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Mmm, corn.

Zeppelin rules.

The most fashy form of transportation.

I will have one some day.

Everything is bad in Mossouri.

(Deliberately mispelled it.)

I wnat to build that.

Tower naming contest in Texas.

You know what to do.

It is not on 4pol yet; it was just publicly announced.

I suggest "Hitler's Penis"

"Trump Tower"

How about "The Eagles Nest"

For the record, I do not engage in degenerate acts with thots.


What do you need $9.99 for?

Best I can do is $0.99.

I didn't expect him to DENY it, but to acknowledge and champion DAYS of holocaust (((remembrance))) is not a good move.

I had a '59 coupe; it bored me.

I lost count of how many classic Cadillacs I've had; probably around 75.

At home; of some.

Gimme 20 minutes.

Besides, Lincolns are better.

Me too.

Cadillacs are for niggers, Lincolns are for white men.

That was one of my many Cadillacs

It was dull.

You ever have sex with a beautiful woman, but she's as motionless as a dead fish?

That's what she was.

The experience behind the wheel was so underwhelming for a Cadillac that I got bored with the car. It was great to look at, but, driving it was nothing exciting.

My Chrysler, however, is the exact opposite. It has a very unique feel behind the wheel, unique lines, and is a lot of fun.

When Cadillac started to share frame with Chevrolet, that's when they started to suck.



Another one of my Cadillacs.


Like I said, no.

That's the last of the Cadillacs that I have pictures of.

51 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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