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if you identify as bacon does that mean you are in to vore?


is Shia even trying anymore?

@Stone (The Fuher) is 10th cohort or 1st cohort higher. where is the on ramp



now my raiding ability has increased

new man,new meme


@Stone (The Fuher) thanks for having me

"Trolling scholars"

the attack from this morning? did more people die?

do you have clips

or yeah links

is your friend a mudslime?

does he have insider info

that seems plausible

oh shit


he is using his masterful 5 dimensional meme powers to see beyond our wildest imagination

@NiggerLyncher bro this is a fucking jam

Kek is good, kek is with me

this whole thing is fucked

@Idubbbz nice one


wonder why

some one says might be shopped

nvm. but could make a great shop


what a way to level up

as did i

i like it

what? these nanomemes are incredible!

look funny cartoon frogs have never steered me wrong

fucking sick


mine use skype still

they say its better but they are dumb

fucking normies am i right?

look at this thing they sent me

my eyes are on fire

ohh shiny

a classic


abstract meme


i may be faguette but i'm still cool af

not pepe but still gets me everytime

"Musta Sargent, muh tug got stug on dah dus covah"


that chat is total madness btw


we know its in liverpool

and we have plan with rooftop but we have a camera in the way and some other logistics

it is trash

mods suck dick

that is insane

where would we get a plane


we think we got a guy who can get in through the roof


is the plan

if any of the recent Xcom's are on sale get those

but not bureau

that is trash


just buy

memes are immortal


@RussianHacker joining the army

the meme army

his only good movie was holes

and he should have never trusted Micheal Bay


so this article came out talking about how the Muslim girl ignored the person dying right next to her

she then got clipped out by a guy i know and we circulated some shops of her ignoring other tragedies

and yeah

well it's not the people its the religion IMO

ideologies have agendas

agendas are dangerous

sure unless

the way i see it memes don't respect anyone

everybody gets laughed at so its all fair

true equality

i personally believe in geographical superiority

we advanced because we chose to move out of our comfort zone (africa) and so we grew smart and excelled


when its warm and food is abundant you don't need to adapt

Asians fell back culturally, not geographically. the heavy emphasis on honor and tradition prevented them from the fresh ideas that move a civilization

thats why they lost the opium war

well china did anyway

still a loss

something we had to do because that meddlesome honor wouldn't let them surrender and save their people

ideologies destroy

africans chose to stay, ideology of lazyness

asians, chose to be stiffled, they lost wars.

Kekism aims to destroy ideology

kekism is good


maybe not that

i keep a change of clothes on me at all times

in a "paranoia pouch"

yeah i keep deodorant and playing cards as well as a pack of pens in the bag

things i'll always not have when i need them



i don't like p e n i s

if that's what your asking

also no

i'll put Pen15 on my dick

where it belongs

yeah probably



have you seen the 9 flat earth chats

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