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Lol, that's a chilling welcome XD. Makes it look like I joined the wrong side

Hello @everyone . Kekistani Intel and Lauren Southern brought me here.

We really need to consider a rebranding. The South African Genocide Project sounds bad. Like, really bad.

Sorry for your loss @TibblesAnon

For what it's worth, with Lauren Southern (Maker of the FARMLANDS documentary, worth looking at) being hosted by Nigel Farage and co. recently she may use this opportunity to do a signal boost. Farage has a huge following. But we'll have to see.

As for names, how about "South African Genocide Awareness" which has a neat acronym as SAGA

"a long story of heroic achievement, especially a medieval prose narrative in Old Norse or Old Icelandic." is the original definition of Saga. Definitley the first part

Don't want another excuse for the Left to portray us as the Fourth Reich 😛


Night. Wish you all the best. make sure you do all your security stuff.

I knew it was a problem but the sheer frequency of reports here is chilling

what did you expect? Here, have something wholesome


...you know you can edit, right?

Don't worry, cancer is uncontrolled growth. Your AU....won't be that 😛


That is a big news outlet

^^ Hmmmmnnn

None of you are going to assist you in stopping something caused by racial divides if you try to do so by amplifying those racial divides.

People are multifaceted. There is no-one in this server who can claim to be an absolute good, nor can confirm the harm their everyday lives cause outweighs the good they do.

I think you wound up in the wrong server. Go west at the update menu, not east

29 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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