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Deep state dug their own β€œdeep” grave

Graham good today too. Telling it like it is

Ford was assaulted but not by Kav! Her Soros paid lawyers just effed her royally! Their prepared statement for her was crafted to skirt perjury charges but the lying bitch knew she was lying

Hell, she stands to lose big time with her big pharma anti-abortion business. Guess she had to concoct an unverifible story so she could keeps the $$$s rolling in. CIA all over it....I'm sure she knows that concept.. They sadly underestimated the smarts of anons in digging up the truths!

Going to Southaven MS rally. only 20 miles from me! Wahoo!

Thank you!!! Love you guys.. Im just an oldfag and not computer smart but you help me so much. Im def on the team tho

So right !FutureDelivery. And Im stuck right in the middle of it breathlessly! I took advise and I've offlined and printed everything for my children and grandchildren. All videos and pics and posts. This is the biggest moment in history for me and im 67. This will always be a breathtaking moment in history!

I even did a powerpoint for our community and even tho we are all conservatives I wanted them to understand Q and the loyalty of Patriots and how we are really taking back our Republic even if the media is telling them differently! Most already didnt believe the media lies but they didnt know Q... Now they do and they are really getting into the movement!

Oh I did link to the server too! And Im gonna help them get set up here hopefully

They are like took me a while to get the nerve to post here. i've been lurking every day since my invite here.. i even used the backup too. Have to have my daily dose of discord lol

Im definitely not shill.. you can check my twitter too... im bonafide qanon

I’m a woman and I can’t even understand the bullshit coming out of liberal β€œmetoo” crap. They shame my gender!!

Body Language was right. She was lyin her ass off

Guess I better say hi too lol

I thought silver value on coins ie nickel, quarters is any pre 1965

I do have a bunch of copper pennies but hard to get pre 65 coins. I do have 30 silver dollars pre 1960

So did q post 462 get deleted.? I see it on qanonpub but not on of

Here I am

This is the only server I get on usually. Not too good at learning how to post stuff here.

22 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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