The Violence Has Escalated

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Does anyone find the Florida shooting fishy

They’re tearing it down

The school

It’s almost like they want evidence to go to waste

If the kids at my school fight guns

I will fight them

I’ve given up on peace

If they threaten my friends

They get beat with a rolling stick


Btw this is a right wing chat correct

@2nd son Grajek#0124 GTFO

@everyone what exactly is this server for

Deo et patriae

2018-02-20 23:30:38 UTC [Red Storm #polls]  

Where the fuck did E come from

I was an og member

I’m ready to be poster goy

Anyways I’m a hoppean and found this server on generation identity

Anticom fell apart after the cville thing. I said t was a bad idea

On another server

He continually removed my perms to speak for no reason

Either way if you let him in just keep a close eye on him

And don’t trust him

I’ll discuss shit with him if he really wants to join

But for now it’s a no no

But hoppeanism is pretty good

So basically you have the ideals of one but you don’t like the govt


Hey guys. I don’t come in here often

But I wanted to ask if any of y’all were from anticom v1




Any of em?

I believe he was in it as well

Ben Shapiro hamburger helper


Hasn’t built the wall

So he’s gay


Micronation more like micropenis


63 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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