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2016-09-22 06:07:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Cm13 multitask is kind of junk

2016-09-22 06:07:07 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Or I'm retarded

2016-09-22 06:07:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Or both

2016-09-22 06:08:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@jaw2floor#4072 did you figure out how to reliably get to apps into the panes you want them in?

2016-09-22 06:19:22 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

also after the chinese, the africans will have basic level of education and be united into china 2, then racewar will send europe back to stone age or russia will nuke itself or something, or we'll have robots.

2016-09-22 06:24:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

pretty funny, 8/10 clever editing

2016-09-22 06:31:14 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

np their fingerprints have been burned off by the toxic conditions in which they work

2016-09-22 06:32:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

tbh it's pretty comical they have a guy who just opens the factory sealed boxes and installs a rom for you, then puts everythign back and tapes it up.

2016-09-22 06:34:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i mean I'm sure they got the dude set up with an adb station and it's ez, but are you gonna want to put a different rom on it regardless once you get it? Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

2016-09-22 06:36:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

is it a phone?

2016-09-22 06:37:22 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

lol fair but their 'official global rom' might be loaded up with weird ass weaboo bloatware or something

2016-09-22 06:37:40 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

wat phone is it

2016-09-22 06:38:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

are you in the usa

2016-09-22 06:39:58 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

have you watched this

2016-09-22 06:40:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

kind of a weird UI

2016-09-22 06:41:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

looks good tho

2016-09-22 06:42:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I'm not sure, he wasn't really clear...

2016-09-22 06:45:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

lol then you know for sure someone's watching

2016-09-22 06:45:35 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i just use nsa keyboard with nsa search

2016-09-22 06:45:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

save some tax dollars

2016-09-22 06:45:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

cut out the middle man

2016-09-22 06:46:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

according to that xda thread there's some performance and radio improvements from using AOSP 5.1.1 instead of the MUI one

2016-09-22 06:46:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Overall I've got the following impression of this firmware:
1. Switching from 3G -> 4G is more reliable than on any MIUI rom. First of all I don't loose internet connectivity during the switch (with MIUI I always do) and secondly it founds 4G networks almost instantly, and for MIUI it took minutes.
2. I've tried to flash open gapps stock - it basically made them unusable (was unable to create account), but open gapps mini worked ok for me. Though got a problem with black home screen and very slow phone until I've changed home launcher back to trebuschet.
3. Battery usage also increased in my use cases. I usually got 25% battery/8h, but now it's more like 35%/8h. Though it may be related to the fact that all messangers, etc syncs as often as they want, and with MIUI I never was able to properly receive all push notifications, etc for most of the apps.
4. According to some benchmarks, it seems that this rom is a tiny bit faster. (geekbench results increased by 7% for example). Though that doesn't really matter for me.
5. I usually have more RAM available and apps killed less aggressively.

2016-09-22 06:54:55 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I think he's saying that the push notifications were shit on the original MUI

2016-09-22 06:55:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-22 06:55:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the new AOSP ROM has worse battery life, he's saying, but he thinks the battery life is worse because he's actually getting all his notifications

2016-09-22 06:55:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but he also doesn't sound like the most scientific motherfucker

2016-09-22 06:56:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

so I'd say your mileage may vary on that account

2016-09-22 06:56:14 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but it looks like it's super easy to unlock the bootloader and flash AOSP whenever you want

2016-09-22 06:56:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

so I'd say get it with the OFFICIAL WORLDWIIIIDE and if it sucks dick, just flash the AOSP

2016-09-22 07:00:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ya i mean, use that one

2016-09-22 07:00:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

and if it doesn't work

2016-09-22 07:00:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

then install AOSP

2016-09-22 07:00:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-22 07:02:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Worst case scenario you have an excuse as to why you get no messages/texts/calls

2016-09-22 07:20:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I dunno man, I've never used a Bluetooth speaker I'd call good

2016-09-22 07:22:22 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Nice you were on that iPhone 7 shit before it was cool

2016-09-22 07:26:14 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Man looks like they give that shit away for reviews

2016-09-22 07:26:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Message the seller and see if they'll hook you up on exchange for a review

2016-09-22 07:27:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But ya I mean as far as Bluetooth speakers go, there's not really any reason to pay more than that, cuz they're gonna sound awful and annoy the fuck out of everyone around no matter how much you pay.

2016-09-22 07:33:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

You could just get a USB DAC

2016-09-22 07:33:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

And plug it into the USB port of your phone

2016-09-22 07:33:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

And then have actual awesome audio

2016-09-22 07:33:55 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

For the same price

2016-09-22 07:34:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

As long as you're doing the iphone7 thing

2016-09-22 07:34:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

And then it's still good next time you upgrade

2016-09-22 07:34:47 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Burr-Brown PCM2704

2016-09-22 07:38:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Or just a generic USB sound card

2016-09-22 09:03:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

That's a lot of chink shit, well played

2016-09-22 09:04:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I'm shitty at impulse shopping but have been looking at then drawfag tablets

2016-09-22 09:04:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-22 09:04:53 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-22 09:05:10 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I'm shit at art

2016-09-22 09:07:14 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I wanna make shitty gfx to use in apps

2016-09-22 09:07:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But drawing with mouse frustrates me

2016-09-22 09:08:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I was looking at the ones in the wiki

2016-09-22 09:08:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Huwiiiiou or whatever

2016-09-22 09:08:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Like $70 is the top one

2016-09-22 09:09:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I was looking at it on my PC but now I'm on cellie

2016-09-22 09:09:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Hang on

2016-09-22 09:11:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Well this is impossible.

2016-09-22 09:11:36 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Can copy+paste of 4chinz app

2016-09-22 09:11:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-22 09:11:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

So can't get to wiki

2016-09-22 09:11:58 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

So can't get the brand to type into dealextreme

2016-09-22 09:12:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Literally impossible task

2016-09-22 09:12:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

It saves muh tabs

2016-09-22 09:13:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Also doesn't show up in my history so I don't look like an autist when people use my phone

2016-09-22 09:15:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-22 09:15:07 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But hey I manned up and found it

2016-09-22 09:15:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Tribit I was just starting to look man, where do you suggest?

2016-09-22 09:16:47 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Nice I liked the sound of them best

2016-09-22 09:16:57 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

They sound like maybe they are the best

2016-09-22 09:16:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

For gear.

2016-09-22 09:17:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Anyone actually a drawfag?

2016-09-22 09:18:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@zero are you a drawfag

2016-09-22 09:18:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Give to me huion drawing tablet advice please and thank you.

2016-09-22 09:18:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Now we wait.

2016-09-22 09:20:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

At first I thought maybe the h610 because a) it cost the most and b) it sort of looks like a drawing tablet I saw on a professional artists desk once.

2016-09-22 09:20:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But I feel like perhaps there's more to this than that.

2016-09-22 09:25:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Lol that's nice. I want to like... Draw a tree

2016-09-22 09:28:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Basically when I was a kid I wrote this dumbass RPG game cuz I was all stoked about whatever computer game at the time. Wrote it all out on graph paper and shit. I kind of want to make it as a practice. I thought it might be nice to have a tablet thing to draw the art resources. But since this isn't a commercial endeavour and I suck butts at art I don't really care to spend much money.

2016-09-22 09:28:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Ya tribit I'm tryna channel my inner Bob Ross

2016-09-22 09:29:35 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Man that dude was a maniac, painting with knives and shit

2016-09-22 09:29:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Moment of silence for my homie Bob Ross.

2016-09-22 09:30:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Thanks bros

2016-09-22 09:31:06 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Just gotta figure out which tablet is gonna be good enough for my uses.

2016-09-22 09:33:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Chinese shopping general sounds like an effeminate sun Tzu, tbqhfam

2016-09-22 09:35:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

If I had my huion I would draw a happy sun Tzu prancing with a shopping basket

2016-09-22 09:35:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

(no I wouldn't)

2016-09-22 22:09:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

He's saying he's sorry. He had to.

2016-09-23 03:10:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-23 03:10:44 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Tbh I don't know what I'm looking at

2016-09-23 03:13:14 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I mean it looks like chink shit lol unless the back came off on its own

2016-09-23 03:34:39 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Will those work for a portable keyboard for douchebags who like to work in coffeeshops but have shitty keyboards on their laptops? Or is there more portable shits that are better?

2016-09-23 03:35:55 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Ya but like is it better to get maybe a detachable cord or something

2016-09-23 03:36:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Or like maybe a bezzzzzel around the keys so they don't get fucked in transit?

2016-09-23 03:36:35 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Nice nice

2016-09-23 03:38:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Qisan Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Keyboard Blue Switch 68-Keys Mini Design (60%) Gaming Wired Keyboard Come with Free Data OTG Cable White Golden Magicforce

2016-09-23 03:38:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Like this?

2016-09-23 03:39:02 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Nice, do people make like hard cases or something to out them in

2016-09-23 03:39:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

For maximum douchebaggery?

2016-09-23 03:39:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Nice nice I will look

2016-09-23 03:39:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I'm finally starting to reach my true power level

2016-09-23 03:39:57 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Thanks to chink shit

2016-09-23 03:40:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Ya I have browns on my desktop

2016-09-23 03:40:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Pretty great but I don't have much to compare to other than chiclets and domes

2016-09-23 03:41:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

So obv they're better

2016-09-23 03:41:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But I dunno really the actual feel between blues and browns

2016-09-23 03:41:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But I won't be gaming with the portable one

2016-09-23 03:41:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]'re going to summon /pol/

2016-09-23 03:43:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I am not sure I'd go to all the trouble of actually changing switches

2016-09-23 03:43:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But maybe if they're really really loud

2016-09-23 03:43:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

There's only so much autism I feel comfortable displaying in public

2016-09-23 03:45:02 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Poland(poland)Poland I wouldn't feed my dog food exported from China because it has a history of being literal poison.

2016-09-23 03:45:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

So take that as you will.

2016-09-23 04:12:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I have a UK keyboard on muh lappy

2016-09-23 04:12:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I am in the us of a

2016-09-23 04:12:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-23 04:13:04 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Man whatever maaaaan I want a real keyboard

2016-09-23 04:13:22 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Don't be jealous of my power level

2016-09-23 04:13:47 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But... Why

2016-09-23 04:13:55 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Why struggle over my chiclets

2016-09-23 04:13:58 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Just to seem normie

2016-09-23 04:14:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Hahaha man fuck'em if they're bothered by a dude sitting alone with a small keyboard attached to his laptop

2016-09-23 04:14:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I wear over ear headphones too

2016-09-23 04:15:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Lolol I have a Thinkpad x201 broooo

2016-09-23 04:15:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

And I use the nub

2016-09-23 04:16:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

The clitmouse

2016-09-23 04:16:06 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Just want a keyboard

2016-09-23 04:16:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Ya like I said it's a UK keyboard

2016-09-23 04:17:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I dont use my laptop at home

2016-09-23 04:17:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]

2016-09-23 04:18:04 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Its UK. The keys are in the wrong places.

2016-09-23 04:19:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I dunnooooo $30 for mechanical keyboard seems pretty good

2016-09-23 04:20:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

tbh been looking at the diy keyboard boards too much

2016-09-23 04:21:57 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

lolol ya man I mean if I were a big fat greasy dude I would worry more about looking 'weird' in public

2016-09-23 04:22:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

or if I were a teenager or something

2016-09-23 04:22:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

haha I dunno man I haven't had any problem thus far

2016-09-23 04:23:05 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

girls are still nice to me and people smile at me

2016-09-23 04:23:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I think I look maybe quirky at worst

2016-09-23 04:23:47 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

lolol we'll see...

2016-09-23 04:23:57 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I may get that x201 usa keyboard regardless tho

2016-09-23 04:24:04 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

just been lazy

2016-09-23 04:24:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I'm not in college

2016-09-23 04:24:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i'm 30

2016-09-23 04:24:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-23 04:24:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I just like working out of the house

2016-09-23 04:24:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

cuz muh distractions

2016-09-23 04:25:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I just installed the linux discord desktop app because of this conversation

2016-09-23 04:25:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

gotta be said, it's pretyt much the same as the windows app. not sure why they haven't fully released it yet

2016-09-23 04:25:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

also the layout is shit just like the windows one

2016-09-23 04:26:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

plus I can right click stuff

2016-09-23 04:27:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

also tbh I forgot there was a browser based client

2016-09-23 04:27:39 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Lake installgentoo wiki has a lot of information on buying thinkpads

2016-09-23 04:27:53 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I got this x201 for free cuz company was upgrading

2016-09-23 04:27:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

and it's honestly pretty fucking great

2016-09-23 04:28:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

aside from the UK keyboard

2016-09-23 04:28:28 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

that they know of πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

2016-09-23 04:29:07 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

lolol nice

2016-09-23 04:30:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ya awesome when you have the inside scoop on their 'auctions' or whatever

2016-09-23 04:30:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

or department garage sale or whatever they call it

2016-09-23 04:30:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I got a dell 20.1 inch monitor when I worked for uni IT back in like 2005 and I still use it

2016-09-23 04:31:49 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

what do you know about L series thinkpads

2016-09-23 04:32:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ya my x201 look slike a hot piece of shit

2016-09-23 04:32:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

it looks like maybe they used it in desert storm or something

2016-09-23 04:33:06 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

lolol someday

2016-09-23 04:33:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

spray paint it camo

2016-09-23 04:33:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

gotta be ready for the uprising

2016-09-23 04:33:53 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

robot uprising

2016-09-23 04:34:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-23 04:34:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

what do you know about L series

2016-09-23 04:34:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I have a opportunity coming up to get one on the cheap that is overheating

2016-09-23 04:35:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

hm according to the googles they are 'green' laptops

2016-09-23 04:35:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the fuck would anyone want that

2016-09-23 04:36:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-23 04:36:44 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the current owner is looking right now for a replacement

2016-09-23 04:36:50 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

and they are under the impressio that it is fucked

2016-09-23 04:37:04 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

cuz it is overheating whenever it's at 100% cpu

2016-09-23 04:37:14 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

and shutting off

2016-09-23 04:37:57 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ya I actually offered to do that for them

2016-09-23 04:38:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but they wanna get a new one anyways I think

2016-09-23 04:38:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

only question is they fell for the stay with windows 7 meme

2016-09-23 04:39:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I told 'em if they get a new laptop with win 10 I'd put 7 on it for them

2016-09-23 04:39:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I only have one computer running a legit win 10, my 'gaming desktop'

2016-09-23 04:40:15 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

everything else is running muh FSF or 7

2016-09-23 04:40:49 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

dat 1070, nice

2016-09-23 04:41:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I'm still on a 770

2016-09-23 04:41:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I fell for the i5 meme a long time ago

2016-09-23 04:41:55 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

tbh I completely skipped last upgrade cycle

2016-09-23 04:42:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

so my whole rig is getting questionable

2016-09-23 04:42:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

ya until muh dx12 or whatever

2016-09-23 04:42:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I play a bunch of sperg games really

2016-09-23 04:42:58 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

so gfx are secondary

2016-09-23 04:43:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

most gfx intensive game I play is arma3

2016-09-23 04:43:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

but doesn't matter what your hardware is with that

2016-09-23 04:43:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

it's still gonna run like shit

2016-09-23 04:47:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

fell for the CS meme

2016-09-23 04:47:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-23 04:48:05 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

nah that's cool tho if you have dece profs

2016-09-23 04:48:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

that actually teach someting useful

2016-09-23 04:48:37 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I can only program if I'm out of the house, hence the autismo protable keyboard

2016-09-23 04:48:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

the CR-Eh?

2016-09-23 04:49:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@LewdBot /help

2016-09-23 04:49:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@LewdBot /commands

2016-09-23 04:49:54 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Nadeko /commands

2016-09-23 04:50:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@LewdBot calc 0/1

2016-09-23 04:50:49 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

get fucked lewdbot

2016-09-23 04:51:24 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  
2016-09-23 04:52:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

lol basically all commands just search hentai

2016-09-23 04:52:29 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

not sure what I expected

2016-09-23 04:53:06 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

there was another bot in here a minute ago

2016-09-23 04:53:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

typo nig

2016-09-23 04:53:25 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

also holy shit

2016-09-23 04:53:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I dunno what those numbers mean

2016-09-23 04:54:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@LewdBot exhentai 618395/0439fa3666 --info --download

2016-09-23 04:54:17 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-23 04:54:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I did the thing

2016-09-23 04:54:41 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

upboat me

2016-09-23 04:54:55 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

edit: thanks for the gold

2016-09-23 04:56:07 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

damn good looking older ladies go out on thursdays apparently

2016-09-23 04:56:10 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

was not aware of this meme

2016-09-23 05:01:38 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Lol it's for hentai man

2016-09-23 05:01:52 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Not manga or whatever

2016-09-23 05:02:11 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Sorry bro unless peeps is fuckin' this bot don't know

2016-09-23 05:03:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I dunno much about animemes

2016-09-23 05:03:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I only know the most mainstream animoos

2016-09-23 05:03:58 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2016-09-23 05:04:07 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Apparently that doesn't work on mobile

2016-09-23 05:05:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Oxford under hoodie confirmed for homosexual

2016-09-23 05:06:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Does your computer always shit the bed when synaptic attempts to get packages

2016-09-23 05:08:09 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Synaptic, the package manager that comes with debian

2016-09-23 05:11:05 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Ya it's a gui

2016-09-23 05:11:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Never used it before

2016-09-23 05:11:18 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I just used it

2016-09-23 05:11:21 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

And it shit the bed

2016-09-23 05:11:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Was wondering if this is typical lol

2016-09-23 05:12:47 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Ya decided I needed to rice muh laptop to show maximum power level while in public

2016-09-23 05:13:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Normally just use putty on Windows

2016-09-23 05:14:26 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But wanted the riceroni

2016-09-23 05:18:34 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I didn't think my x201 would do vms well

2016-09-23 05:21:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I dunno I got mine when company upgraded for free

2016-09-23 05:21:30 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Have had it for years

2016-09-23 05:21:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I've never bought a laptop

2016-09-23 05:22:10 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Always got them hand me down laptops

2016-09-23 05:23:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I dunno anything bout new Thinkpads

2016-09-23 05:23:23 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Always on that 2 year lag

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