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2017-08-31 23:32:32 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

This channel is lacking.

2017-09-30 13:13:52 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

Isn't Mitoma Umi a porn star?

2017-10-07 13:35:59 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

Will trap porn get me banned?

2017-10-07 13:38:18 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I'm moving back to Asia. I can't wait to get some of that sweet food in my belly.

2017-10-07 13:38:42 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-10-07 14:29:37 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Massdrop is indeed like scam-tier garbage, right?

2017-10-07 14:37:14 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

It all seems too good to be true.

2017-10-07 14:37:24 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

The stuff that isn't known name brand I mean.

2017-10-07 14:43:22 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

There have been a lot more chink-resellers lately.

2017-10-07 14:43:28 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Like in general.

2017-10-07 14:52:33 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Fuck. The chinks are winning.

2017-10-07 15:05:50 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Be communist and by be communist I mean you pay your workers literally nothing and keep all the money?

2017-10-07 15:16:05 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Recommendations on over ear headphones that don't sound terrible but are comfortable for extended use?

2017-10-07 15:28:00 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I'll check em out

2017-10-07 17:29:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

It was my understanding that the chink flash memory was a little dodgy

2017-10-07 17:37:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-10-07 17:37:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Isn't it just kind of accepted that anything that plugs into your computer from china will have malware?

2017-10-07 18:21:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I found some cool temporary tattoos on gearbest, will they burn my skin off?

2017-10-10 14:50:00 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-10-11 13:00:07 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-10-11 22:50:26 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-10-11 22:50:37 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-10-11 22:53:06 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Are there any stupid chinese holidays that will delay my package any time soon?

2017-10-11 23:02:05 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Why the frown?

2017-10-11 23:07:09 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

THey don't get smashed and stumble around on regular nights?

2017-10-11 23:11:34 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I had a layover in Hong Kong and they sold this beef jerky shit that was amazing

2017-10-15 11:45:19 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-10-15 13:51:20 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Mcdonalds szechaun is kinda garbage too, from the sound of it.

2017-10-15 13:55:37 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Bite your tongue. McDonalds makes a god-tier cheeseburger.

2017-10-15 13:55:56 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I could eat Mc-gangbangs for the rest of my pitiful existence.

2017-10-15 13:56:13 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  


2017-10-15 13:56:32 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Honestly, the restaurant is indeed trash, but their cheeseburger isn't bad.

2017-10-15 13:56:40 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

So that's the thing.

2017-10-15 13:56:56 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I've eaten "gourmet" burgers from around the world and have only been impressed like twice

2017-10-15 13:57:29 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

There is a place called Five-Guys. It's another American chain, it's probably my favorite burger but it's a little expensive.

2017-10-15 13:58:20 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Asian cows make pretty shit burgers imo.

2017-10-15 13:58:28 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Kobe beef is a fucking meme

2017-10-15 13:59:45 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I've never head a Kobe beef burger, only steak and like a sushi thing.

2017-10-15 14:00:54 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

It was different but not better than anything we get over here.

2017-10-15 14:01:33 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

99% of the beef they eat over there is grown in Australia or New Zealand anyway.

2017-10-15 14:02:49 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I've lived in Asia for 4 years. Moved back to the US about a year ago.

2017-10-15 14:03:01 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I love the food over there, not so much Chinese.

2017-10-15 14:03:12 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I'm just saying the meat itself isn't as good.

2017-10-15 14:03:31 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

McDonalds is indeed trash. I just think they have the whole cheeseburger game down.

2017-10-15 14:04:28 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I miss Korean fish the most. I found their sushi to be better than Japan's.

2017-10-15 14:04:44 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I didn't make it to mainland China but I did go to traditional restaurants and shit (not American chinese)

2017-10-15 14:06:31 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Feck, now you have me thinking about Asian food again.

2017-10-15 14:26:09 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I had squid I presumed was dead until soy sauce was poured on it.

2017-10-15 14:26:26 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

None of the people I knew there liked fish much, so I didn't get to eat any of the good stuff

2017-10-16 00:08:57 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  


2017-10-16 00:09:16 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

They have these little octopuses you eat cold that were sorta tasty but really fucking weird. I think they cut their heads off but they were mostly intact.

2017-10-21 13:31:08 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@Cellis watch out bro, you might cut yourself on that edge

2017-10-21 16:32:42 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I had a Fiio and it just kind of stopped working

2017-10-21 22:45:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

They sell all these prebuilt desktops and all seem sketchy

2017-10-21 22:52:02 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-10-21 22:52:06 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Unless you have tits. THen maybe

2017-10-21 22:54:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Eh, nobody gives me money

2017-10-22 01:51:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Shanzhai means garbage, doesn't it?

2017-10-22 01:51:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Like garbage they kept at like fortresses and shit

2017-10-22 08:06:46 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Which they will, because it’s China and people fuck each other over for no reason. It’s like everywhere else but worse.

2017-10-22 14:12:30 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I have the KZ ZST pros and they sound surprisingly good.

2017-10-22 23:01:51 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Or on airplanes

2017-10-22 23:49:51 UTC [/csg/ #hot-deals]  

Surwish 100 pcs Fluorescence Dart Refills Universal Standard Round Head Hollow Foam Bullets for Nerf Toy Gun
$4.40, expires in 2 days

2017-10-23 03:38:58 UTC [/csg/ #hot-deals]  


2017-10-23 18:37:00 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

They could be drinking koolaid for all we know and they just put cum

2017-10-24 14:39:32 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-10-26 10:34:02 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

And in Sweden your wife gets impregnated by a migrant

2017-10-26 13:18:18 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  


2017-10-26 13:49:07 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

KZ ZST pro

2017-10-26 13:49:49 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Unless you mean the buds themselves

2017-10-26 18:59:28 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Thievy prehistoric chinks

2017-10-26 20:01:03 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I like my ZST...

2017-10-26 20:01:16 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I wish I knew more about the charts. I'm not crazy into audio

2017-10-29 15:31:55 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

Her appearance changes quite a bit from one pic to another.

2017-11-02 22:38:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Hmmm what kind of chinkshit should I buy today

2017-11-02 22:47:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-11-05 12:04:21 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Here is a question you guys don't want to hear: any opinions on chink gay-ming headsets? I've been looking through and want something that's comfortable with a heaset microphone

2017-11-05 12:07:22 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  


2017-11-05 12:07:40 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I am never like on a desk or anything.

2017-11-05 12:07:59 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  


2017-12-21 16:56:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

A Chinese website that isn’t Alli wasn’t secure? Get the fuck out of here.

2018-03-14 09:49:05 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Alibaba is doing free oceanic shipping. Which is kinda cool if you buy lots of stuff

2018-05-30 00:24:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

So, uh, howabout them tariffs

2018-08-19 00:35:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

That laptop doesn't sound too bad.

2018-08-19 00:35:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I'm looking for a tiny, itty bitty one

2018-08-19 00:44:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Yeah, I've kind of figured

2018-08-19 00:44:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I might try out those chink drones, though.

2018-08-19 00:46:06 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Yeah, that's the one I"m looking at. E58

2018-08-19 00:50:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2018-08-19 00:50:39 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I've never bought from Tomtop before

2018-08-19 00:52:24 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I like my KZs :/

2018-08-19 00:52:39 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I'm trying to find something to replace them, though.

2018-08-19 07:04:18 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

What would be a better alternative in the ~$20 bracket?

2018-08-19 07:49:44 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Don’t get beat

2018-08-19 12:05:54 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I refuse to spend more than like $20 on earbuds that I’ll break eventually.

2018-08-19 12:11:28 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  


2018-08-19 13:23:00 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I liked mine. I used them for about 2 years.

2018-08-19 14:00:56 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  


2018-08-19 22:07:49 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Is that a knockoff Fallout bomb?

2018-08-24 02:01:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

So what's up with Aliexpress tea? I get that it's probably counterfeit cut poison, but what's the actual deal?

2018-08-24 02:02:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

THey sell tea. THe consensus is don't fucking buy it

2018-08-24 02:03:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Does it fucking really?

2018-08-24 02:05:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I'm aware of the sewer grease they cut with motor oil.

2018-08-24 02:06:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

As much? You mean none?

2018-08-24 02:06:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I want to do tests and see how bad it really is

2018-08-24 02:07:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But I want to die.

2018-08-24 02:09:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I'm just curious if it's laced with lead and shit.

2018-08-26 01:22:54 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Hey, anyone have the fake watch seller?

2018-08-26 01:24:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Asking for a friend

2018-08-26 01:26:49 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Ah. yeah, I used to get knockoff warhammer on there but they took them all down.

2018-08-29 20:09:22 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2018-08-29 20:53:26 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

It’s like 60% chinkshit

2018-08-29 21:01:24 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  


2018-08-29 21:02:37 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

PlayStations make good CD players.

2018-08-29 21:03:15 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Memes aside, they really did have the best audio processor available from Sony at the time

2018-08-29 21:03:51 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

As long as it’s the RCA 1001 model.

2018-08-29 21:07:48 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

But then I’d have to buy a DAC better than the other one I have >.>

2018-08-29 21:08:10 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

And I wouldn’t have a 20 year old PlayStation as part of my hifi rig

2018-09-01 23:37:03 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Not really. The metal and the rubber stretch at different rates which almost guarantees shit like that is permanent

2018-09-03 16:57:14 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Kek. Massdrop has T2s. $40.

2018-09-03 16:57:16 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  


2018-09-03 17:03:42 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Massdrop is free shipping.

2018-09-03 17:04:12 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

It’s also funny they have them at all but they get KZ. All their shit (even name brand) is chinkshit, it’s just more obvious with the audio

2018-09-03 17:04:14 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  


2018-09-03 17:04:49 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  


2018-09-03 17:05:14 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Their shit usually isn’t discounted much, anyway. It’s a fancy Wish

2018-09-03 17:05:15 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  


2018-09-03 17:05:34 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Where do you live? Antarctica?

2018-09-03 17:05:45 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  


2018-09-03 17:06:01 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

How much did you have to bribe the postman?

2018-09-03 17:06:34 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Hmm. I used to order gear from Russia and I literally had to pay a bribe to get my stuff. Was funny

2018-09-03 17:06:45 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

And I bet you sure as shit can bribe customs.

2018-09-03 17:08:45 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Ehhh, it makes sense. They aren’t allowed to advertise those prices.

2018-09-03 17:09:02 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

It’s the same as like industry sites.

2018-09-03 17:09:22 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

It’s just a deal they have with manufacturers.

2018-09-03 17:10:20 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

They really aren’t. I get discounts through work on a bunch of audio gear and it’s a store like that, but the prices aren’t allowed to be advertised. I don’t really have a good way to explain it.

2018-09-03 17:10:32 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Massdrop is the same thing.

2018-09-03 17:10:55 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

They state it somewhere on the site. Their keyboards that take 6 months to ship are barely cheaper than just buying them

2018-09-03 17:11:00 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

It’s the same kind of deal

2018-09-03 17:11:09 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

It’s a group discount type thing

2018-09-03 17:11:32 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I got a good deal on a gaming chair /shrug

2018-09-03 17:13:28 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

It means third party

2018-09-03 17:13:56 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I’m not saying it makes sense or isn’t stupid, but its how they do their group buy bullshit

2018-09-03 17:14:27 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  


2018-09-03 17:14:33 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

But wish advertises

2018-09-03 17:14:52 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Is usually the buzzy way they say that

2018-09-03 17:15:13 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Ever hear “we match any advertised price”

2018-09-03 17:17:12 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I knew guys who ran an amazon scam

2018-09-03 17:17:33 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

They’d make an account sell something super cheap with prime, price match at best buy or Walmart

2018-09-03 17:18:10 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Their stipulation used to be it just had to be prime but now I think it has to actually be sold by amazon

2018-09-03 18:10:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I think I’ve asked this before but does anyone know who sold the knockoff Warhammer kits?

2018-09-03 18:46:09 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

It actually says you can’t fuck it in the listing.

2018-09-03 18:46:15 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

I wonder how much he was asked that.

2018-09-03 19:04:35 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

They do advertise it as real leather cut from cowhide with an identification chart for blemishes one would only see on real leather

2018-09-03 19:04:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But you can tell it’s bonded, even from the product photos

2018-09-03 19:05:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I’m aware that “real leather made from cowhide” means dickall.

2018-09-03 19:09:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Kek, the reviews

2018-09-03 19:09:55 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Someone busted out the calipers and got chinked.

2018-09-03 19:10:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Any cow product was expensive as all hell over there.

2018-09-03 19:11:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But look how they advertise it

2018-09-03 19:12:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

“We gowantee it be 2 mirrimetah! See cariper!”

2018-09-03 19:13:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But with the wide range, though.

2018-09-03 19:14:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

If you’re selling me 1.8-2.4mm leather, I’ll get butthurt if it’s thinner than that.

2018-09-03 19:18:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Won’t they suck your dick for a 5 Star?

2018-09-03 19:19:04 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Can you explain the epacket thing?

2018-09-03 19:19:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I left a single 1 star review and it was for some knockoff Pokémon cards I bought

2018-09-03 19:19:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

150 cards in a sealed bag. I got 5

2018-09-03 19:19:47 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

In a box.

2018-09-03 19:21:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Is epacket a better way of shipping?

2018-09-03 19:21:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I’m far from chinkshit expert

2018-09-03 19:22:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

And what happens if you don’t use it? No insurance? I’m just trying to understand why it’s an issue if it arrives in some random package

2018-09-03 19:23:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Yeah, understandable

2018-09-03 19:23:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

A friend of mine asked for proof of shipment on a helmet and he received a stock photo from the DHL website

2018-09-03 19:23:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

“See? Here is your package”

2018-09-03 19:24:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Shipped from “The Ukraine”

2018-09-03 19:24:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But it had Chinese custom marks on it when it arrived

2018-09-03 19:24:44 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2018-09-03 19:24:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

And it was off EBay

2018-09-03 19:29:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I keep wanting to get some of the weight loss or muscle building teas off Ali, just to see what happens or what’s in them

2018-09-03 21:47:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Jebus you could use an iPad as a cell

2018-09-03 21:49:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Jebus you could use an iPad as a cell

2018-09-03 23:29:11 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2018-09-03 23:33:14 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2018-09-05 11:56:56 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

Tfw me

2018-09-05 12:00:02 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

Massdrop headphones? Crap? Get the fuck out of here.

2018-09-05 12:02:39 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

That’s a thing already

2018-09-05 12:57:16 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

The bulge is the best part

2018-09-05 13:11:54 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  


2018-09-05 13:19:39 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Most gay man laptops have vapor cooling anyway

2018-09-05 13:24:07 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Ehhhh, look up vapor chamber cooling. It would take a bit to explain. Pipe filled with liquid on hot thing, liquid turn into vapor, vapor hit heatsink, turn back into liquid after dumping its heat.

2018-09-05 13:25:52 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  


2018-09-05 13:26:03 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Isn’t. But that person asked

2018-09-05 13:26:37 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

Laptops come from Asia?

2018-09-05 20:01:40 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2018-09-05 21:16:44 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

What’s it like not having running water?

2018-09-06 17:34:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Latest chink haul came in. Bought a bunch of PS2 games from a seller in China. Listed their values as a dollar a piece. Good chink.

2018-09-06 18:47:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]

2018-09-06 19:06:09 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@NiceBear I’m curious to see any kind of documentation on the subject

2018-09-06 19:15:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I was chinked on Amazon. Bought a PS2 network adapter and it was garbage.

2018-09-06 19:16:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2018-09-06 19:17:46 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

The network adapter Part isn’t functional.

2018-09-06 19:18:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]

2018-09-06 19:18:10 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]

2018-09-06 19:22:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

It’s just a plastic fake hole.

2018-09-06 19:22:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

And it’s more for the hard drive part.

2018-09-06 19:22:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But still, it’s a spooky chink adapter

2018-09-06 19:24:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I do.

2018-09-06 19:24:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I just need the adapter

2018-09-06 19:24:54 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I have a new production seagate that works.

2018-09-06 19:27:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2018-09-06 19:27:39 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But it’s another adapter you can buy.

2018-09-06 19:27:57 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I should just get one of the chink adapter/HDD combos loaded with games off Ali.

2018-09-06 19:28:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

They do custom game loads for $5 extra.

2018-09-06 19:49:44 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

The Sata drives have sketchy functionality

2018-09-06 19:50:06 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But most IDEs work fine with the proper image

2018-09-06 21:59:09 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

Didn’t think that one through, did you?

2018-09-06 22:25:03 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

You’re wrong. People dye designs into their animals all the time.

2018-09-08 01:44:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

wtf is with this dummy

2018-09-08 14:11:31 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

I use bone conducting headphones at work. They sound like butt compared to anything else.

2018-09-08 15:05:15 UTC [/csg/ #chi-fi]  

They have decent audio quality but they're sensitive to cable noise and they sound super muffled if you hear anything with your ears.

2018-09-09 17:53:50 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

Squirting is just urine. Don’t believe the memes

2018-09-09 23:13:27 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  


2018-09-09 23:13:39 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I saw a documentary on sneakercon and thought I was having a fever dream.

2018-09-10 01:15:21 UTC [/csg/ #shit-about-asia]  

I pay money for solid boots and that’s it

2018-09-10 23:32:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I use rotrings. So comfy.

2018-09-25 14:20:24 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

Yo, hit me with some good Bowsettes

2018-09-25 14:47:40 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

That’s the good stuff 👌🏻

2018-10-01 05:02:05 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

They didn’t originate from Starbound. They were from spore

2018-10-01 12:03:48 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

I’m not a furry

2018-10-05 20:46:59 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


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