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^that intro was gay as aids.

Material support organizer here. You don't seem to glow in the dark. What do you guys need to organize and pop smoke?

No way you will avoid genocide, it's already happening. Truly you need to leave.



I cannot do weapons, but may be able to provide some security during a mass Exodus

That is insane

We can't kill a hoard of Africans hell bent on butchering and raping whites. We'd be the next Nazi's.

They need to be repatriated.

What, what?

They will be killed off

SA are fine right?

Na my fish. They will be killed off.

Cyber. You are right.

Hey hook nose fish, stop talking to me.

Idgaf about no jidf

Fuck off kike


You glow in the dark schlomo


Here to distract

"no guy don't mention that they might be wiped out by racist blacks, STFU goy"

Don't spread awareness of what happened in Zimbabwe goy

Fuck you

How many whites live in Zimbabwe?

So, what are you proposing to help?



Give up your farms?

Am I?

What are you doing to help?

I wish I was that cool

I offered to send ships and food

For relocation

Okay. I'm an idiot.

They will not survive

Zimbabwe 2.0

All I'm saying. Goodnight based boers. Fight you sons of South land. I just don't think you'll win.

I'd bring them into the gulf along Texas. No charge. I'm not a Chinaman or a spic.

Yeah, thousands of people don't cross our border every day... But I'm the retard.

God bless you anon

People smuggling is easy af

Just look at the Mediterranean moron!

All those illegals, just let into the EU

You sir/xir/shim/mav/tard are a fucking disgrace to your kind.

I'm out of this duscord, I'll find a real way to help

Later retard

It is in the EU and the US apparently if the are muslim or Mexican

Deportation to SA... Nah

We barely deport spics, and EU won't deport convicted rapists Soo...

Do you know what a humanitarian crisis is?

They won't be locked up

As many as I can. I will bribe, buy and cheat.

It's already a genocide

The UN lol

Raping kids and shit

This channel is a honey pot isn't it?

Fuck you

My language is America and free kike

For a humanitarian effort, yes I would

A real humanitarian effort, not economic migrants, people in threat of genocide

I would break the law

Admitted what?

I would like to save white South African people? Been saying it

Would I break the law to do it?



Your mom's asshole kike

Later fish

I feel that you are a subversive shit stain. It's not that I can't answer, it's that I won't.

Fuck you hook nose

Not gonna

Get fucked

No sir

Yeah I think I got everything I need

2+ million have moved into EU in the last 7 years

My help will not be able to accommodate that scale to be sure

No, not in the least

Sure thing mossad

Well, I've been in swa quite a bit

Never been to SA

Egypt and Mali though, fuck those places

Not by the NY times if that's what you're asking

I own a fishing company

Sorry schlomo. That's where the tale ends for you.

Later alligator

90 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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