be able to enjoy THE SAME LIBERTIES that you enjoy in USA.

2018-10-04 07:25:10 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Not at all

2018-10-04 07:25:17 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

is better in almost everything

2018-10-04 07:25:38 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] Put me examples, not just "this race is better because is white"

2018-10-04 07:28:50 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] I believe that of course some people born with more inclination to be certain things, but that doesn't change how prosperous is the country.

2018-10-04 07:28:59 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

let's put an example, Whites are better at running that Blacks?

2018-10-04 07:29:26 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Blacks are better in certain things than whites.

2018-10-04 07:29:40 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

and whites are better than blacks in certain things

2018-10-04 07:29:46 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Is just like everything in nature

2018-10-04 07:29:58 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

there is not SUCH THING as "BETTER" in natural selection

2018-10-04 07:30:20 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

because they have enough economic freedom that ALLOWS THEM to be what they ARE,

2018-10-04 07:30:55 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Africa is the king of autoritharian goverments

2018-10-04 07:33:02 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] Hong Kong is PART of China, so why HONG KONG is so prosperous and CHINA NOT? IF IT HAS THE SAME RACE?=

2018-10-04 07:33:07 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 07:33:22 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 07:33:29 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but the people WHO LIVES THERE

2018-10-04 07:34:15 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

So what is the important thing then?

2018-10-04 07:34:31 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

NOT THE PEOPLE is the system

2018-10-04 07:34:55 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but not all the people is white there

2018-10-04 07:35:01 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

not even the 30%

2018-10-04 07:35:45 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

So if white people "organized" Mexico we will be better than Brazil?

2018-10-04 07:35:48 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

or even the USA

2018-10-04 07:35:53 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

with mexicans

2018-10-04 07:36:16 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

you see? makes no sense

2018-10-04 07:36:41 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

how, if the problem is race itself

2018-10-04 07:37:07 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I don't believe that the problem is race, is THE GOVERMENT, like they said, only a very FEW people in Russia is leftist, the ones who have the power.

2018-10-04 07:37:22 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

And russia is not a inmigrant country, USA has more hispanics and blacks that Russia

2018-10-04 07:37:30 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

AAND usa is far more better than russia in any way

2018-10-04 07:37:59 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

that works just for a very certain FEW PEOPLE, but FEW people not A RACE

2018-10-04 07:38:02 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 07:38:10 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

i also agree with genetics

2018-10-04 07:38:13 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

i'm not against you

2018-10-04 07:38:38 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

"sanctions", sounds like Cuba, Venezuela, etc.

2018-10-04 07:39:22 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Look at the homicides in Venezuela, THEN look at the homicides in Uruguay.....

2018-10-04 07:39:29 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 07:39:38 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

economic freedom.

2018-10-04 07:39:49 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 07:42:05 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

so do you want to explain me why in Chile the homicide RATE is so low?, even when they are full hispanics?

2018-10-04 07:42:28 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

"fascism lol"

2018-10-04 07:43:47 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

So venezuela is the 1st homicide rate country, NOT BECAUSE they have an autoritharian goverment, is just because they are hispanics.... meanwhile Chile an hispanic country has LESS homicide rate than USA your country

2018-10-04 07:43:58 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I'm not saying USA is "white" but more than Chile.

2018-10-04 07:45:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

there is not such thing as "european genetics" genetics are so much specific

2018-10-04 07:45:31 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 07:45:43 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

there is a LOT of "races" and genetics there

2018-10-04 07:46:34 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

lol, that's why America is not "great" like it used to be, even republicans are leftist now

2018-10-04 07:47:34 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I mean america is still GREAT better than most countries altough they have the most multicultural population in the world

2018-10-04 07:47:39 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

THAT PROVES that race don't matter

2018-10-04 07:47:46 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but not as it used to be

2018-10-04 07:48:32 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

that makes sense, as a falacy

2018-10-04 07:48:57 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

is like saying the communist thing " let's share the wealth is good for everyone"

2018-10-04 07:49:03 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

it makes sense, but just as a falacy

2018-10-04 07:49:09 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

it don't work like that

2018-10-04 07:51:51 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I'm not saying that all the people is "the same" certain races are better in society than others. I admit that europeans create all the society that they have, while in america it was only poor societies, rituals and all of that. but now that thing don't exist

2018-10-04 07:52:00 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

IN THIS DAY, there is only 1 culture

2018-10-04 07:52:12 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 07:53:23 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

we wear the same, we use the same consumer goods, we as individuals are the same, but I agree some people is better than others in certain things

2018-10-04 07:53:35 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

by their genetics

2018-10-04 07:56:49 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

If i was borned in israel, I wouldn't be offended for "anti-semitism" I'm not even a mexican until THE STATE says so..,.. they state GIVES YOU the nationality BY FORCE, you're not American, Israeli, Mexican, or wathever you just born in a geographical perimeter, of course they were some dominant genes in the place where you had born, but that only means NATURE. just like any other species in the world

2018-10-04 07:58:04 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but what kind of jewish, there should be a lot of types of jewish

2018-10-04 07:59:01 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Agree, everything that we can do today don't matter to the infinity of the space

2018-10-04 07:59:05 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

even if the earth BLOWS UP

2018-10-04 07:59:11 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

don't matter to the bast majority of the space

2018-10-04 08:00:14 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

and you could also think... 1 in 108 Billion people who ever live...,

2018-10-04 08:00:27 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 08:01:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Do you think how much of % we are compared to the universe?

2018-10-04 08:01:23 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

i mean the entire earth

2018-10-04 08:01:34 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

how much of % are to the entire space

2018-10-04 08:01:40 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 08:02:09 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Even god is too small

2018-10-04 08:02:16 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

is just an idea like capitalism

2018-10-04 08:02:26 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

in our minds like US

2018-10-04 08:02:30 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

we are BIG in our minds

2018-10-04 08:02:57 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

the bible was written still in a tiny place called earth

2018-10-04 08:02:59 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 08:04:56 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

You know... that's why when I kill a cockroach i feel bad for it... they are so insignificant to us, that we kill that insects without thinking anything.... but we are as insignificant as they are to the galaxy, and even MORE to the universe...

2018-10-04 08:05:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but we are still nothing compared to the galaxy

2018-10-04 08:05:40 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

we could be killed with a gamma ray our entire life on earth could be erradicated

2018-10-04 08:06:27 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Thinking about that cockroach have THE SAME TIME of evolution that us... I mean, if you go BACK enough the have the SAME comoon ancestor that US!

2018-10-04 08:06:41 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

so cockroaches are just like US but with less luck

2018-10-04 08:07:58 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

He really got drugs?

2018-10-04 08:08:48 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Tradchad Are you christian?, the devil is Black, Asian or white?

2018-10-04 08:09:08 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but what race

2018-10-04 08:10:02 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

xD, and why God, need ears, or nose, if he don't need to exist throught natural laws?

2018-10-04 08:10:36 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

lower taxes to 0, and Open borders

2018-10-04 08:10:53 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

but without posibility of change the tax law.

2018-10-04 08:11:13 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

and you will have the Nation of Liberty, like it was New York on 1908

2018-10-04 08:11:25 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2018-10-04 08:11:34 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

you don't even know the history of your own country

2018-10-04 08:13:10 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

you don't even concerned that there is a lot of possibilities that all of you have hispanic, arabic and even black genetics in your blood?

2018-10-04 08:13:25 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


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