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bin baner 2017-04-12 09:28:16 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

i have a homemade moonman thats pretty rare

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:28:26 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:28:46 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:30:46 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

theyre all related to trump

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:31:31 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

i recognize the first one but cant quite remember

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:31:36 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

the second one is george soros

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:31:39 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

the third is ivanka

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:31:47 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

soros funds a lot of anti-trump campaigns

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:31:52 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

and ivanka is his daughter

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:32:29 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

the prageru guy?

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:33:44 [4th Reich #general]

danke schΓΆn

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:34:40 [4th Reich #general]

>h1b visa

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:34:41 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-12 09:39:29 [4th Reich #general]

they sacrificed my spot in the server to build trust

bin baner 2017-04-12 09:39:34 [4th Reich #general]

so this better be gud

bin baner 2017-04-12 12:58:36 [4th Reich #general]

never use credits again

bin baner 2017-04-12 14:38:47 [4th Reich #general]

the country shouldnt be called kekistan

bin baner 2017-04-12 14:38:59 [4th Reich #general]

-stan is a muslim suffix

bin baner 2017-04-12 14:39:21 [4th Reich #general]

the more appropriate name would be kekia since -ia is the suffix the romans used

bin baner 2017-04-12 23:28:34 [4th Reich #general]

oh hi @mo

bin baner 2017-04-12 23:29:05 [4th Reich #general]

what did you do now

bin baner 2017-04-12 23:29:28 [4th Reich #general]

i joined here today btw

bin baner 2017-04-12 23:32:04 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-12 23:34:25 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-12 23:37:24 [4th Reich #general]

r/CringeAnarchy (-8

bin baner 2017-04-12 23:39:49 [4th Reich #general]

@mo you were banned for bragging about posting cerkies nudes elsewhere

bin baner 2017-04-12 23:40:25 [4th Reich #general]

a british fat literal nazi literal autist

bin baner 2017-04-12 23:41:18 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-12 23:41:48 [4th Reich #general]

i saw the nudes way back

bin baner 2017-04-12 23:42:00 [4th Reich #general]

no need to see *that* again

bin baner 2017-04-12 23:43:16 [4th Reich #general]

>sizzle text

bin baner 2017-04-12 23:43:30 [4th Reich #general]

reee sizzle is ruining google images

bin baner 2017-04-13 11:07:44 [4th Reich #general]

ancap is not kike paradise reee

bin baner 2017-04-13 11:07:59 [4th Reich #general]

too much freedom for the goyim

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:42:18 [4th Reich #general]

i dont see why a brain should be able to be sentient and a hypothetical computer shouldnt

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:43:34 [4th Reich #general]

i wonder how smart a selfimproving AI could get

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:43:55 [4th Reich #general]

why not

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:44:20 [4th Reich #general]

define it for me then

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:45:09 [4th Reich #general]

>quantum computing

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:45:50 [4th Reich #general]

@NiggerLyncher why cant an ai be sentient ffs

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:47:50 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-13 15:48:02 [4th Reich #general]

if it is pretending then it aint

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:48:25 [4th Reich #general]

due to the definition of pretending

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:49:21 [4th Reich #general]

but its impossible to pretend to be something when you are it already

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:49:27 [4th Reich #general]

that doesnt make sense

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:50:06 [4th Reich #general]

dont ask me i didnt suppose it

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:50:21 [4th Reich #general]

wrong channel

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:51:31 [4th Reich #general]

someone give me a quick rundown

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:55:07 [4th Reich #general]

hwndu is on par with chris chan in terms of hilarity

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:56:03 [4th Reich #general]

more like /tits

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:56:10 [4th Reich #general]

wait it disappeared

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:56:28 [4th Reich #general]

what is it

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:57:20 [4th Reich #general]

elliot was a beta cuck

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:57:57 [4th Reich #general]

literally! LOL

bin baner 2017-04-13 15:59:55 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-13 16:00:00 [4th Reich #general]

where u from nibba

bin baner 2017-04-13 16:00:56 [4th Reich #general]

@Sigurd88 what country niπŸ…±οΈπŸ…±οΈa

bin baner 2017-04-13 16:02:02 [4th Reich #general]

so true luigi

bin baner 2017-04-13 16:02:30 [4th Reich #general]

How Can Countries Be Real If Our Borders Arent Real

bin baner 2017-04-13 16:03:15 [4th Reich #general]

no pinned messages wtf

bin baner 2017-04-13 16:07:10 [4th Reich #general]

haha i bet its sentient!!

bin baner 2017-04-13 16:11:13 [4th Reich #general]

more like AIDS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

bin baner 2017-04-13 16:22:54 [4th Reich #general]

wright in a benis DDD-:

bin baner 2017-04-13 16:37:54 [4th Reich #general]

no dont kill shia wtf

bin baner 2017-04-13 16:38:04 [4th Reich #general]

he produces enormous amounts of lulz

bin baner 2017-04-13 16:39:52 [4th Reich #general]

why kill someone whos already dead

bin baner 2017-04-13 16:54:00 [4th Reich #general]

i also see shadow people

bin baner 2017-04-13 16:55:06 [4th Reich #general]

the only drug i need is multivitamins 😀😀

bin baner 2017-04-13 18:25:29 [4th Reich #general]

@Rogi that's a thermobaric bomb

bin baner 2017-04-13 18:25:34 [4th Reich #general]

they are very interesting

bin baner 2017-04-13 18:26:23 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-13 18:26:33 [4th Reich #general]

what norwegian nigger

bin baner 2017-04-13 18:26:59 [4th Reich #general]

is he norwegian?

bin baner 2017-04-13 18:27:48 [4th Reich #general]

er det nordmenn her

bin baner 2017-04-13 18:30:35 [4th Reich #general]

did you kick him

bin baner 2017-04-13 18:30:48 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-13 20:04:19 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-13 21:20:38 [4th Reich #general]

does canada even have a culture

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:21:56 [4th Reich #general]

whats the least cucked part of canader

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:22:27 [4th Reich #general]

hate is redpilled tbh

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:23:11 [4th Reich #general]

no eskimos are cucked

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:23:27 [4th Reich #general]

they cant adjust to modern life so they kill themselves

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:24:05 [4th Reich #general]

sounds nice

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:24:14 [4th Reich #general]

except the temperature

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:24:41 [4th Reich #general]

expensive for the americas maybe

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:25:29 [4th Reich #general]

what the fuck

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:25:43 [4th Reich #general]

i have never experienced colder than -30

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:25:50 [4th Reich #general]

and -30 fucking sucks

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:26:53 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-13 21:27:26 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-13 21:27:38 [4th Reich #general]

i want my children to have super genes

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:28:29 [4th Reich #general]

the one where they have it cool so they self control?

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:29:15 [4th Reich #general]

communism is terrible. even if it did succeed that society would still be shit to live in

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:30:13 [4th Reich #general]

how is that a threat

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:30:18 [4th Reich #general]

its an improvement

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:30:32 [4th Reich #general]

transhumanism i mean

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:31:12 [4th Reich #general]

transhumanism isnt the end of humanity wtf

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:32:09 [4th Reich #general]

>sentient air that moves itself into peoples lungs

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:32:29 [4th Reich #general]

oh god

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:32:47 [4th Reich #general]

they already exist tho?

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:33:07 [4th Reich #general]

what an industry that will be

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:33:27 [4th Reich #general]

gmo sex toys

bin baner 2017-04-13 21:35:40 [4th Reich #general]

oh no

bin baner 2017-04-13 23:17:07 [4th Reich #general]

sounds pretty degen

bin baner 2017-04-13 23:17:40 [4th Reich #general]

the only acceptable tattoos are those that signify allegiance/brotherhood

bin baner 2017-04-13 23:18:01 [4th Reich #general]

like the one the navy seals have

bin baner 2017-04-13 23:18:38 [4th Reich #general]

why tattoo where no one will ever see it haha

bin baner 2017-04-13 23:20:04 [4th Reich #general]

*dicke and balls

bin baner 2017-04-14 07:35:03 [4th Reich #general]

the tranny thing was obvious

bin baner 2017-04-14 07:38:57 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-14 07:43:36 [4th Reich #general]

they dont make up bodies

bin baner 2017-04-14 07:43:48 [4th Reich #general]

they just use the bodies that suit their narrative

bin baner 2017-04-14 08:05:04 [4th Reich #general]

>leaks showed cia could penetrate systems and leave the digital footprint of other countries

bin baner 2017-04-14 09:31:09 [4th Reich #general]

no its because its the most powerful nonnuclear bomb and its the first time its used

bin baner 2017-04-14 09:31:17 [4th Reich #general]

this would be news under obummer as well

bin baner 2017-04-14 09:32:03 [4th Reich #general]

it's not very controversial tho?

bin baner 2017-04-14 09:32:16 [4th Reich #general]

besides obama was too much of a pussy to drop it anyways

bin baner 2017-04-14 09:57:30 [4th Reich #general]

yes capitalism doesnt work when people start cheating

bin baner 2017-04-14 09:57:54 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-14 09:58:51 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-14 09:59:00 [4th Reich #general]

lobbying is just legal bribery

bin baner 2017-04-14 09:59:47 [4th Reich #general]

the american internet provider industry would be high quality without all the government bullshit

bin baner 2017-04-14 10:00:18 [4th Reich #general]

the reason romanian internet is so good is because it had zero regulations and zero govt involvement

bin baner 2017-04-14 10:00:54 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-14 10:01:54 [4th Reich #general]

the us has private healthcare yet they still pay more tax towards healthcare than some countries with universal healthcare

bin baner 2017-04-14 10:06:29 [4th Reich #general]

corporations want a bigger govt because the govt helps them earn more

bin baner 2017-04-14 10:06:32 [4th Reich #general]

makes sense

bin baner 2017-04-14 10:06:52 [4th Reich #general]

socialists want bigger govt to tackle the corporations

bin baner 2017-04-14 10:06:55 [4th Reich #general]

doesnt make sense

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:10:01 [4th Reich #general]

absoluto cosmico

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:14:07 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-14 20:14:56 [4th Reich #general]

playing minecraft on youtube is the last bastion of white identity

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:16:04 [4th Reich #general]

the internet should be 15+ tbh

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:21:12 [4th Reich #general]

children given total free access to the internet at too young ages is a surefire tool in the furthering of degeneracy

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:22:19 [4th Reich #general]

newgrounds was really only relevant until 2012

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:22:39 [4th Reich #general]

after that there would be no reason to get into it

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:23:38 [4th Reich #general]

yeah lol

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:23:53 [4th Reich #general]

but the community was very authentic compared to jewtube

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:24:46 [4th Reich #general]

the best era of the internet ended around the economic collapse πŸ€”

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:25:11 [4th Reich #general]

no wait it actually ended in like 2010

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:25:43 [4th Reich #general]

hehe tha cliff

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:25:50 [4th Reich #general]

happy tree friends

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:26:11 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-14 20:26:26 [4th Reich #general]

fucking niggers ruin everything reee

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:26:55 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-14 20:28:13 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-14 20:29:20 [4th Reich #general]

my country gets the whole week off

bin baner 2017-04-14 20:29:48 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-14 20:30:31 [4th Reich #general]

yes norway is swedens more manly more successful little brother

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:02:03 [4th Reich #general]

no millennials are redpilled

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:02:09 [4th Reich #general]

no wait thats gen z

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:03:16 [4th Reich #general]

anti semitism is relatively high in my school πŸ€”

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:03:31 [4th Reich #general]

i mean uncuckedness

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:04:22 [4th Reich #general]

by what exactly?

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:04:35 [4th Reich #general]

what was it that cucked the milennials that didnt reach gen z

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:05:04 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-14 21:05:34 [4th Reich #general]

well if you told them youd kill them i dont think it was about trump

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:06:06 [4th Reich #general]

but gen z has gen x parents

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:06:33 [4th Reich #general]

what the fuck where do you live nbm

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:07:53 [4th Reich #general]

only in america(tm)

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:09:00 [4th Reich #general]

yeah thats the worst part tbh

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:09:36 [4th Reich #general]

you want to breed with them when theres nothing else around

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:10:25 [4th Reich #general]

wasnt there a white nationalist dating site?

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:10:38 [4th Reich #general]

i think there is

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:11:59 [4th Reich #general]

haha mo you remind me of sheldon!!

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:12:41 [4th Reich #general]

ancap mascot

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:13:06 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-14 21:13:28 [4th Reich #general]

the only thing he gasses is sandniggers

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:13:33 [4th Reich #general]

fine by me :^)

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:14:18 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-14 21:15:10 [4th Reich #general]

who here unironically /believe in magic/

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:15:42 [4th Reich #general]

meme magic is a subcategory of chaos magic

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:16:03 [4th Reich #general]

yeah its very unique

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:16:16 [4th Reich #general]

it draws its power from numbers rather than experience

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:16:33 [4th Reich #general]

number of people that is

bin baner 2017-04-14 21:18:00 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-15 12:35:15 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-15 18:49:18 [4th Reich #general]

buy a 4chan pass

bin baner 2017-04-15 18:49:23 [4th Reich #general]

they are worth it imo

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:22:02 [4th Reich #general]

fuck i made a typo now my comment looks dumb 😒

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:22:41 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-15 19:22:50 [4th Reich #general]

i aint no stinking muzzie

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:23:22 [4th Reich #general]

doesnt this count for all ideologies?

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:24:00 [4th Reich #general]

socialism and communism is the same thing

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:24:17 [4th Reich #general]

the only difference is method of establishing the system

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:24:45 [4th Reich #general]

so what is the difference then?

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:26:25 [4th Reich #general]

no thats social democracy

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:27:53 [4th Reich #general]

no i am just not a socialism apologist

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:28:17 [4th Reich #general]

but i guess you are right there is a difference

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:28:24 [4th Reich #general]

but theyre really fucking close

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:29:07 [4th Reich #general]

"the end goal of socialism is communism" - lenin or something

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:31:07 [4th Reich #general]

am i attacking natsoc when i attack socialism?

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:31:31 [4th Reich #general]

what are the main differences

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:32:46 [4th Reich #general]

so the difference lies in ethnic purity?

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:34:13 [4th Reich #general]

nice 😎

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:34:26 [4th Reich #general]

i wouldnt mind living in a natsoc country

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:34:44 [4th Reich #general]

as long as its rich enough to actually be natsoc

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:35:13 [4th Reich #general]

the whole of africa and south america seem to forget that socialism can only work in rich countries

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:38:39 [4th Reich #general]

good meme

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:40:56 [4th Reich #general]

>no need for dna tests

bin baner 2017-04-15 19:41:05 [4th Reich #general]

this is just genuine retardation

bin baner 2017-04-16 19:19:48 [4th Reich #general]

ma namma jeff

bin baner 2017-04-16 22:16:38 [4th Reich #general]

that video was a little goofy tbh

bin baner 2017-04-16 23:16:24 [4th Reich #general]

will kylie jenner get the nobel peace prize?

bin baner 2017-04-17 10:31:05 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-17 10:32:28 [4th Reich #general]

has anyone noticed that after 2012 the world has gotten weirder and weirder

bin baner 2017-04-17 10:32:41 [4th Reich #general]

maybe the mayan apocalypse was gradual all along πŸ€”

bin baner 2017-04-17 10:33:17 [4th Reich #general]

wait, the mayans said 2012 would be the end of the world "as we know it"

bin baner 2017-04-17 10:33:31 [4th Reich #general]

and 2012 is pretty much the last normal year i can remember

bin baner 2017-04-17 10:36:41 [4th Reich #general]

we are in the astrological age of pisces right now

bin baner 2017-04-17 10:36:47 [4th Reich #general]

and isnt it supposed to end soon?

bin baner 2017-04-17 10:41:27 [4th Reich #general]

he face to young for he got damn age

bin baner 2017-04-17 11:09:51 [4th Reich #general]

wtf is idpol

bin baner 2017-04-18 08:39:00 [4th Reich #general]

B- on physics test woohoo!

bin baner 2017-04-18 08:57:37 [4th Reich #general]

not me hehe

bin baner 2017-04-18 09:28:23 [4th Reich #general]

constitutional monarchs can be used as independent representatives for the country

bin baner 2017-04-18 09:29:15 [4th Reich #general]

absolute monarchs care more about their country and people because it is their property, which might make them govern better

bin baner 2017-04-18 09:33:05 [4th Reich #general]

i dont think a modern monarch would be particularly religious

bin baner 2017-04-18 09:33:53 [4th Reich #general]

libertarian monarchism is possible

bin baner 2017-04-18 09:39:10 [4th Reich #general]

make the contract better then

bin baner 2017-04-18 09:42:23 [4th Reich #general]

king != monarch

bin baner 2017-04-18 09:42:36 [4th Reich #general]

monarch is a governmental position king is just a title

bin baner 2017-04-18 11:42:06 [4th Reich #general]

why is the arm green

bin baner 2017-04-18 11:42:11 [4th Reich #general]

lizard people?

bin baner 2017-04-18 11:55:46 [4th Reich #general]

oh yeah blease forgive me geg :-DDDD

bin baner 2017-04-18 15:19:29 [4th Reich #general]

how do you pronounce antifa in english?

bin baner 2017-04-18 15:20:11 [4th Reich #general]

and the emphasis is on tea?

bin baner 2017-04-18 15:20:35 [4th Reich #general]


bin baner 2017-04-18 15:27:15 [4th Reich #general]

tbh why did everyone in the brexit camp disappear the moment they won

bin baner 2017-04-18 15:27:59 [4th Reich #general]

wow rUDE

bin baner 2017-04-20 16:48:51 [4th Reich #general]

just found out sam hydes twitter is suspended 😒

bin baner 2017-04-20 18:36:31 [4th Reich #general]

new avatar new me

bin baner 2017-04-20 18:37:51 [4th Reich #general]

anyone been following the daddyofive saga

bin baner 2017-04-20 18:38:00 [4th Reich #general]

those fucking sociopaths deleted all their videos

bin baner 2017-04-20 18:39:26 [4th Reich #general]

yeah anti far-left

bin baner 2017-04-20 21:11:52 [4th Reich #general]

who here thelemite

bin baner 2017-04-21 15:21:18 [4th Reich #general]

why is wall street a thing when it has nothing to do with reality

bin baner 2017-04-21 15:26:30 [4th Reich #general]

nothing interesting ever happens in my country

bin baner 2017-04-21 15:26:43 [4th Reich #general]

except for breivik

bin baner 2017-04-21 15:30:56 [4th Reich #general]

ED is absolute phonecancer sadly

bin baner 2017-04-21 15:31:38 [4th Reich #general]

breivik is a white nationalist who bombed our government quarters then drove to the labor party's summer camp and shot 77 people

bin baner 2017-04-21 15:53:42 [4th Reich #general]

jew doesnt really sound like knew

bin baner 2017-04-21 16:30:23 [4th Reich #general]

my sister is watching mlp right now

bin baner 2017-04-21 16:30:25 [4th Reich #general]

shes 15

bin baner 2017-04-22 23:39:27 [4th Reich #general]

fuck ive gotten addicted to asian music

bin baner 2017-04-22 23:39:39 [4th Reich #general]

asian pop that is

bin baner 2017-04-22 23:40:08 [4th Reich #general]

it's just so awesome

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