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2017-04-20 23:27:39 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

will I get a gf or qt trap if I do it?

2017-04-20 23:27:57 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

qt trap tho?

2017-04-20 23:28:04 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

ain't no tranny faggots

2017-04-20 23:28:10 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


2017-04-20 23:28:12 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I'm in

2017-04-20 23:28:17 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

raidboss, let's go

2017-04-20 23:51:44 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

@Rose is a qt trap huh, she single?

2017-04-20 23:52:09 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

who's she dating?

2017-04-20 23:53:00 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

>dating chad
not even interested in a degenerate like that tbh

2017-04-20 23:54:11 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

I'm only interested in women who date gay ass niggas

2017-04-20 23:54:32 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

they're the only one I can get


2017-04-20 23:55:01 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

good, don't pollute my gene pool

2017-04-20 23:55:10 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

non whites get out, reeeeee

2017-04-21 00:00:15 UTC [4th Reich #general]  


nice shitposting, teknon

2017-04-23 15:16:21 UTC [4th Reich #general]  

when are the french election results coming in?

17 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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