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2018-11-11 14:10:47 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  


2019-01-04 04:35:03 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

Rule #7, does that mean we can deport illegals?

Hell ya

Wall would only go on spots that the border patrol wants

Not all of the border

AOC said the world will end in twelve years

Any decrease in drug smuggling is a positive decrease that is effective

Wall is only part of the answer

But there has been countless Americans and police officers killed by illegal mexican immigrants


A big number of people

The only way people should be coming to this country is legally

Trumps plan wants a barrier or wall, more border agents, more spaces for illegal alien detainment, and more immigration judges


Why the fuck are we spending 25 billion on foreign aid

My ancestors are immigrants, they had to wait on boats

Legally immigrating is the only way this country war formed

They should be removed

Good job they successfully snook over the boarder we don’t want them unless they are willing to become legal citizens the right way


American with Mexican heritage

Hell no

Obama’s plan to ruin America

Good for them they successfully illegally came, go back if they aren’t willing to become legal citizens, they have had opportunities to become legal

Build the wall

We need to stop the caravan migrants

Even Tijuana doesn’t want them


Send the military

It’s a literal fucking invasion

I’m not letting some dumbass illegals screw my country

Depends on how fast Nancy Pelosi can get her thumb out of her ass and agree to protect Americans

Where’s the promised promotion lol

Rioting by who lol




look at Nancy’s district

There is literally shit and needles there

I hope the maga hat guy sues the ever living shit out of cnn

Teach the liberal news a lesson

I didn’t know liberals are experts on walls and how they work


Feb 15 is my birthday, and I hope they either build a wall or shut down the government

He won’t

It’s strategy

With the daca plan, he gained a lot of Latino voters

We should rewrite the budget because so much money is wasted

Lol the liberals will blame trump no matter what

It is an emergency

It’s interpretation

Police officers and Americans are getting killed by illegal immigrants

Silly Mexicans

Thinking they can overwhelm the us

Americans are getting killed

How is it not an emergency then


Allow the Democrats to find a new reason to disagree and not work with him

The Democraps didn’t even want to vote for the coast gaurd

Sympathy is weakness

I’m sympathetic but I’m not a pussy

I’m not standing down for what is right

Normal doesn’t mean good

I feel bad for them, but it’s the Democrats fault for not working with the president

And it’s over national security of Americans

Trump will already have the wall starting to be built


The Democrats are a bunch of hypocrites

They all voted for a wall and border security under Obama


And the senate decides who gets elected

And the republicans control it


I honestly don’t care what it is made up of aslong as it is there it will work


And who cares

Mexico can’t do shit about it

Mexico is poor af

There is a reason people are leaving it

But I am waiting to see what the New Mexican president will do

I think chuck shumer and Nancy need to get out

And that Muslim congresswomen too a

She’s a terrorist

With hamas


She wants leniency for the people who support isis


It is more of a deterrent aswell

Except liberal retards

We need to also fix our system so we make sure over stayed visas get deported

I am just stating that we need to also address that

But fixing the Mexican border problem will help significantly



I love Ben garrison

I meant the person who draws the cartoons


We need to update the border patrol aswell

U do know that he has to something illegal to be impeached

They have wasted millions on finding evidence that isn’t even there

Impeachment is basically being accused

Nothing happens


Nixon was definitely going to get removed


Who cares about Mexico

We should have taken it during the Mexican American war

It wouldn’t be a hellhole and poor like it is today

It would be prospering

Maduro is like Kim

He talks but can’t do shit


It will secure the border and protect Americans

The people who want the wall know that open borders are going to ruin this country

Did u see the new poll for illegal voters in Texas

~58,000 people have voted atleast once

And they are illegal


We should take money that is wasted from other things in tone budget and use it for that

It’s border security

We aren’t carving trumps name in it or anything

Taking the money from the foreign aid

Screw the money given to other countries

We give away so much money to other countries it is unbelievable


We should redirect the money given to other countries aswell

And the un and nato

They don’t do shit to benefit us

They don’t pay they their fair share

No exactly

That too merch

I support Israel

But the no money should be given to other countries

Unless it is in the form of mres

A year or two

Would it be illegal to make our border a minefield or automated guns if it detects anyone

Whoever stops the protection and protesting can go do it, if they get heat stroke they can blame themselves



Just Incase he decided to close it lol











2019-01-27 03:08:11 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

It’s because of trumps last name

2019-01-27 03:08:23 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

If it was Obama the wall would already be built

2019-01-27 03:08:55 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

Obama created double standard racism

2019-01-27 03:09:03 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  


2019-01-27 03:09:17 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

I wasn’t paying attention during then

2019-01-27 03:09:32 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

I believe it

2019-01-27 03:09:40 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

But the va is messed up

2019-01-27 03:10:05 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

Who’s the fat turtle

2019-01-27 03:10:27 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

Majority leader?

2019-01-27 03:10:34 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  


2019-01-27 03:11:17 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

The only thing that I remember Obama doing was creating reverse racism

2019-01-27 03:11:25 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

That is why Chicago is out of hand

2019-01-27 03:12:27 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

When the mod is typing a while 😳

2019-01-27 03:13:22 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

The only reason the Democrats are doing it is because of trumps last name

2019-01-27 03:13:41 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

And the ignorance of people not wanting to do anything if trump wants it done

2019-01-27 03:38:30 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  

Not liberal



You should install a Ben garrison political cartoon bot

Bernie Sanders logic

Raise minimum wage to $30 an hour

And tax 15

2019-01-29 00:20:20 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  


2019-01-29 00:20:23 UTC [THE TRUMP REPUBLIC #general]  


The only sacrifice is made by our military and veterans everyday


He can’t really do anything unless Congress approves

It’s checks and balances

He has already fulfilled his promises

U know what we should investigate

How is it that we only get 5% of our oil from OPEC, but yet when they shut down one refinery or something, it effects the entire us gas market?

It is real


The American government won’t collapse

But it’s the fact that we have a swamp in dc

Nothing will get done

Politicians are lying and millennials are believing it

How the fuck does AOC get in office with her ideas

She’s more of a socialist than people in Venezuela

That’s the problem

People don’t want to work, and they want others to fund their benefits

Lincoln was right, we are changing our ideals and destroying ourselves

Socialistic values


It’s not that they have

It’s the push for it

People are fighting over a wall

They have politicized it so much that we are literally fighting over it

It’s to the point that the media is slandering teenagers because they are conservatives

The opposition is the race card or people are just stupid enough not to realize that they are breaking our laws by coming here illegally

I couldn’t give two shits what race you are

If you come here illegally, you shouldn’t be given benefits that Americans have to work hard to get

I’m pride in being Irish

And Jewish-Hungarian


“This is indigenous land “

Germans caused ww1 and ww2

Greeks have a bad economy

And AOC has Puerto Rican ancestry

We need to keep our the Palestinians though

And hamas


Have u read the quorum

I haven’t


But they think of women as second

But yet Muslim women want Muslims in office, doesn’t matter ideology

I’m in a school that is mostly Hispanic and African American

The Mexicans are cool

The only bad ones are the stupid ones, which happen to be liberal Democrats

Someone set a bathroom on fire last week

High school


I live in one of the most democratic areas in the country


All Democrats

God forbid I wear maga hat

I’ll be targeted

I’ll be killed

Not surprised

U live in Florida?

I remember going to friendly’s back then

Lol I’m guessing u don’t have guns

They banned 10 clip mags


Guns aren’t bad

It’s the people that shoot them that are

It really isn’t anything special

Want to see something funny?


Suburb of Chicago

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