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2018-06-06 22:58:33 UTC [Dank Brigade #traps-and-trans]  


@Unit 14710 prefer 45-70 myself but hey, 45 acp side arms are fun too!

That poor sks.... F

unless it was a norinco, then may it burn in hell

I know mosins are a dime a dozen, but I wish people wouldn't kitchen gunsmith the ones with hex receivers

Finnish mosins are awesome, look up m39's

m27's are nice tool

wtf bubba...

I seen that one, that fucking JB weld.....

I just hope that is a norinco

@Mr. Hyde just use the wayback machine for defcad. Or you can request a flash drive from their website with the specs and have it mailed

oh we are doing cutlery now?

I just ordered a microtech halo V off of gunbroker

agreed... especially when you pay prices that can buy you a glock or m&p 😦

Sorry to hear buddy

knives are always good though!

keep fighting the good fight!

no M777A2's?

in large groups yes, you can weaponize autism

How are the guns in the movie is the real question. I always wanted an m203 thanks to the first predator

@Papa Benz hand grenade waiting to randomly go off in your hand

They are beautiful, right up there with colt. Its a shame USFA are no longer in business

454 casull revolver would do the trick

God damn I love 45-70

hey, that's the guy that diddled his daughters




@Carter let's say you do get a lemon and need to return it for repair. Do. you trust Remington? Personally I do not with all the drama that company is going through but to each their own

If you're looking for a cheaper 1911, you can find used ruger SR1911's at good prices, and if the gun does turn out to have issues, at least ruger has their shit together

omg you won't go wrong with the glock. Ioved my g20 for YEARS and only sold it to jump on the g40. you won't be disappointed with 15 rounds of 10mm

oh man tell me about... I am working on 2 AR builds, modding my p226 ans I still need to convert my saiga to an ak

this hobby is so damn expensive

I call that apocalypse congress

oh nice, I went cheap on mine and got the century arms version

love it, I did have issues throwing MKE ammo (when it was still imported), some of the rounds didn't go off. might have been hard primers on the ammo so I was surprised since that weapon system has such a violent action

honestly there is betted stuff out there but for the price, it works like a charm

that is a HUGE plus. I also have a galil ace in 308 and my buddy has a FN scar. besides the massive expense on those guns, we are also paying like $50 per mag

have you seen the repros from brownells for half the price?

I really want to get one of those m16's and throw an echo trigger in it. give it a Vietnam look

dude, I just got my CMP m1 garand this morning. I am in the same boat for historical firearms

and that's a damn good price for those mags

I am paying 50 bucks for the lancer 308 mags

CMP got like 80,000 m1's this year from the Philippines. there might be some WWII/Vietnam guns in that batch but its always a gamble. Mine is a Springfield receiver is in the 4XXXXXX range so its post WWII. my guess it was made. in the 50s

I got the service grade, when I get some from the office I will take a couple of pictures and tag you

Used ones varies, I actually wanted a refurbished model but they sold out in August. Those have the same military parts just reparkerized with a new barrel and new stock.

@Carl Volt 7.62 or 5.45 AK?

they shoot like a laser beam at sub moa. I would shoot competitions with 5.45


2018-11-20 15:06:21 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

+giveme concent

2018-11-20 15:06:48 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

+giveme consent

Fuckin a, forget cheek weld, that requires a chin weld

Drop me some of that willy pete

ban air

2019-03-08 04:05:38 UTC [Dank Brigade #general]  

Shkreli is a Jew but he is cool af

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