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What happened to centipede central?

@I. Ron Butterfly nba is a cuck central

Where are all my PROUD BOYS at??

rank <@&350743889667424256>

white people πŸ‘

Bernie will still save us

Any proud boys here????? Pls respond.

google it


"is there any hope for the white race at this point??

-voice chat

"nigger" -voice chat

"Beat dogs" - voice chat

anyone have a good memes?

engrish is haad

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺ

I was also beaned from cc

hey am I in the right server?

is pewdiepie racist


who else can say "nigger" its really impressive when i read it


sounds like a proud boy @AR

any jews or blacks here?

^mods please ban all above

@n//a "illegal immigrant"

he uses windows phone

its okay but pretty shitty actually

23andme said Im 26% orangutan

<:TrumpSmile:356316463490924561> =master race

<:50points:356316754873417728> =masterbate. to this

what a cuck



who has a job?

thought so.

what kind of dumb fucking 7 year old cant read

im not trolling

but my trolling is garbage

i cant keep up

what is a good example


wtf is a headpat

how can i troll if i cant keep up with all your internet lingo

jesus christ

wtf is weebooo

i speak english

this is what im talking about. i cant troll if i dont know what YOU'RE saying

my just what?

the last pokemon game i played with pokemon red

disgusting faggots who want to be japanese and are obsessed with japanese culture and anime

spotify curation actually sucks

get spotify student, its 5 bucks, then you get a free hulu subscription, which woul be 10 on its own. 20 -> 5. then pay with a quicksilver card and you get 50% back. so you get spotify premium and hulu for 2.50 a month

maoism leads to memism


anyone got any good memes?

its time for memes somewhere

I have no folks to donate sorry

throw her in the cuckshed


we cant post pics here

i thought this was america


i didn't realize CC and furries had so much overlap

@Politics, who are all here too


i thought this was a no racism zone

I'm a proud libertarian black women who don't need no guv'ment


Where are we on reddit?


pronounced "hay-suess"





i cant type nvm

what date are we going for when we say MAGA?

why are we cheering USA?

freakig hate cbs

DAE leWomen amirite???

its some faggot nitro anime weebo shit


who is the worst? pablo escobar, Fidel Castro, or Hillary Clinton?

same differnce

i live by the beach

its alright

the earth is flat how do you even walk then pleb



who is the cuck reading his dissertation in vc?



vc is a proud boy meeting

i dont know any protestants in california

did rex tillerson call trump a moron??

of course he is going to say he didnt in a press conference, he would never say yes i called him a moron

thats what a red blooded ameican male looks like

im 6'3'' 240 lbs come fite me

who is the most racist group in america

what is rick and morty about? i asked some kid where he worked out and he said rick and morty


what is going on with eminem?

HOW dare Eminem disrespect our dear leader

politics channel

i could go for some costco pizza right now

ItsABeautifulDayToBeAtCostco amirite??


you can get a hotdog and unlimited soda at costco for $1.50

its amazing

The Churros are bigger than your femur

the chicken bakes are probably 6 Courics and only 3 dollars

try a Costco mocha latte, they're only 2.50

half the price of competitors


for dessert, try the delicious very berry sunday for only $1.65


<:FeelsDabMan:356316778470834176> costco pizza


Guys, lets all relax, get along, and enjoy a delicious $1.99 slice of Costco Pizza

Costco is the last stop before heaven

Walmart is disgusting.

no cuckzone

amirite pedes



cuck means comrade in arms seizing the means of production

who has killed more people, Pablo Escobar, Hilter, or Hillary? It has to be Hillary

means you're a weinstein



who was at a charlottesville?

"i have sex"


are you a gang rapist?

no further questions

thanks obmama

yeah weebs are a national problem

we need to ban anime

thanks obama

fucking cucks

i blame obama and hillary


bnecause fuck anime

thanks obama

not to mention the left cant meme

why do most right wingers hate jews but all their politicians love the jews?

i dont get it



ben shapiro is a trust fund hollywoof jew

dont @ me

which war wasnt the jews?

got em.,

ben shapiro is a country club liberal hollywood raised jew

the clintons are trying to get revenge on Kavanaugh

Hillary says we can't be civil. She's going to send death squads to Maga rallies

Thanks Obama


anyone up for some boofing today?

anyone have a directory where we can send liberals to burn in ovens?

and started looking at guys asses

okay mike pence

i wear form fitting clothes around my dick and balls

girls cant stop staring

like im a piece of meat

its 208


i have an idea to make my penis 12 inches though, fold it in half.

john 3:16


i cry evertim

if you have sex with a man in an airport bathroom, but you're a republican politician, is it still gay?

we live in a society

fucking virgins



thanks obama

thats why you sleep around, to get those holes filled so you don't feel empty

trump sleeps around, are you saying you dont like trump? RESPECT THE PRESIDENT

bible is dumb.

read ther quran scrub

would JEsus be a republican today

pls respond

not for the rapee anyway

did jesus actually like black people?

pls respond

are republicans kanye west fans now or wtf

kanye is WOKE

thanks Obama, this is your fault for making things racist

thanks jewish obama

anyone up for some friday night boofing?

his name was seth rich

his name was seth rogan



i believe they are gay because of the water, gay frogs



im from california

my only question is, why do need two Dakotas?

why do we need two dakotas?

why do we need two carolinas?

why do we need alabama at all?

just asking questions

wtf is medical control

why isnt mike pences republican utopia not producing companies like apple and google like shit state california?

thanks obama

pyro is too overpowered!!

thanks obama

you're as trump supporter? get out !

thanks obama


when did neckbeards trade their fedoras in for MAGA hats?

latinos vote repub a lot more than blacks

san francisco

no blacks

san francisco only has 16 blacks

most liberal

what the fuck is this?


trump has the highest IQ

best words


they are less educated

in gengeral


niggers is offensive

mods please ban nigger sayre

97% north koreans vote republican

whats wrong with degenerates?



Euphoric atheist

Fay is gay

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