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2020-12-30 03:47:56 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #lobby]  

Parrott why are you running over to Walmart, to Walmart


2020-12-30 06:02:08 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #vc-chat]  


Huh, what did Isayama mean by this???


Eren is going to fucking kill them lol

Zeke soy face


/a/ and titanfolk also from other aot racists

sometimes I make them


libtards on titanfolk

I don't have the full high quality pic of this meme saved


ifunny watermark makes it more funny

Why isn't there an American role/tag?

Are you trying to argue that slavery wasn't profitable??? lmao

Near slavery conditions and straight up slavery is still practiced till this day even by mega corps lol

What you just said slavery isn't profitable or efficient in a modern scenario

No it has practically remained the same throughout the ages

without photoshop


Mormon kino

wait wtf where is the minecraft...

nope Rome brought racial demographic change due to its empire and slavery studies have already shown this

I gotta find it in my images again and the study but are you really this retarded to believe that genetics stayed the same throughout the Italian peninsula history?

Nope there was a large increase in near eastern due to internal migrations and roman slavery

samples from bodies during their respected time periods I believe is how they got the data I gotta find the study again

Rome literally had a Arab Emperor niggas are retarded and coping lmao

viv is med and copes a lot about that area

Meds raped and coping Nordicist were literally right

Yes Indo-European was synonymous with Nordic in 19th by early racialist

Did you know Etruscans had Steppe-related ancestry by the Villanovan era (900-800 BC)

Fayum mummy portraits of literal mixed raced greeks and native egyptians lmao

bruh no they didnt speak indo-european and were still mostly EEF

r u baiting

Latin sources themselves disprove you lmao

your ancestors were more likely the slaves lmao

you're not med

>Has Aryan ancestors who came, fought, and subjugated the local people >Identifies as med

Here's a fact, I don't know whether you know or not,
Sicilians ... were spawned by niggers.

Clifford: Your ancestors are niggers! Uh-huh.
[Coccotti is cracking up with laughter]
Yeah. And, and your great-great-great-great grandmother
fucked a nigger,
ho, ho, yeah,
and she had a half-nigger kid...
now, if that's a fact, tell me,
am I lying?
'Cause you,
[points at Coccotti] you're part

You think like a nigger because you're the spawn of niggers lol

Your ancestors are niggers!

Med internet

many such cases!

smoking weed all day more like

This guy loling at his own mans jokes

Typical gay med couple

He is just role playing as his slave ancestors

This guy literally has dog rule 34 saved on his phone holy shit lmao

What goes through your mind to save shadman dog porn onto your phone

You really owned the nords

It's like the Sargon incident lmao

you were born south american it has already happened

Come to argentina we have wide roads and steppe

No we will come again

Anglos and Germans will take Argentina for our own

I have never seen more crazy women than when Argentina legalized abortion

307 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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