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My name jeff

I know it's degenerate, but I'm going to try the Grand Mac

And did you goys hear about the London terror attack?

Oy vey, it was workplace violence goy!

Hol up

Holy fucking shit

Apparently one of the guys jumped off or got knocked off the bridge when Ahmed came along and he landed on something under the bridge and he fucked all his bomes

He probably died



I didn't mean to post that


It was this

I was going to say it should be made an emote

But I deleted it because I thought I posted it in psyops for second.


Thanks Master Chef

Why are girls with short, disheveled hair so cute?

No sir

Hey, what did I miss the past month?

Oh shid


I have never even spoken to him.

And since when was the leader called the Führer

And what the fuck is a gassed


The last time I was on was when Propaganda was changed to PsyOps


Where is Cohort chat?


What the fuck

Why do we have a furry and an anime room

Why som

Why did the other two boys leave?

And do Cohorts just not fucking exist now?

What is the KBI server?

Also, Im still here

I made some pretty spicy meatballs

Also, who are you, I have never spoken to you.

Holy shit

I recognize no one on here now

When did you join?



You know Lorddthisdick?

Shid, good to know the first raid is still kinda talked about

I made some spicy propaganda for that

Fucking rip

Is propaganda still being made?

What is the KBI?

What's with the furry and anime channels

Alright boss

This is still relevant in my eyes.


You are the only boyo I remember

Good afternoon everyone.

Surrealist horror is lit

I've been really getting into it lately.

Masturbation is a sin, young man.

Also sure.

It's just


Children of the Mirror

This has has people in it

This house*

Unedited footage of a bear

It's good shit papa

Start with This house has people in it

Short, sweet good.

Most surrealist horror on the internet also leads into an ARG which is good to pass the time with.

Would Lovecraft be surrealist horror or would it be it's own genre?

Premarital sex is a sin, my guy

It wouldn't be too hard to do.

It would be sacrilege.

But you could make a real Church of Kek.

You have to make a holy book though.

Name jeff


Remember kids

Kek wants you to live a pure life, drug free.

Drugs made Hitler paranoid

His paranoia caused him to lose the war.

Kek wants his followers to be pure in the health sense.

Lowkey, what happened to all the Kekistani old fags

Murdoch and Inquisition are still here

So is Supreme Leader

But everyone else, rip

Holy shid

It's happening

Papa Trump just said he might send ground forces to capture Assad and try him for warcrimes.

By Memeing Trump into office, did we finally meme the Happening?

Lowkey can someone change my fucking name?

Back to just Cuck Daddy


Thanks dad

What do you think will happen if we do send in the ground goys

And Russia doesn't pull out

Will it HAPPEN?

I'm spooked

I don't know mang

Assad did gas his boys

That's not nice

But the rebels did some fucked shid to



We just need to glass the middleeast

I doubt the Rebels managed to get a hold of Syrian military aircraft AND chemical weapons.

Lowkey, we will never get rid of terrorism in the Middle East

The West should have never fucked around there in the first place

It all started with the formation of Israel

Then we wanted some of that sweet spicy oil

Then we needed to protect BRITAIN'S pet project that they abandoned, Israel.

Lowkey, Israel did deserve a bit of land.

The Jews needed a state, since Islam and Christianity already had a state

They chose to put the Jewish state in the middle of the Islamic state

No pun intended

They did give the Jews Jewish land.

They have them Judea

Or, what used to be Judea

I dunno mang

Why isn't Russia called Muscovy?

Remember kids

Protestants are gay

Kekicorn I feel like you are baiting us

I dunno man.

The fact that a successful housewife browses 4chan regularly isn't too believably.

And I have too, Kekicorn.

Since Lorddthisdick.

Alright, you got me.

I apologize

I could go for a nice lynch by the beach.

What beef?

I just thought that it was pretty unlikely that a housewife would use 4chan

How many housewives do you mean that browse 4chan?

Not too many.

I apologized already my guy



Do I have to let Jamal fuck my girlfriend now?


Thanks dad

Lowkey there are only two Chocolate Americans where I live.

One is homeless I am pretty sure.

The other one's name is fucking Orlando.



The south will rise again

I just looked up the pirate party

Seems pretty liberal, my man

Skeet inside me


It's happening

WERE at war

With Syria

Anyways goys

What did I miss

I got kicked about a week or two ago

Don't know why

Cool meme

Fug, they still haven't brought back Cohorts



Every day

Trump seems more and more like a Zionist shill

Oy Gevalt

He has done so much for Israel

It's fucked senpai

And, to be quite honest

Fossil fuels are fucking aids

We need to use nuclear wnergy

My name jeff

But he's a pagan

Seems like a fag


The name Ragnar Lothbrok reminds me of something

I can't remember thiugh


Oh shid

Wasn't he one of the Danes that landed in Britannia?


I must of remembered him from some books

The Saxon Tales are pretty good if you are into Vikings

But also, the Danes got fucked during 878


Northumbria and Mercia made up Danelaw, right?


Don't forget pictland my man

From north to south, it's Pictland, Northumbria, Mercia, and Wessex

Did you hear about Milo discriminating against the Lesbo waitress?

That kike fag is a walking contradiction.

It was on his snapchat

He took a photo of "No tips for lesbians :)" that he wrote on a receipt.

Technically, yes

I don't like fags

But hey, he says he advocates for fag rights, but then fucks with other fags

I say we just kill gays AND lesbians.

Especially Milo

A gay Jew that racemixes.

Eh, racemixing is racemixing

Did you goys hear about Shia flipping shit in a bowling ally?

Shia is the biggest lolcow on earth

And what was with you goys thinking I was a fucking shareblue plant.

I've been here since the beginning.

A lot of goys on here

Because I said Trump was being too pro-Israel and that Nuclear Energy is better that Fossil fuels

What's wrong with calling people goys?

It's a joke





That is supposed to be a blank space

I mean, it was true though

Trump has been a disappointment

And in my eyes, he is being influence by "Gods Chosen People"

I'm going to sound like a fag, but

He has cut spending where it doesn't need to be cut

And increased it where it isn't needed.

He said he was going to help with infrastructure, right?

But he cut the budget for the department of the interior and transportation

He has cut spending in education, when they still have books from the 90s

Highschool, Middleschool, Elementry school funding?

And yeah, I know colleges are a liberal haven

It doesn't matter my man.

What about k-12?

They have shitty books and shitty materials.

Alright, what about the dep. of justice?



What people don't understand is that taxes are a part of life

Oy vey

Look at that nose

Ha can smell your change

No compromise

Only good jude is a dead jude

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