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oh thank god, no drama

wait what did he say now

oh that's all he said

call people cattle and shit on jews in the same breath

top kek

tfw you realize that you can't pause the voice chat

guys I have to pee this is a fuckin problem

man I would mobile discord but not with my data and definitely not here

lol @ supply

once upon a time in worst korea there was a feminist shadow government

muh godesses

muh spelling


marine pog here it's spicville

boot camp was probably 50% spics

nogs can't swim and everyone knows it

oh god it's gonna skip like a rock

are you?



are we just shitposting right now

I'm gonna have to build a wall between my trump memes and my other memes


shit why does that have a watermark on it

oh here's a spicy one

[screaming internally]

morning everyone

gonna go die for israel now hope you have a good day

jfc was trying to get discord working on my phone but I don't know my discord password or the password to the cockli I used to make it because I changed fucking everything months ago

well if I disappear you know what happened


how the shit am I still unvetted in one of these servers

whatever I'm leaving this here




52 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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