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that's not yellow that's... neon green

the only problem i'd have with that formula is that it should be Sqrt(Diversity*Proximity) = conflict

maybe even square diversity to be safe.

By youtube?

sorry it links midway .

16 watching XD also this is tedious.

that was painful for me to watch I can't imagine how painful it was for you to participate in.

The parts i saw were ok. I always in debates see instances where i felt like i personally could give better answers but seeing as i've never debated someone in that fashion I don't know whether i'd be able to verbalize that stuff on the fly.

Hopefully the discussion is kept on their channel so i can think a bit more deeply about it.

But as i mentioned with Sylack it's almost impossible to argue this with people that don't know what the scientific consensus is on heritability and intelligence to begin with.

one sec gotta turn this music down.

w/ the opening discussion about race there's an overwhelming urge to push the debate down to as low a level as possible so that you're basically trudging in the snow. You might get the point about taxonomies being universally imperfect by using a closely related analogy.

If you're being asked about race you could say "You are starting out with self-defined subgroups whose groupings are due to historical / social / circumstantial factors. If we accept this partitioning of the human species into these groups, even if the partioning is supposely arbitrary, is the distinction purely imaginary or does are there "real" i.e. biological characteristics that allow these supposedly arbitrary groups to be identified.

but like i said i've never been under pressure to provide questions so what i've written could very well be useless in a real conversation.

I only respond to people in text.

I'd have to watch through it a second time and actually take notes. I might do that at a later time seeing as if more of these race realist debates start happening the information could be useful. I

wait people are 'threatening' white genocide in little italy?

that seems odd.

i feel like you'd have to be dumb to threaten that credibly, and you'd be dumb to try a false flag.

any updates on FTN?

i gtg work tommorrow etc. there's been a thawing of the ice in this last month and a half, or am i just hallucinating?

oh ok.

28 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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