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@Virgil cant join vc at the moment

will whenever i can get the chance Gee, i sure do wonder (((WHO))) could be behind this!

alright, will do

ive just been busy at the moment lol

made a falangist background in 3d



im messing around with extrusions

its not too great

especially without rendering

but its alright

wouldnt mind if the Falange would rise again in spain

would be nice

all i want

is a modern Order of Santiago

'Jerome Vangheluwe'

brb gonna participate in baseless consumerism and go to the mall and be a normie

all memes aside

my neighbors found a kitten, and i need a good name for him

any recommendations?

tabby cat

grey tabby cat


brownish tabby cat

like that


im thinking what i could name the cat

@bread male

was thinking about starting a "Latino" White Ethno Movement

same im northern spaniard

might consider making a group for ethnonationalists in my city

call it "Sons of Hispania" or something


i need to see

or Filii Romanus

and have it be a southern european coalittion


im ethnically european

ill post my family tree again

as long as you're ethnically european you can join

its just to help the people

who are branded as "latino"

that are european

to join the cause

because there are a lot


none of this jewish usury bullshit

only a jew

would subvert a cause for europeans

by claiming other europeans

arent european

might want to check to see if you have semitic blood m8


you're calling whites

non whites

effectively dividing the movement

northern spaniards

are white m8


my dog's named Cody




Im spanish

I know were white

Im ethnically Galician/Asturian

Well lets be honest m8 Andalusia is soon to turn into a warzone

Its getting darker by the minute fam


And ill honor my family's history and just as they fought in all four spanish reconquista orders, ill likely fight to expel the shitskin in spain as well, its going to be a pain to get spanish citizenship though, i could get italian citizenship on account of my 25 percent wop blood

But shiet

I want to be there to expel the cunts

Pretty much

I get called a nonwhite all the time

Because im spanish



Only two generations

No native in me

I just say im hispanic

And get stepped on

Its shite

Mhmm probably

But most shitskins identify as white hispani


So its kinda an issue

I could argue im criollo/creole

But idk

More than likely

Castizos are alright

And there are whites

In south america

Mainly in Argentina, South Brazil and Uruguay

107 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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