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Soup gentlemen

China would act at that point, imo

I'm from kbi, btw. Not a Jew. I promise.

Kekistani Bureau of Investigations

I fought in the meme wars. Part of the 1488th legion shitposters.

Shadilay, brethren

Cardinal Bongo left us. We needed more theologists.

There's plenty

You want history of the meme war?

The year we won?

I'm gonna watch this one

I'm Australian

We ride Emus to work

Depends, how many snakes do you think i can kill in a day?

Genetics can't be taught

I haven't boxed a roo since that lonely night on Christmas

That's a trap, bro

@alfred is erect and 18

It explains how cool you are


Where did you come from? @alfred

I'm from 9gag XDDDD

le geg9 armee

Oh 9gag is awesome bro! It's where all the best maymays come from.

I almost did this morning

I threw out 400 and got buttmad

@alfred oh I'm serious. 9gag and funnyjunk are where the memes are at.

Imgur too

I'd break em. I always do.

Just so the host doesn't see the traffic

What if....you really can't stump the Trump

Choose wisely

What an gay face


Nar. We're waiting to make Jinping /ourguy/. So he can help us destroy Russia.

Inexplicably 4D

Jinping /ourguy / confirmed bros. It's fucking going down right now.

Inexpicably 4D

Stats? Let's see

They've been nothing but cancer

#Le Edge

@Rose ru a trap?

Show us the dick


Defeatism must be punished


More defeatism

This is just more concentrated autism

@DoucheNapkin5K tell your boss that George Soros will be removed by the iron fist of Pepe and the Bronze Will of The Don


He will cum inside us

The boards split up to endchan and polchan. Normalfags went to .pl

I am willing to take the values test


Jews. Always.

Make a captcha with *select what didn't happen*. Insert holocaust.

And Obama creating jobs

Was just about to add that^

Imo, building a clone will require a lot of study on shill attacks.

Haha yes but you're dealing with Shariablue, Goons, /leftypol/, JIDF and God knows who else all at once

Gab is kike controlled

Yar. Or so /pol/ says. They're never wrong.

mlpol? Mlp /pol/?

Wasn't that one cia jewposter an brony?

Ah i didn't see that <@302183124400603139>

Eh, @Tux Alpha (Mod/Veteran) datamining. I'm unsure how true it could be, but it's good to be skeptic.

Bronies and furries are surprisingly heavily right wing lol

That too

Only right wing ads

Or right wing companies

Like NewBalance

Oh shit yeah. The gun magazines and sites.

I used to with an exgf, but i only watched it for the moral values it encompasses


Oldfags don't say if they're oldfags or not


Well, polchan is pretty decent. It's all /new/ and /baphomet/

Not mine either

I prefer animu

Making the Federal Government More Efficient, Effective, and Accountable to the American People

> On March 13th, President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order that will make the Federal government more efficient, effective, and accountable to you, the American people. This Executive Order directs the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to present the President with a plan that recommends ways to reorganize the executive branch and eliminate unnecessary agencies.

>President Trump wants to hear your ideas and suggestions on how the government can be better organized to work for the American people.

>Share your ideas below by June 12th!

Recommend departments to reform as well as departments to eliminate completely.


Go vote faggots

Holocaust memorial museum is on there

Cia is on the branches of exec vote

you can select multiple by holding down ctrl, or, if the items are contiguous, hold shift).

^this tbh fam

Reminder, pics and vids embedded can also hold RATware. I wouldn't open anything from recruits til they prove they're worthy.

Just read news on opening links. Thought it'd be good to notify you all.

Why can't NK build propulsion systems?

I never understood that

How autistic does your country have to be?

Unless the guys working on them are purposely sabotaging them

Reminder: most shills don't post files. If you want to identify each other, post files with your text posts

You'll know they're kikes by text only posts

Imo namefagging = bad idea, but do as you wish

They'll leave the thread to fall off. Keep bumping now.

I've taken it a few times and always ESTJ and sometimes ENTJ

Imo i think they're like astrology signs, and can be placed to anyone

Compliment someone enough and they'll believe you

PooPooPeePees are the ISIS of shitposting

Would also like to say this is the only other kekistan server that isn't cancer that i enjoy

The other one is just pure leddit

That's what makes it so damned beautiful


Do you get hate comments for shilling your yt account?

Cuz I'll totally shill it for you

I know tons of autists that would get a kick out of it

@RussianHacker it's shiny and red. Like the blood of kikes.

*adjusts tinfoil hat*

Isn't it not acid anymore and some other weird chemical?

Dunno. Never tried it.

Ah. Furthest I've ever gone with that stuff is molly. And i snorted it and hurt my nose for like 3 weeks.

Gave that shit up like 4 years ago lol

Now i just shitpost and hate on niggers

Ah. I just posted about cuck chan.

There's a h8chan bread up rn

>cuckchan mods are kiked out
>few of them are from /leftypol/
>jew m00t has been gone since gg and he works for jewgle nao

>hiroshima from 2ch bought up cuckchan and just said fuggit
>hired whatever nigger he could find to mod boards

Thus, you have shareblue and /leftypol/ faggots modding cuckchan now

Your proof^

Top is /leftypol/ BO admitting he's kiking out cuck/pol/

Bottom is one getting called out

The op in the thread is anons organizing to make sure Hiroshima fag knows that he's ruining his own site


he just buys sites up and sits on the ad revenue

The dots that connect shareblue are pretty crazy to see. The issue here is /pol/ack views were on the peak of becoming mainstream. Because when you push, the people push back with just the opposite. Every action has a reaction no matter what.

So, /pol/ had that way of making you laugh while actually getting the truth through in your brain

Tumblristas, leddit, antifa, jidf, shareblue, /leftypol/, SA/FYAD Goons

We've made enemies over the years, gentlemen.

I mean, /pol/ is the bad guy prettymuch everywhere

I agree

8/pol/ is about the same as old /new/ really

Just less userbase now

If you ever want to check out polchan, it's all oldfags

We were split between sites and then sent to twatter and now disc

It's actually very refreshing to see some legit /pol/ around still

Grew up and had families, or still around like @Shlooish lurking in the shadows


They love to do that

There are guys in here that are legit anons

Actually, the legit anons are helping us make propaganda

@mAri i guess they're more like infographs then lmao

She seems healthy

You should all listen to what she has to say about having good cholesterol

You're a big guy


Later gator


Jews will do anything to squeeze what little they can from you

Thnx i farmed them myself

That faggot was selling pills to fuck men in the ass

He needed to get home for a drugged up ass pounding so he wouldn't get off the plane

He was arrested multiple times for doing it

Drugs for gay dickings

No traps pl0x

Isn't it just coffee?

Well the family

The plant family i mean

Yeah it's an evergreen. At least it's what jewgle says.

I can grow that in my yard kek

Holy crap i didn't see that

And she went for his throat. Didn't see that through the excitement i had for a commie being punched

I also didn't see the wedgie

Maybe this should be tactic #1

Bernie was an hillary plant the whole tiem anyway

I'd say Hillary

Of the meme department

I'm not an 13e7 haxxor

There's haxx0rs and maymays

How to into gassing?

I'd love to gas

Ah okay. I can do dis.

^this tbh

Your bread is getting shilled

Shilling back rn on my break

For hwat

@Shlooish you don't remember when i did that?

I sent it in a text message to yew

Shia is slowly losing his damned mind

I think it's fantastic

Kek he's just an angsty guy living out his teenage revolt years. He didn't have a childhood, he had Holes and Transformers.


His beard is so pubey

Only manchildren can't develop a beard


Holy shit he prolly does meth


That'll be my side project. Shia + meth

Cuck /pol/?

Dewd fuck that shithole unless you have to shill something

I normally lurk 8ch

Use a vpn or tor if you're gonna post

It's been cracked a few times

Np. It's definitely less autistic than cuckchan, but Stormfront is pretty active there and everything is *shilling* but you get used to it

Thresds don't get pruned in 30 mins. They're usually up for weeks.

Yeah but namefagging is strictly discouraged

Also much less of a shareblue prescence. Moreso jidf and Goons.

Jesus, reddit is so cucked

Yeah, 8chan doesn't ban unless you're obviously shilling or posting illegal content

Enjoy my nigger



Did you hear the news?

No, claim it as a christian restaurant

Stick a flyer on the door and claim your shit is all cooked in the same prep areas as pork and no you will NOT fucking clean it every time a muslim comes in


1 like = 1 vote
Scorle pas dis and yur chilren die in ther sleep 2nite

Pls like and comment

1 like = 1 France

It says *I warned you all*

She's more right wing than Trump. She wants to give Assange a place to stay and just ban Muslims all together.

Zero Muslims lmao

Shareblue will have their day m8

There's always the unexplored zyklon b option

The only solution

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