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happy bday willem and we love your updates on south africa. this is mary and family by nova scotia, canada

Hi everyone : )

when Willem was in orania he mentioned a greenhouse type of house that he saw.
I think he is talking about the earthship design and they are really great to look into. They were first designed in the 90's and people were handing out some videos where I lived in Nelson, B.C. canada ..Back then they were more made out of all recycled materials .

The packed tires as a base to hold in heat then most people made really neat looking pop can designs on the walls and in front and sides (sometimes it looks terrible though lol)
Then michael reynolds made a documentary about them in early 2000 sometime i think? and they really started taking off .

Now there are super fancy ones that are built better and they have worked through many flaws in the water systems and greenhouses. They are totally self sustainable and even the grey and black water systems are all in your own hands. THe greenhouses in the front grow food for you all year round even where it snows.
They are built in northern canada b.c. is popular right now for them up north, and also way down south into new mexico they have whole communities of earthships since late 90's there . I have seen people building them everywhere on youtube now.
I saw some a few yrs ago now with two greenhouses in front before the house.. SOme of them you dig down into the ground more and some you can build on ground level

This is a playlist with some vids but there are thousands of videos now about them.

that video is not too great, here is a bunch on one vid to see

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