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2020-01-08 17:14:24 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

There's a fine line between Patriotism and personal glory. Young guys like chevy can be swayed easily and I hope he walks away learning the valuable lesson here

It doesn't matter what yo have. Only things that matter are 1. Is it reliable. 2. Can you use it with accuracy.

Same question? Lol

US Marshals are responsible for protecting the judges and federal courts as well as fugitive apprehensions

Better to purge occasionally

Ah... Florida Man. I mean, there's so many options. Guy throws alligator into a drive through is my favorite.

This one is better

Just a sample of comments on the SO's page

Been like that in tally for the last 2 weeks

No guns?

I wish that couldn't be real...

Good morning Patriots!


Fort Walton fire is getting pretty bad

These were taken real time as fire jumped 98

They are evacuating folks in all those multi million dollar homes

Good morning everyone!

Homeless people still have constitutional protections

It was a giant shit show

CIA tried to warn them they were compromised and they ignored it and went live.

6 Americans dead, 13 captured

6 kia, 13 detained was the last count from Silvercorp... and that's only Americans, not the poor fucks who were following them

Terrible op, poorly planned and reports are saying they were infiltrated by Mudoro pretty much day 1.

Justice. Every citizen has the power of arrest but lacks the authority of arrest. So, what's needed is a warrant (under the 4th amendment) from any court granting authority to arrest local, state, and federal level oath breakers and criminals. A judge can laugh one person out of thier chambers but not hundreds swearing out affidavits under probable cause. Probable cause is defined as facts or circumstance that would lead a reasonable and prudent person to believe that a crime is being or has been committed. The mountain of prima facia evidence that has come to light during this "pandemic" is definitely probable cause to arrest and try a number of tyrants. All that's needed is a mass of people who are willing to go and swear out the warrants. Any judge would be practically forced to sign or resign. Its better than standing around being ignored and misrepresented by "media"

Just a thought, real action is forcing the weight of the constitution and courts against the tyrants.

I've been mulling over this conundrum for a while. Why do the get away with so much blatant disregard for their oaths of office? The answer is simple, internal self policing doesn't work and most citizens don't know that they can swear out the warrants. Although the system is corrupt, there are still some good judges who have similar ideals as we do, who would break their pens to sign that piece of paper.

Don't need the prosecutors, any citizen can prosecute, when I was a police officer I actually had to act as the prosecutor in most of my cases.

Violations of the oath of office are the easiest to prove.


I'm not familiar with every states laws, but most states have a criminal penalty for violations of oath of office.

My LE oath was punishable by 5yrs in imprisonment. The instructors beat that into our heads during the academy

I'm not saying it would be easy, but a multi state coordinated effort timed together to draw warrants and arrest some of these ass hats would go a long way to bring some kind of peaceful, lawful corrective action into the mix.

And active LEO would be forced by the warrants to assist!

With a big enough splash, even the court system would be forced to play along. Imagine a criminal trial with 5k witnesses testifying against the accused oath breaker... brings a new meaning to beyond a reasonable doubt

Or they are next! Lol

Self preservation is a powerful motivator. And don't believe the hype that everyone in the justice system is corrupt

If we give the good judges and prosecutors the tools and materials, they can build the house

I had a case where I was ordered to arrest a citizen that I didn't believe committed the crime she was accused of. My employment was threatened too. It was eating me up emotionally really bad. When the court date came, I was called to testify against her. All I said to the court was, "after carefully reviewing my notes, reflecting on the circumstances of the case, and reviewing the evidence, I no longer wish to testify against this person." Case dismissed. Just like that. I got a ton of angry glances from my supervisor and the prosecutor. My feeling was fuck them, I'm not letting this woman suffer because these guys are pricks.

Point being, we as normal citizens are far from powerless in the justice system. Especially in large numbers. Side note, I'll stop my PTSD driven rant now.

Ontario Canada, but that's essentially what it is like to be red flagged

To my fellow constitutional countrymen here in Delaware, our governor Gov. Carney has become an outlaw in regards and concerns to his constitutional obligations to the people.

He has entered into a compact or conspiracy with the governors of New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, California, Oregon and Washington state,

These governors have created a scenario very similar to the scenario that was created before the Civil War here in America, These state Governors are creating a government within our government or a country within our government which is unlawful under the Constitution of the United States of America.

Here in the state of Delaware our governor has allowed a political operative from the governor of New York's office to be placed within the Atty. Gen.'s office here in Delaware, in direct violation of the Constitution, prohibiting states from joining in compacts together.

Our representatives here in southern Delaware as well-meaning as they are, are either misinformed or incompetent to challenge the governor unlawful acts!

So we the people of Delaware must take it upon ourselves to initiate the impeachment and removal of Gov. Carney from office, for unethical behavior, unbecoming to an elected official, he has violated his oath of office to uphold protect and to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and Delaware.

In law there is a saying to know a thing and to be bound to know a thing are equal in law, Gov. Carney is bound to know the Constitution, he has no excuse for breaking the law, the Constitution is the written laws restricting the theft or trespass of our rights and liberties, he has violated the trust of the people, he is fully aware that he has violated his solemn oath to the people of the state of Delaware.

Gov. Carney was elected by the people here in Delaware to represent the people here in Delaware, not the governor of New York or all the above-mentioned States throughout the United States.

Our representative should have initiated either a recall to remove him from office, or started impeachment proceedings against him.

If we allow our state to be drawn into this unlawful compact of these other states we will be assisting in creating A scenario possibly leading to the next Civil War here in America! It is up to us we the people of the state of Delaware to initiate the removal process of Gov. Carney, And any of his conspirators from office immediately!

Bill Sharpe.

If you live in Delaware take action!

My eyes!

Oh, the CA legal explains alot!

I know we have a separate thread for memes, but this one applies too well!

Keybase isn't secure after it's recent buyout... atleast that's the scuttlebutt

Oh, it only works if you wave your hand

It's easier to just move away from that commie hellhole, Alabama is amazing on Gun Rights

It happens

Georgia, Arkansas, Florida (50/50), Minnesota if you are part eskimo, just run away...

Brb, need a shower

If you truly want to fix this country's problems, you gotta get people talking to strangers about it!

I'll share what I tell my fellow militia members every time we meet: no matter how alone and misunderstood the media and government makes us feel, in reality we are the many. Millions of other people, MILLIONS, see it the way we do. Our entire world view is being actively push to disempower patriotism and constitutionalism. We are not alone, and never have been.

@coffee 3% United Patriots has a fairly active zone in your area, if you are interested in networking some

I'm just worried about the bait and switch. They pitch the extreme then dial it back some (that's still Extreme) to get it through

Lol! That's what I'm talking about

We have a decent crew in oskaloosa

Rolling on I-10 east bound in okaloosa county

I was only passing through today.


Context matters, England had abolished slavery and the cotton trade from the US to England was dependent upon the slave labor to maintain low market prices and reap high profits... it's always about money. The south was bullied by the rich bankers and business owners to keep the high profits. Throw in some states rights bs sp the masses will fight, viola, civil war

Good morning everyone! I'm going to regret staying up so late but good talk

Good morning!

I'm a professional Florida man! 😂

I guess I'm only semi-professional then... I'm scared of them bathin' salts

A guy I saw in the store a couple months back, I've been saving it for the perfect time




oh, hell yeah

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