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Are there any Aussie groups that aren't alt lite?

Whoa. Very National Action like.

The imagery, the language.

Kids doing team sports is a mixed bag.

I have to watch the snooker so I'll be fairly inactive for a couple of hours.

If you are doing redhead posting I'm not gonna stop you.

Just finished listening to the Pikeville streams. I hope it will be possible to hear the speeches at some point. The antifa were toothless and outnumbered apparently. So on the surface it seems to be a complete victory

Awesome! Netflix is jewish poison to put it bluntly.

Muh constatooshun trumps your right to survive, Whitey!

It says israelites right there! If them jews ain't the jews in Israel then who do y'all think it is? They are god's own people!

I think that dumb clip will come to bite Stewart in the ass. We don't take kindly to cucks making threats tbqh.

The afrikaners are not interested in fleeing. It won't happen. We should just support their coming hardships however we can and agitate to the best of our abilities for state level support for their independence and survival.

I don't know what it would take for the White in SA to properly defend a solid piece of territory but they are way smarter than the nigger hordes and from what I heard there will be no exodus, no surrender.

They breed well. We just need to get some wind in their sails politically.

That guy with the sonnerad skateboards. Didn't he lose that shield during the melee? Aren't those pictures the opposite, as in the covered shield is after he lost it.

So now some faggots are trying to meme him to be antifa by picture swapping?


I've never been a chan lurker but it seems to be gold and poison all at the same time.

I finally got to the Bloody Baby Penis Sucking Jewish Question (BBPSJQ)

Good idea, UP!

Looks like a rare Breivik.

Soon should be about now tbhfam...

You wanna look cucked and boomerish for when you get stabbed with a knife.

You can't all be bad, sure.

Their name and reputation is garbage though. From the top down.

25 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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