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Hi boyos



Did they dox me


What happened

Is there still a threat of being doxxed

So if I don't have a twitter account under this email and the email address doesn't have any sensitive info can I be doxxed?

Can they get my ip or something?

Someone answer me I don't know how doxxing works I'm scare

Can we still be doxxed @VyRuX

I don't know how any of this works

So I posted I was from Texas but I didn't say where in Texas am I fucked

I said what uni I go to but it's a huge uni

I won't do it again

So we're ok ??

*sigh of relief*



We need tradecraft

And contingency

I'm scare

Where is bedwyr to hold me

Hold me tight bedwyr

ah I can't change nam

No pepper John


I like da pepper


I have returned


Hi patar

How r u

@e-gf so are we married now or what

When was I ever a booly

Are we gonna have dramatic, passionate, scared because the world is trying to kill us sex?

Call me old fashioned but I really like the cans on a string idea

Maybe write notes on paper airplanes and throw them at each other

I prefer beef radios

But I'm scare elf


That's stupid

Don't do it

Do not raid

I got the final warning

45 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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