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2017-06-26 19:27:54 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-06-26 19:28:04 UTC [Realism #general]  

Are there any rules on this server?

2017-08-14 18:52:38 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 18:53:05 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Im a rockstar?

2017-08-14 18:53:30 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Tfw youre not a rockstar

2017-08-14 20:33:55 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Richard Spencer ^

2017-08-14 22:21:37 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 22:22:18 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I got banned at the Freeport server for pointing out that TheBigKK is a bisexual furry that doxxes people and sells their info to the feds

2017-08-14 22:22:29 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Are you guys chill?

2017-08-14 22:22:42 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I hope so

2017-08-14 22:23:33 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I wouldnt do that @ZETJester

2017-08-14 22:28:11 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Discord is fracturing

2017-08-14 22:29:44 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Whats the link to this server=

2017-08-14 22:29:47 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 22:31:38 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Got it

2017-08-14 22:31:41 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 22:33:30 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Will KK become an admin here? Because I dont like furries

2017-08-14 22:34:07 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

He just was on the voice @ZETJester

2017-08-14 22:34:48 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I see

2017-08-14 22:39:15 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

^How come I can still see his profile?

2017-08-14 22:39:21 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Is he hidden?

2017-08-14 22:39:47 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I see

2017-08-14 22:42:31 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

@tard wrangler Fingers is on here as well..

2017-08-14 22:42:39 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 22:42:42 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

You shouldnt

2017-08-14 22:42:53 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Hes not a mod here

2017-08-14 22:43:05 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I dont think so @Rise of our ancestors

2017-08-14 22:45:00 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Watch out for KKKutie as well, shes working on that network as well

2017-08-14 22:53:56 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  
2017-08-14 22:58:11 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

It looks like an updated version of you xD @Bero

2017-08-14 22:58:46 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 22:59:33 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  
2017-08-14 23:00:12 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Most of them require vetting by checking your reddit/FB accounts @EdgeLord69

2017-08-14 23:00:31 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Im not doing that

2017-08-14 23:00:39 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Then you cant be vetted on some

2017-08-14 23:01:02 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Hail Victory!!!

2017-08-14 23:06:35 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 23:15:15 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Cantwell is debating a Kike right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AQnYinTKc4

2017-08-14 23:15:17 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 23:25:22 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

@elf Maybe add a place for members talk as well? Dividing whitenames from members is very important imo

2017-08-14 23:28:25 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I dont know anything about Discord accounts being terminated @EdgeLord69

2017-08-14 23:29:11 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Ive read that. Havent heard of any accounts being deleted though

2017-08-14 23:30:03 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

@ZETJester can you make a members area?

2017-08-14 23:31:19 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I cant use emoji ):

2017-08-14 23:31:32 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

(to react)

2017-08-14 23:33:28 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

@ZETJester @Rotmistrz Do you guys have plans on adding more channels or a vetting room?

2017-08-14 23:34:17 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Okay (;

2017-08-14 23:34:31 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Okay okay (;

2017-08-14 23:35:12 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

That looks painful af

2017-08-14 23:37:43 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 23:46:20 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

@elf I meant a vetting room lol

2017-12-26 13:18:29 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

@Keksy Slavs not being white is a meme, just ignore it

2017-12-27 09:14:11 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

What lies?

2017-12-27 09:23:31 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  


2017-12-27 09:26:00 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

You should watch the Greatest Story Never Told @Megis

2017-12-27 09:26:52 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

6,75 hrs. Every chapter is 15 mins so you can do it in multiple sittings

2017-12-27 09:27:13 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

I'm in chapter 8 now

2017-12-27 09:27:32 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  


2017-12-27 09:28:02 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

What do you think of the holocaust?

2017-12-27 09:29:03 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

Depends on what you define as holocaust

2017-12-27 09:29:49 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

πŸ‘ πŸ‘

2017-12-27 09:30:08 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

Jews did die though

2017-12-27 09:30:15 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

But from sickness

2017-12-27 09:30:37 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  


2017-12-27 09:31:18 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

Oh. I havent filled in the list lol

2017-12-27 09:31:27 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

Will do it later

2017-12-29 23:01:00 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

1. How did you hear about this group? Please include application/website and/or person. Video of Mr. Bond (description)
2. Why do you want to join this group? Curiosity

Your thought process

1. What is your opinion of Gun Control? Good, except literal retards shouldn't have guns.
2. What is your opinion on feminism, both classical and 3rd wave (modern)? Cancerous
3. How many genders are there? 2
4. What is your opinion on race mixing? Bad
5. What is your opinion on Furries, DDLG, weebs, yiff, and hentai. Very bad
6. What is your opinion on pedophilia? Very bad.
7. What do you think of the democrats? Retarded.
8. What do you think of the republicans? Controlled opposition
9. What do you think of ISIS? Jewish controlled
10. Is BLM a freedom-fighter's group, or a domestic terror organization, or something else? Please state your reasoning. Terrorists. They use violence and other monkey tactics.
11. What do you think of LGBT+? Makes no sense
12. What is your opinion on democracy? Bad
13. What is your opinion on authoritatianism? Good/bad, depending on the leader(s)
14. If anyone could win the 2020 election, who would it be? Trump

2017-12-29 23:01:05 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

Conspiracy therories
(Note: we do not exclude members based on this section alone, so please be honest)

1. Was the holocaust real? Give support for your claim. No. There weren't even 6 million jews in Europe and no proof of gas chambers has been found
2. Who perpratrated 9/11? Israel


1. What is your first language? Dutch
2. Do you speak another language? If so, what? English
3. What skills do you have that makes you unique? No idea.
4. Do you have any kind of skill or talent you think we should know about? No idea.


1. Have you ever read James Mason? No.
2. Have you ever read Mein Kampf? No.
3. Have you ever read Karl Marx? No.
4. Have you ever read The Art of The Deal? No.
5. Have you ever read 1984? Currently reading,

Your Ideology

1. What is your ideology? 3rd position.
2. Please provide a screenshot of your poltical compass

About You

1. What is your race? White
2. What is your age? 25
3. What is your gender? Male
4. What is your religion? None

Division Assignment

1. What country are you from? Netherlands
1.5 If USA, What area of the USA are you from? NorthEast, South, West, Midwest, or Pacific North West?

2017-12-29 23:01:09 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  


2017-12-29 23:01:09 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  


2017-12-29 23:17:56 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

Do it

2017-12-29 23:28:44 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

@Lizzardking He has a gab

2017-12-29 23:30:05 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

Yeah, its very nice. But this is <#383914128617504793> btw

2017-12-29 23:30:26 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

@Lizzardking (((alt-right))) alternative to Twitter

2017-12-29 23:31:36 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

He doesn't post music very often, but I'm pretty sure it's him

2017-12-29 23:32:11 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

@Lizzardking https://www.minds.com/Mr_Bond
This is a better alternative

2017-12-30 01:47:05 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

Jews shouldnt be in Europe either, but hey...

2018-01-01 16:42:28 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

@Nationally Fascist @TheMightyZ Can I get vetted please?

2018-01-01 20:24:40 UTC [Majestic 12 #vetting]  

Can I get vetted please?

2018-01-30 06:34:26 UTC [Realism #general]  

Should we help suicidal people (including fascists/natsocs) or push them towards suicide/accelerate it so we have less clutter?

2018-04-08 11:04:47 UTC [Realism #general]  

@everyone http://archive.is/DqQm1 de-platforming attempt
Please check servers you know or are on and delete your messages, leave and/or contact the mods

2018-04-15 19:31:53 UTC [Realism #general]  

<@&269543942561726465> Can I get an invite please?

2018-04-15 19:32:13 UTC [Realism #general]  

Apparently the one I am using now is expired

2018-04-15 19:32:22 UTC [Realism #general]  

Or the one I am linking it to is banned

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