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2017-05-18 22:22:32 UTC [Safe Space 3 #lobby-unvetted]  

Shalom, goy...I mean...Greetings, fellow White Nationalists.

2017-06-14 15:01:12 UTC [Safe Space 3 #news]  

Shooter named James T. Hodgkinson (66), from Illinois. Known Trump hater, made repeated posts about healthcare and how eeeeebull the Right is

If you goyim would like to network and share prep for the Racial Holy War, join here; we are allies to any of the White tribes who would like to learn how to survive, or share their knowledge on survival. Any tips, tricks, strategies, or advice is always welcome.

THis is good for 24 hours; if you want another invite after that, message me.

2017-06-28 15:44:03 UTC [Safe Space 3 #news]  
2017-06-29 18:33:20 UTC [Safe Space 3 #lobby-unvetted]  

@everyone I stole an invite to a Leftist server.

Who wants to raid?

2017-06-29 18:35:36 UTC [Safe Space 3 #lobby-unvetted]  

@everyone Be as offensive as possible

2017-06-29 18:39:29 UTC [Safe Space 3 #lobby-unvetted]  

New link

2017-06-29 18:40:49 UTC [Safe Space 3 #lobby-unvetted]  


2017-07-07 00:18:02 UTC [Safe Space 3 #shitposting]  

@here So, Overfags are unleashing a new character soon
I really think Blizzard is being lowkey based
Watch this
What do we see?
Black guy in jail
Obviously blaming others for this
Flashback to when he was free
Turns out he was a part of a terrorist group
So working a low-level job for a more prosperous company, probably earning more than he deserves for what he does
He leaves the group to make it big on his own
Now Black guy in African garb
In the middle of a super-advanced city
And what is he doing?
Ruining it for white people
It takes an honorary Aryan, a white chick, and Harambe's descendant to take him down
Back to the present
Black guy breaks out of jail
Probably going to continue campaign of Get Whitey

13 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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