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Tried to jump in on VC but my mic wouldn't work. Geigh

Sorry dudes

Only had a minute and I couldn't hear you guys

I'll try again another time

HERP derp le 56%! Plebbit tier bait, friends.

Was anyone recording that [REDACTED]call? That cracked me up so bad.

Should we make Salad Fingers a new meme?

I caught the impression due to his bashing Spencer for banging alt right thotties that some girl he liked got Dickie'd

That's just based on my reading his little expose though, I don't know him at all

@The Final Bowlution hit them DMs my dude

Stormer is down

It was only a matter of time

Figures, the one day I don't bother to check it until later

Good night alt reich

I found an entry near me that linked to a bbs I'd never even heard of

Where the hell are they sourcing the info


That could be good disinfo

Make them scared of every white goy they see

Imagine a kike logging on there the first time and seeing 1,488 users in their city of 20000

Night man


Are we in a white country? Then the magic soil and white parent figure will make it basically a white person

*what cucks actually believe

25 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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