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when's the race war?


you dare insult my people's proud culture?





ooga booga whitie

why are so many of (((them))) on pol?

weaponized autism

why not a nice swastika?

most of leddit would be fine with a sickle and hammer since they're commies


sup nigs



i dont have many

had to clear my gore folders due to normies

wanna hear something funny?

my nama jeff

you get it


who isnt

lynching niggers is for racis drumpfs



level up niggers

can i get some white wymns now

@Shekelsteinberg give me ur white womyn

@NiggerLyncher mein fuhrer may i have some white woymns

im not an ooga

im an asiatic

should I post it on reddit?


im just kidding papa none will come

can someone post some redpill pics so I can redpill my friend

fucking chinks



once i shot up my school


it's happening


ssssssssssssso uhhhhhhhhhh

if war happens, will it take longer than iraq?

i use le reddit xdddddd

i use 9gag

freaking ebic

/pol, /k and used to go on /b

habbo used to fun

then the (((mods))) ruined it

just like 4chan

uhhhhhhhhhh pool's closed

after raid threads got cracked down on i moved to raidforums

pizzagate was an (((inside))) job



hello anyone want a ride in the 4chan party van?

and a free PePes!!

children are for gays

found the faggot ^

they can steal them

they can also adopt nigger babies

and chink/gook babies

yes I am new


normies dont want to believe it

the burden of knowledge is the greated burden in the world



drumpf is a racisisms1!11 :((((((((((

farage is resting in his peaceful little house, already having fufilled his duties

is it true there's a mole in this chat?

when i bash a racist drumpfie fashist and then my mom comes to pick me up and bring me to soccer practice


1:18, typical liberals at his concert

english nigger

farming is for faggots


that's pretty cool

is there internet?

that's fucking gay

i dont have any nigger friends

actually nvm

yeah I hate drugs and hate the people that do them

fucking liberal coal burners do it

do you have a nigga pass?


my grandfather also had a store

and a big dog to scare off niggers

and lots of guns

since they had a house next to the ghetto


for example, niggerbulls

ooga booga lets make some dogs fight tyrone and we'll bet on which ones survive

when the race war

shit we need more nigs in this chat

@Harleen Kekzel |-/ we need more niggers


101 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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