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Oh hello

Shave your pubes and donate them

donate them to science

I.. It's not like I wanted to choose you or anything.. Ba..Baka! >.<

Im really a cat

Respect my boat privileges


As high as a kite?

Ur a boatist

Respect my Boatnouns

U are spreadping Boatphobia

<:booty:298034924248891392> πŸ₯š

<:opm:274845943386341377> <:opm:274845943386341377> <:chaika:295238428579069952>

Goofeel boof


Whart I boatnerd in boating skool is!?

Bee movie but every time theirs a buzz sound its a boat wissle

πŸ…± JHeros


<:trump:274845870581874688> <:Bestanime:292339441320591361>

Just go to πŸ…± nited airlines

πŸ…± <:booty:298034924248891392> <:zehand:292739430878281748>


πŸ…± ubble πŸ…± utt

πŸ…± itties

A bag of delicious πŸ…± oritos


πŸ…± acon

πŸ…± asturπŸ…±ate




<:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944> <:nazi:235272942882258944>


Dont you mean... πŸ…± easter?

U want some πŸ…± oin?

u want some πŸ…± eggs?

Some big juicy πŸ…±ock


spicy le πŸ…±izza

U HAV NO πŸ…±roof!

πŸ…±oku no πŸ…±ico

Just say I support πŸ…±lack Lives matter 100times

In ur essay


Just combine this entire chat into an essay format

Just write teen titans go 999 times in comic sans font

Write it in dragonball z font

Huku and crunchyroll is where its at

no Hulu is for shows and stuff and anime

Crunchyroll is specifically talored for anime

Netflix blows ass, good thing I dont even pay for it lmao I just use my brothers account lmao

I pay for crunchy and Hulu myself tho

I use crunchyroll for dbs and some other animu

School is bullshit

They only teach to have you pass a test, they don't teach you to learn

Gotta make them greens, but at least make an effort in doing ur job

Oh yeah and the whole tell a teacher if youre being bullied and it'l be handled is possibly the most absolute lie the schools will tell you lmao

das a good school

My teacher bullied me for doing something I wasn't even doing

She thought I was drawing on my desk and she took me out of the classroom and started screaming and yelling at me like the fuck then she claimed I punched her when I didn't punch her and she took me into a corner where their were no cameras around so their would be no proof

She was getting all up in my face so I pushed her slightly out of my way because she was legit in my face screaming at me

Lmao I had a teacher once say I picked up an entire desk and through it across the entire other side of the classroom

You know whats good with all my experiences tho? I never actually got in trouble lmao even with that detention slip

Some teachers just hand you packets and just go on their phones lmao

I had a teacher be on her phone when I was doing my regents and it was distracting as fuck like dude what the fuck

A test you need to pass in order to graduate

I had a this kid who Bullied me, but he acted like such a saint in front of all the teachers he even ''stopped a fight'' which I bet was staged to make him look better, but I tried telling teachers he was bullying me but they were like OHHHH BUT HES SUCH A GOOD KID HE WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING I fucking shit you not

Im watching avgn

Well this chat went from 0-100 real quick

Unless the kid is Zamasu

And this folk's is why I was barely social in hs lmao

Not when your in special ed otherwise people just treat you like your an idiot :/

πŸ…± igger

No u are not in chat

U are in Discord


Weird, ironically My School didnt believe I had medical issues even with doctors notes and they still caleld cps multiple times

give me the news

True story, I ran out of my School once just dashed the fuck on out of their

Same tbh I wasnt angry at people I mean I was but I used to grind my fist into rugs

According to one of the teachers I had apparently I threw a big ass desk across a class room when all I did was push it out of the way in anger

Go listen to parapper the rapper best artist


I was gonna say something as I was typing this but I dont even remember

I almost got detention for ''writing on a desk'' ahem I wasn't actually writing on the desk the teacher thought I was so ya know what she did? She takes me out of the classroom right, the class bell has not even rung yet so class wasn't even started to begin with she takes me out and starts screaming and yelling at me getting me pissed off for no real reason no matter how many times I said I wasnt drawing on said desk I even told her to go look at the desk I mean she was legit up in my face screaming and yelling and shit so I pushed her out of my way because she was up in my face screaming and yelling and her spit got on me which was fucking gross

My dark humor goes way beyond dark humor

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