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How y'all white trashy mf doing

Classy af

Have you surrendered yourself to a higher power yet


Do you know what it's like to be a slave?

Do you......

Repercussions and reparations white boy

Then what are they?

How the fuck does that prove anything

It's just a black dude with his head cut off

We're all sub humans

As in subspecies

Humph, i think they're reprehensible. Primitive, but do you hate any other animal for their natural behavior?


I don't post photos of crushed termites xD

it's low,

Hitler would not approve

you really don't like niggers huh?

Exactly, enjoying mutilating them is just as degenerate

We're white, we're not savage


You're a Jude....

Now that's fucking disgusting

Explains a lot you filthy fucking kike

I'd be more then glad.

Actually I'm not technically white either

I just really hate Jews

You're female right?


That what are you doing

We're on two different sides of the fence

I'm fully Italian

Yeah I admit it we're not white

Meeting enough Guinne fucks I have dropped any pretense of being white

I appreciate that but I think I'm content not being a filthy fucking kike

I appreciate that.

Your not going to live to see it shlomo

Yeah typical degenerate kike

My memes r on my phone 😦

Ohhhh I'm retarded

I think I would join them if the civil war starts

Slaughtering niggers in service of the dying light is enough to move me to South Africa

Yeah, but man that's how it's always been. Look at the battles the boer have won. They're nothing short of miracles by god.

They're not like American niggers keep in mind. In Africa they're scrawny shits. The whites 7/10 are bigger and stronger

Still, if whites have a neo crusade of types to South Africa they could prevail


You don't get to do that Jew

Depends arabs invaded Italy and Spain so the blood is muddy

Guys should is start a YouTube channel for purposes of redpilling

My Jewish lawyer says yes

Report the gentiles like a good goy

I'm going to try to stay anonymous when I start posting

But YouTube will probably try to Doxx me

Thanks famalam

All because we let women vote fml

6'4 actually

I'm half Italian half north Eastern European

If we're being completely honest

I did not know my dad so I don't think about it

You're joking

Hitler was actually 7'9

Hitler would have beat him in a fight

They're so cute! They even put them in suits

I just had a good idea

A YouTube channel okay, but we go through current events and history and figure out everyone's penis size

Hand feet and photos of pants analysis




Imagine fucking trumps daughter hnnnnnnnnnnn

Oh shit i forgot she had the hots for the Jews

Prime hate fuck

Germany has to die im sorry uncle hitler

Germany have to be shown as a example of too progressive thinking

It will keep liberals in check

Okay you're the first to go kike


Deal with Jew




How do we end this

@NiggerLyncher do you make your own songs?

Can you do John Lenin imagine but imagine no Juden

This shit is so dope

How did the nazis miss your grandparents shlomo?

We're always looking to improve

Long list this kill list is getting


I would fuck putina so hard it's not even funny really

Google American inventors and tell me what color they are

I hate women so much

I should just turn gay then is what you mean?



Religion of peace strikes again!

Who are these people we are raiding?

Ur mums asshole



Aka bigotry hotspots

Welcome to the salty nigger

How much do you hate niggers?


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