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2018-12-13 14:41:42 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

+giveme consent

2018-12-13 14:42:08 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Hello guys

2018-12-13 14:43:05 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Am I like supposed to come back or am I already dead

2018-12-13 14:43:15 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 14:45:22 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Guys I have a dumb question

2018-12-13 14:45:37 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Is the current left wing even what it used to be before?

2018-12-13 14:47:20 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

csgo requires a shit ton of time and effort

2018-12-13 14:47:26 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

i quit cs after 4k hours

2018-12-13 14:48:02 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

idk how good csgo is rn

2018-12-13 14:48:26 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

yeah thanks

2018-12-13 14:49:00 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

idk last time i played i tried the new smg

2018-12-13 14:49:05 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

it was fun for a while

2018-12-13 14:49:21 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

the game hasn't aged well i think

2018-12-13 14:49:39 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 14:50:26 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

but the battle royal gamemode has really shown how much the engine has aged

2018-12-13 14:50:56 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Christmas trees already?

2018-12-13 14:51:08 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Oh yea it's fucking 13th of December

2018-12-13 14:51:17 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I haven't seen snow yet

2018-12-13 14:52:29 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

We don't even care about christmas this year

2018-12-13 14:52:51 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I'm just gonna go to my friends place and get shitfaced

2018-12-13 14:53:46 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Has anyone except me not seen snow this month

2018-12-13 14:55:24 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Girls love my ass even tho i'm a dude

2018-12-13 14:55:32 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

If i were a trap id get a shit ton of dick

2018-12-13 14:55:55 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

so if life goes to shit ill just chop off my dick and marry some old guy

2018-12-13 14:57:47 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Has anyone seen Chris Chan cut off his own dick?

2018-12-13 14:58:03 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

That is some real destroy dick december material

2018-12-13 14:59:31 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 14:59:35 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I mean fuck

2018-12-13 14:59:38 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 14:59:42 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Not sprite

2018-12-13 14:59:47 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

fuck sprite

2018-12-13 14:59:49 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

its gay

2018-12-13 15:00:05 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Idk my fav is Dr.Pepper

2018-12-13 15:00:12 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

People either hate it or love it

2018-12-13 15:00:37 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

But last time I had Pepper was a year ago when I was in U.S.

2018-12-13 15:01:16 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 15:01:20 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Fite me

2018-12-13 15:01:56 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

We don't have diet coke here

2018-12-13 15:02:11 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

It's called Coke Zero for some reason

2018-12-13 15:03:36 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I have a high chance of diabetes because of genetics

2018-12-13 15:03:43 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

but who caes

2018-12-13 15:03:56 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

i consume soda like a fucking thot

2018-12-13 15:05:00 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 15:05:06 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Thicc thots exist

2018-12-13 15:05:09 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 15:05:35 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Okay no

2018-12-13 15:05:38 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

They do exist

2018-12-13 15:05:45 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Just google fat thot

2018-12-13 15:06:22 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

You can achieve maximum immunity by watching chris chan cutting his dick off

2018-12-13 15:06:48 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Oh i can send her if you want

2018-12-13 15:06:50 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 15:07:54 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 15:08:16 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

There's never enough jizzm in my balls

2018-12-13 15:09:42 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 15:10:05 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Oh :((9

2018-12-13 15:10:18 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

My uni teacher is forcing everyone to install linux

2018-12-13 15:10:24 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I want to chop his dick off

2018-12-13 15:10:56 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

No he wants us to do it because "Linux is better"

2018-12-13 15:11:26 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

All he does on lectures is flex on how good Linux is

2018-12-13 15:11:49 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I made a 25 page presentation on cons and pros

2018-12-13 15:12:02 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

And he just asked me how much Bill Gates paid me for that

2018-12-13 15:12:35 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I would be okay with that

2018-12-13 15:12:44 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

He forces it tho so fuck him

2018-12-13 15:13:30 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I have one

2018-12-13 15:13:34 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 15:13:43 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Okay long story

2018-12-13 15:14:10 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I live in Tajikistan because my dad got a job here for some USAID project

2018-12-13 15:14:30 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

its a shitty post ussr country

2018-12-13 15:14:36 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

he was like

2018-12-13 15:15:06 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

windows is getting banned from all post ussr countries

2018-12-13 15:15:09 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Dude my internet

2018-12-13 15:15:11 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

is anus

2018-12-13 15:15:20 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

like barely 1Mbps

2018-12-13 15:15:46 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

God they don't even know proper russian here

2018-12-13 15:16:14 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I come from Armenia myself

2018-12-13 15:16:21 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

It's so much better

2018-12-13 15:16:24 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 15:16:28 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Shitty muslims

2018-12-13 15:16:48 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I've been there a couple of times

2018-12-13 15:16:53 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Armenian internet rules

2018-12-13 15:17:09 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

I had fucking 100Mbps internet

2018-12-13 15:17:31 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

People in Tajikistan smell like shit

2018-12-13 15:17:37 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Are illiterate

2018-12-13 15:17:52 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

And are basically a bunch of gypsies

2018-12-13 15:18:16 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Not on this level

2018-12-13 15:18:33 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

The only plus is the cigarette price

2018-12-13 15:18:40 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Its like a dollar a pack

2018-12-13 15:18:57 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

ive been here for 4 years and i want to go back home

2018-12-13 15:19:01 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 15:19:21 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Their local beer is good too

2018-12-13 15:19:49 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

1,5l for 1.3$

2018-12-13 15:20:20 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

lol no

2018-12-13 15:20:29 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  


2018-12-13 15:20:47 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

he was like microsoft is going to do some sanctions and ban windows in post ussr countries

2018-12-13 15:20:59 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

so everyone should install linux

2018-12-13 15:21:09 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

im like "that's retarded"

2018-12-13 15:21:22 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

He goes shut up

2018-12-13 15:22:04 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

"Rule #1 Teacher is always right
Rule #2 If you think teacher isn't right check rule #1"

2018-12-13 15:22:20 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

When i'm done with this semester im gonna shitcan the fuck out of him

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