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you'd need international support for a Boer nation. The problem is: if a black assaults a white it's because he's poor... if a white reacts, it's racism. Miscegenation ideology (as gender one) is ruling among elites atm.

I have no means to be sure about "the most we can do right now". I am sure that ZA as it's now will end (and it's ending) in a "counter-apartheid" nation, or a majority dictatorship as you prefer to call it.

the great majority of "mainstream" medias push the image of poor blacks victims of centuries of colonialism, apartheid, racism. FACTS replies that given the chance, they are far worst dominators than whites. And, sincerely, it's quite obvious: white colonialists or even racists were (and are) still bound to Christian morale. Blacks no. So there're no boundaries to what they could and will do.

brandwag you're right. I always, when given the chance and situation, asked for wisdom, for wise decisions and especially wise acts. Moreover granted the silence (and hostility) of mainstream medias, should be imperative for Boers/Afrikaneers/Whites in general in ZA to be un-attackable.

I feel close to ZA whites/---. I can offer only my best wishes, my moral support, my prays. My apologizes for this.

FrenchPotato: too few. Really. Too few.

Good point. I feel it's damn nothing thinking what Boers are enduring, still it's something. I was using the Antarctica feeling deeply out of today politics and positions. I use it too.

I read some texts about Boer Wars. Aside "inventing" the concept of "commandos" itself, Boers deserve the outmost regard

thank you brandwag.


sincerely till now (very few time) I did not see anthing that can be considered "hate" by itself (speaking about of banning hate speech, I'd avoid... I do not consider anyhow it punishable. Acts are punishable, not ideas IMO)

Good evening. I'm happy to note that among some not mainstream bloggers and posters in Italy, whites' situation in ZA is getting some attention. Hoping for more

and Italian here

14 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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