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renaar how deep is your meme collection

arent they the same

not sure

why does this feel like real life now

thats oddly specific

already did

not that bad

the word nigger really draws the eye

how the fuck do you guys have so many memes stored

is loli legal in canada

asking for a friend

dude that is stupid as shit why did they do that

i want to make islam jokes man

maybe it was a test

to test your devotion

you know that one story with that goat

in the bible

like that

there are moments when i realise that browsing 4chan has fucked me uo a bit this is one of them how am i ever going to unsee mudslimes

i go light

i live with parents still

how do i browse without getting caught

for some reason tho my school didnt block 4chan

that was nice

im asking for tips on how to browse /r/ without getting caught

i live with parents

and i have to sleep eventually

no they dont

reddit is boring

well yeah but hurts my eyes

my eyes are a bitch

i do sometimes with my phone but not often

mostly just /po/


i dont trust it i always assume trap

your prefernce mate

have you guys ever been jackin it and find out its a trap

i prefer not

true story i once said futas infront of my japanese teacher

that was ba

just made eye contact

then i wanted to die for the next week

its a song

that has a frog on it

top youtube search

is it okay for asians to say nigger?

fair point


i searched up negrology on youtube it wasnt rasict i was so disapointed

you school ask for that shit

are you parents okay with that?

is tipping for gas a thing?

thats normal

but gas?

renaar did you ever have any weird requests when delivering

enlighten us

good luck?

anyone got stories

i smell black magics

a shit ton of drugs

i used adderall at one point

it was fine

ive been prescribed aswell then i realised i dont need it

yes i did

fair enough

whats it like having a religious family(atheist)

isnt that what a normal person does

i learned that via the internet

renaar what type of tea

the shit is that

apparently ive had tea worth 10k a pound


my family know people who make like 10 mil a year

hit up as in attend or shoot up

i dont understand but what ever floats your boat

do any weird shit in the mean time

thats a good meme

how does his voice get so gravely

its amazing

is being vegan considered fagotry/

What is considered normal high

Is 6"3 tall

I use metric

Like the rest of the world

Fuck me in the ass man I'm probably at peak like 5 7

Thanks man

Being short is one of the few disadvantages of being asian

Holy shit

7 that's high


Thanks man

You too this has been educational

Is it demon nigger , killer or Demon, nigger killer

That makes a lot more sense

Does he have a super power?

Or is he just omnipotent


I'm going to try it too


Wake me up dude

The hell that means I'm not sure

Red pill me then

Ohhh well then I got some time

The real problem is I don't know what globalism ks

Can we do it tomorrow I gotta sleep sorry

Good night see you guys tomorrow

what is kekistan

is it a state of mind or what

is this shilling im not sure

how do you explain 4chan to normies

without saying anything nsfw or something that makes me look like a nazi

no one memes tho

im like one of 3 people who do

they stick with normal shit like tv

fake news

teacher asked the class what makes you happy, kekistan, tried to explain and just stumbled on my words like a dumb ass

i try not too

but then i was in the memeing mood

and problem is sometimes i have to do improve and i think to myself, dont say nigger dont say nigger

sometimes i regret meaning

and sometimes im a faggot

let's hear it

so its not that bad could be worse

i once pulled a full autism and started laughing for like 3 minutes loudly while the teacher was presenting

i didnt think of it for the first minute then i realised

oh shit

tried to hold it in and failed

what did you say

send pics

theres a kid in my school real sketch man short, vocabulary of faggot, fuck you, and pussy. wears all black

made him my friend

mission acomplished

anything intresting happen?

so your openning the flood gate

i dont have pepes on harddrive cause i dont steal pepes

the pepe epidemic is reacing alarming levels

soon there will be no rares

where do you find all this nigger gore

wouldnt that be sus af on your computer

how does it go too far

its called nigger gore

and its 4chan rules

do you have multipul harddrives worth of gore and shit

if so how many

i dotn know if thats true

thats a facebook meme tho

send me real shit

i cant read that language

maybe ill do some quick googles

ill bing it

wasnt jesus a jew?

the only source that says so is wikipedia

i cant find a line from the quran

so im sceptical

refering to the whole sex with the 9 yr old

another site says it was a typo

which is sus

well there we go

ima bing it


The Prophet engaged me when I was a girl of six (years).

well shit

guess your right

well there was consent

from what i know

still weird bruh

thats not how consent works

how do i say it

its like under cooked meat

fucking weird

technically she can but it doesnt count

but they didnt have laws back then

i agree

im saying you have the ability but it doesnt really count

thats not stabbing thats a jab

definition:permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. what im trying to say is it can be given but it isnt right

we agree on the whole fucking little kids is weird

fair enough

im confused about that point?

yeah its practically rape

i do agree though some parts of muslim culture are wrong

some alot more than other

wont they just bomb themselves?

i suppose but its more fun to watch than act for me

what is antifa

thats vague

suppose from what i konw

all i know is they're against saying anything mean

oh radical left that makes more sense then

shit well that makes me new blood ive only been on 4chan the last like 6 months to year

dont worry if its far left i know

to me extremes on both sides are dumb

in different ways

still takin it



the fuck is rand paul

i just know hes a joke

thats about it

why do you look like generic white guy.png

fun fact if you search up paul ryan first result is dab

well now i just feel woefully out of place

just wondering here are we pro fascim pro hiltler pro jew killing or some/all of the above

still need that defined

on which end


i think for the tweet both are pretty dumb

im saying that nyt isnt losing revenue its increasing due to trump news


let me check

LOL michael jackson

that reminds me of a story

kekicon what time frame are you talking about when you say nyc times is declining as in 2017 to 2016 or 2016 to 2015 cause 2016-2015 seems even and 2017-2016 seems unfair to say yet. but in total it is falling down from the last decades since print went out of fashion

wait shit

2015-2016 is decline

not old enough

im refering to me

sadly young to the point where im very questionable 15

covert ops

break the rules

cya dudes

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