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2017-08-14 19:32:21 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

glad to be here with you all, it's not over

2017-08-14 19:32:27 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

it's just beginning

2017-08-14 19:33:33 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

it's not about him, it's about what we saw in him, it's about what we saw in ourselves

2017-08-14 19:34:01 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

he's just a stepping stone

2017-08-14 19:35:04 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

i already took the black pill

2017-08-14 19:35:22 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

you know what i learned? if your stomach is strong enough to digest the black pill there's a white pill in the center

2017-08-14 19:36:56 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

out of 100 people, 50 will want saving. Out of those 50, maybe 25 will be worth it. Out of those 25, maybe 10 will survive

2017-08-14 19:37:12 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

focus on being worth it

2017-08-14 19:40:37 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

you first

2017-08-14 19:41:42 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

how about we make sure this server doesn't go the way of the rest of them and drop all this talk about raiding the funeral

2017-08-14 19:41:57 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

if you want to do it, go right ahead

2017-08-14 19:43:00 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

the Daily Stormer server got reported by Laura Loomer because they were talking about raiding the funeral of that fat girl who got hit by the Challenger

2017-08-14 19:43:27 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

what if infiltrators are here right now just waiting for us to start talking about that so they have an excuse to report us

2017-08-14 19:43:46 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I don't know but you'd think we should probably focus on rebuilding our base

2017-08-14 19:44:19 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

yeah but this Adolf Hitler user is already suggesting "we raid the funeral"

2017-08-14 19:44:43 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I mean do what you want, but isn't that exactly what got the Stormer server shut down and likewise the AltRight server

2017-08-14 19:45:04 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 19:45:14 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I agree

2017-08-14 19:45:32 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

And women would want to move there if you make it safe and secure

2017-08-14 19:46:09 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

RIP ❀ Mosley

2017-08-14 19:48:36 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

nostalgia for past movements won't get us to where we need to be

2017-08-14 19:48:50 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

if we keep looking at the past we won't be looking at the future

2017-08-14 19:49:35 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I admire some of what the National Socialists did for the German people, but we've got to move forward and I'm not sure the National Socialism of the past will help us do that

2017-08-14 19:49:47 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

yeah, exactly, you get what I'm saying

2017-08-14 19:50:16 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

We can learn a lot from them, but we are not them

2017-08-14 19:50:36 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

we can learn from how they handled their situation, but our situation is different in many ways

2017-08-14 19:51:05 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

We should have our own symbols, our own rhetoric

2017-08-14 19:51:12 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

updated for our own situation

2017-08-14 19:52:46 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I've explored national socialist ideas, there's a lot of interesting stuff there, and I've gotten choked up over what happened in the past. I've felt inspired by the nationalist rhetoric because it's incredibly heartfelt, but we really need to find our own way

2017-08-14 19:54:07 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I like fashwave aesthetics

2017-08-14 19:54:25 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

synthwave, vaporwave, etc

2017-08-14 19:55:32 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Trump got into office and found out just how much leverage we actually have

2017-08-14 19:55:36 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

it's not as much as we thought

2017-08-14 19:56:24 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Will the support white identity politics?

2017-08-14 19:56:38 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Do they recognize the legitimacy of white interests?

2017-08-14 19:57:12 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

If the so-called "alt lite" can recognize the validity of white interests then we can reconcile

2017-08-14 19:57:19 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

which video?

2017-08-14 19:57:26 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 19:58:23 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

we're already in recovery

2017-08-14 19:58:28 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

here we are, right?

2017-08-14 19:58:57 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

no matter what happens, be your best possible self and stand for your people

2017-08-14 19:59:07 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

we will find each other

2017-08-14 19:59:22 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

what did we do before we had the internet?

2017-08-14 19:59:39 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

yeah, exactly, we won't be silenced

2017-08-14 19:59:49 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

we will find each other, we will make this happen

2017-08-14 20:00:03 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

we know ourselves, we recognize each other, we know our people, we know what we want

2017-08-14 20:01:11 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

oh how terrible... Poor girl

2017-08-14 20:01:55 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Rebel Media disavows the AltRight

2017-08-14 20:34:06 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

glad to be back

2017-08-14 20:34:33 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

thanks for posting the presser link

2017-08-14 20:34:37 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

this is important

2017-08-14 20:34:59 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Baked might not be able to see again... That sucks

2017-08-14 20:36:42 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

"alt wrong" lol

2017-08-14 20:36:47 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

server of peace

2017-08-14 20:37:03 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 20:40:31 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

if i had permission i would post the screenshot of Loomer reporting a server ID on twitter

2017-08-14 20:40:48 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

she reported it to the discord app twitter account

2017-08-14 21:05:11 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

i'm feeling thirsty

2017-08-14 21:05:20 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

anybody got any water?

2017-08-14 21:05:41 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

i gotta get something to hwet my hwistle

2017-08-14 21:09:31 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

i plan on hanging around for a while until mods realize how valuable my contributions are, then they'll surely make me a member based on my merits

2017-08-14 22:13:29 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

white name pride server wide

2017-08-14 22:17:09 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

you're not welcome _statist_ reeeeee

2017-08-14 22:20:29 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

white nationalism =/= white supremacy

2017-08-14 22:46:30 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

if i had permission i'd post a screenshot of Loomer reporting a server ID to discord on twitter

2017-08-14 22:46:54 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

i saw her do it

2017-08-14 22:50:17 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

not all nationalists

2017-08-14 22:51:18 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

white nationalism =/= white supremacy

2017-08-14 22:52:23 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

no sudden movements

2017-08-14 22:52:35 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

the t-rex can't see you if you stand still

2017-08-14 22:54:01 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

AmRen is still up

2017-08-14 22:54:58 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

if your stomach is strong enough to digest the black pill, there's a secret white pill inside

2017-08-14 23:33:32 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

we should go after the statue of Lenin

2017-08-14 23:34:06 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

if i was on the west coast I would do it myself

2017-08-14 23:34:35 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

yes in Seattle

2017-08-14 23:34:50 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

i know right

2017-08-14 23:35:03 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I'm on the east coast though so I can't get to it easily

2017-08-14 23:36:16 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Seattle is in Washington, but same thing really

2017-08-14 23:36:42 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

America is already worse than Europe

2017-08-14 23:37:24 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Yes America is already worse than Europe as far as demographics

2017-08-14 23:37:31 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Look at the map of demographics right now

2017-08-14 23:38:05 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Look at the map of children under 5 years old

2017-08-14 23:38:15 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

80% nonwhite in the south

2017-08-14 23:38:26 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

parts of the south I mean

2017-08-14 23:38:55 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

if I had permission I would post maps right now

2017-08-14 23:39:02 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

with current and projected demographics

2017-08-14 23:39:43 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I'm glad I'm in northern New England

2017-08-14 23:40:23 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Vermont-New Hampshire-Maine is projected to be 90+% white even in 2050

2017-08-14 23:40:59 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-14 23:41:07 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

i'm not worried about the liberals

2017-08-14 23:41:25 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Boston ruins everything but I'm looking forward to post-2030

2017-08-15 00:33:17 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

We need new symbolism

2017-08-15 00:34:01 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

that one's good

2017-08-15 00:34:31 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

when it comes to the swastika and the confederate flag, I think it's living in the past

2017-08-15 00:34:42 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

nostalgia is ok, but it doesn't move us forward

2017-08-15 00:35:07 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

that's not actually true though

2017-08-15 00:35:54 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

plenty of people watch a speech of Hitler and have feelings about the National Socialist aesthetics

2017-08-15 00:36:21 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

that's why we have to talk about it

2017-08-15 00:36:31 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

if it wasn't a thing it wouldn't even come up

2017-08-15 00:36:44 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

that's why they're talking about 88 right now

2017-08-15 00:37:24 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

my family is Catholic but i'm not

2017-08-15 00:37:42 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Nationalism is spiritual

2017-08-15 00:38:41 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

women have a vested interest in politics

2017-08-15 00:38:59 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

we have a stake in the future of our people

2017-08-15 00:39:09 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

nobody should be allowed to vote

2017-08-15 00:39:29 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 00:39:35 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 00:39:39 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 00:39:41 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 00:39:48 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

no you think it's white women

2017-08-15 00:40:16 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

the Jews

2017-08-15 00:40:25 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

yeah white women are a problem

2017-08-15 00:40:33 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

but are they _the_ problem

2017-08-15 00:40:46 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

oh I'm not denying it

2017-08-15 00:40:53 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

but you know who gave blacks the vote?

2017-08-15 00:40:55 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

white men

2017-08-15 00:41:04 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

50 years before they gave it to white women

2017-08-15 00:41:15 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

you know who gave the vote to white women? White Men

2017-08-15 00:41:26 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 00:41:36 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

you know who brought Africans to America?

2017-08-15 00:41:40 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

white men

2017-08-15 00:41:47 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

ok so who's responsible again?

2017-08-15 00:41:58 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Well thank you white men for giving us the right to vote

2017-08-15 00:42:09 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I'm just so happy to be "liberated"

2017-08-15 00:42:15 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

not me

2017-08-15 00:42:25 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

leftist women

2017-08-15 00:42:28 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

liberal women

2017-08-15 00:42:48 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

53% of white women voted Trump

2017-08-15 00:43:25 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I don't know I'm an American

2017-08-15 00:43:30 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

you tell me

2017-08-15 00:43:51 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

how many white men?

2017-08-15 00:43:58 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

you want to have this fight? OK

2017-08-15 00:44:02 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

let's have it

2017-08-15 00:44:16 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

As it should be

2017-08-15 00:44:27 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I voted for Ron Paul

2017-08-15 00:44:56 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Here I am, honest before you

2017-08-15 00:45:04 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Judge me

2017-08-15 00:45:18 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

yes I've been an individualist for a long time

2017-08-15 00:45:23 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

but I know it's not going to work

2017-08-15 00:45:30 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I know we can't have freedom without power

2017-08-15 00:45:43 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

we can't have liberty without nationalism

2017-08-15 00:46:07 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

we can't have individualism if we're overrun by blacks and hispanics

2017-08-15 00:46:24 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

yes, women should be nurturing families and having babies

2017-08-15 00:46:30 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I want a safe neighborhood

2017-08-15 00:46:34 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I want good schools

2017-08-15 00:46:44 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Men should be providing these things

2017-08-15 00:46:56 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Why aren't the men providing all white neighborhoods?

2017-08-15 00:47:11 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

safe neighborhoods where I can raise my white babies?

2017-08-15 00:47:29 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

if you want women, talk about babies, safety, and resources

2017-08-15 00:47:41 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

women want babies, safety, and resources

2017-08-15 00:47:46 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

it's the internet

2017-08-15 00:48:10 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

women have influence by their very presence, there should be a "Women's League"

2017-08-15 00:48:16 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I want babies too

2017-08-15 00:48:20 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

nice, white babies

2017-08-15 00:48:28 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

and a safe neighborhood to raise them

2017-08-15 00:48:32 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

with neighbors I know and like

2017-08-15 00:48:36 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 00:48:39 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 00:48:47 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

and flowers in the garden

2017-08-15 00:49:03 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

running water, electricity, and garbage pick up every week

2017-08-15 00:49:12 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

nope all set

2017-08-15 00:49:17 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

i've seen enough of the negresses

2017-08-15 00:49:23 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

i'm sick of them

2017-08-15 00:49:40 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

white nationalism =/= white supremacy

2017-08-15 00:50:24 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

there should be a "Women's League" for civic engagement

2017-08-15 00:50:50 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I got the idea from Man in the High Castle

2017-08-15 00:51:35 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

why u mad

2017-08-15 00:51:41 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 00:51:55 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I'm secure and happy because in my server I'm the big boss

2017-08-15 00:52:03 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

but it's a little tiny server nobody knows about

2017-08-15 00:52:17 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 00:53:25 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I was blue or something I think, unless that's the fashwave one

2017-08-15 00:54:20 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I want a white ethnostate because I don't want to worry about my children going to school with black kids

2017-08-15 00:54:31 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

i don't want to have to worry about my kids going outside to play

2017-08-15 00:55:50 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 00:56:17 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

i've seen the photos and videos, little kids next to grown men with their ass out

2017-08-15 00:56:40 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

watching them dance like that, you've probably seen it... fecking gross

2017-08-15 00:57:28 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

they have little boys dressed in drag

2017-08-15 00:57:37 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

dancing like a stripper

2017-08-15 00:57:48 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

while grown men openly salivate

2017-08-15 00:58:00 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

makes me feel so sad and also anger

2017-08-15 00:58:54 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

oh haii

2017-08-15 01:05:18 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

focus on the children

2017-08-15 01:06:33 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

everything should be about a future for our children, they are the first justification for the existence of this movement imo

2017-08-15 01:07:00 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

if anyone ever asks me why i'm a white nationalist, it's always about the children and their future

2017-08-15 01:07:46 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

it's about how I want my kids raised, who I want them socializing with, where I want them going to school, what kind of world I want to leave to them

2017-08-15 01:08:12 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Brace Yourselves

2017-08-15 01:08:57 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  
2017-08-15 01:10:10 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

the 2030's will be _exciting_

2017-08-15 01:32:02 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

did you see someone vandalized the holocaust memorial in boston today?

2017-08-15 01:32:36 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

broke the glass, they've got someone in custody

2017-08-15 01:33:49 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

feckin exciting couple of days these days

2017-08-15 01:40:20 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

"On July 23rd, two black males stormed a home near Piedmont, AL. Two white males, a grandfather, and his grandson were beaten and shot to death. A female hid and was not found by the attackers."

2017-08-15 02:57:17 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

is everyone staying hydrated? remember to drink plenty of water

2017-08-15 03:11:34 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

it's genetics

2017-08-15 03:11:52 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

you can actually have your DNA tested to find out if you've got the genes for addiction

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