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I used to be a conservative until probably a year and a half ago, when I was convinced that National Socialism was the correct worldview. I'm 16 and my favorite activites are exercising and reading. My name is James

How im tryna be

Niggas cash their first check and be like

I cant VC as of now

I havent made a good jeffpoast lately

I still talk to Netwolf

Hes good but its been a while

He doesnt want to come back

I already asked

How the nigger destroyer records room looks like

Thats not mine btw

One time i was on 4chan and i went on the cute anime girl section and it was pretty weird

Vic did you get the 4chan thing i sent

I think that one was screencut worthy

Yentas gonna yent

Bottom text

Disgusting ! Yuck!

The smell of stale fortune cookies is going through the video

We watched a thing on the NSM in class today

To be fair the people they were interviewing were hicks


New name

Ifunny niggas be like


Yall mfs is like penis

Only hard when females around


Didnt crop it sorry

I am but a recovering nigger



swational socialism

peadot camo




Didnt James mason support ted bundy and all those random serial killers because of that?

How many likes can our saviour getπŸ˜šπŸ˜›πŸ€—

Theres a kid at my school whos basically a libtard pothead but he thinks charles mansons philosophy was correct

How does that work tbh


He was funny as shit but he got banned for obvious reasons

No fucking way

You got featured on ifunny?!!

Nazbowl gang tbh

Vargposting in music form

libturds be like

"Yeah obama is good"


me when i beat ANTI ISRAEL DEMONRAT ISLAMS with a shovel

I cant

Im in a social situation

This is so deep😒

how im tryna be


Camo is so cool sometimes

Except digital camo i hate that shit

I like the lizard camo too tbh

And Brushstroke too

Brushstroke is probably my favorite

Like zimbabwe or pakistani camo


so original



If its hard and you break it i guess you crack it right?

If its not its just the noodle effect

Ohh ok

Well yeah you probably can

I mean, it isnt a bone or a joint but yeah

cant relate

The sacred texts!

rate my setup


i need to crop these

its the best reaction image

Or out of context image

The last one is still my favorite

Or when we were talking about laura

She looks like a cancer patient but she has some nice boobs

Atheists be like : 🐡 this is my grandfather



That was ironic tbh

The meme itself i mean

Jeffposting went to mainstream meme accounts i guess

Hey Beter

Yes Spongebob?

can i have some clothing


Thanks Spongebob

Anytime peter


Gays ruined america

Im sorry peter you said the n word

I will have to terminate your account and your life

Im out of memes


137 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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