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2019-09-08 06:51:43 UTC [333 #lobby]  

H8 to c it

Facts and logic

Reading books n having sex


Liberalism is by far the most successful ideology

Read why nations fail

My qualms don't lie with the political system, there's a certain benifit to allowing free thought

Probably pet sounds

No it isn't

Got that capitalist realism bug there simply isn't an alternative

All I'm gonna say is that every single non liberal state is decaying, failed, or reforming. Nothing has been able to compete

I dont rly think so

Maybe like Poland and Hungary

Thats society the state ain't doing anything Europe is the worse offender in this regard

I domt think that's a thing that's gonna happen

How would it?

We got plenty of reserves and can just go nuclear or renewable of oil stops being cost effective

Desalination technology in Israel and California are promising

I don't see what that has to with America or liberalism lol. We'll probably intervene and force a equitable deal ig

Theres not a single fact to back that up lol

Egypt and Ethiopia aren't exactly liberal

Yea because it doesn't work

America hasn't won a war since ww2 save the first Iraq war

Bro ots global thats mean petty disputes between two African nations qualify as a criticism

I can't believe I didn't go to that

I mean sure

I doubt it'll come to war

Egypt is a wealthy country they can desalination worst case scenario

Like they're planning to build a super metropolis in the desert

They won't

People said south east Asia would die if China built the three gorges n they're ok

How would the logistics of a Egypt Ethiopia war even look

Do either of them have a navy capable of sustaining the logistics of an invasion

Or would Sudan help Egypt

Liberalism works better fundamentally because it has to cater to the majority of the people. You're juntas and fascist dictatorships will inevitably have to cater to the powerful and wealthy

Even China and the Soviets end up like that

Not in any significant capacity

Governing requires vote policies have population support

U can't deny that

A proper liberal system isn't corrupt and cares about the ppl that's true for most all of them


We need an American exceptionalist role

R u American?

Not how that works dog

On twitter?

I got more on if

The last bastion of free speech smg

Ur a spastic if free speech is a bad thing 4 u

He's cool

An American cope

Liberalism is the end result of power politics

If China liberalizes u know there's something for it

Anal rape

I have literally no idea who that is

I google it and "druid" is in his google description

Not reading

I'm an atheist dude if you mention the word spirituality I immediately disregard everything you say

Have fun with ur trees im to busy incentivizing economic growth

Larp cringe seethe cope etc

Theres a tangible material environmental argument to be made u don't need to go to a druid pagan

Like there's absolutely a monetary incentive for environmentalism to some degree

I was very briefly in like 2017

I am a American exceptionalist

I've read Jung

Idk how you keep finding ppl I've never heard of im p well versed in this shit

Oh Ernst Junger

Yea I've read storm of steel

I dont read rly read philosophy n politics anymore I read economics n geopolitics primarily

Use facts and logic smh

Theres religion and then there's being a druid

Wtf does being a druid even entail

Is he a malthusian?

I don't belive in malthusianism

Yea my favorite podcast the hermetic

I will read ur gay psychedelic environmental pagan bullshit if you read why nations fail

It's by economists so it's a bit dull but the first 100 or so pages r all u need

Theres a bit later on about China that u might like

I am reading red star over the pacific

It is about Chinese navy and maritime strategies and how they r trying to undermine us hegemony with missiles

China is basically Kaiser Germany cuz they can't build a navy without getting fucked

No it's just not some big deal, you can't justify whatever it is you want to justify because black ppl riot every now and then

Shall we ban the French as well?

A movement is characterized by the disruption it can cause the system

As a general rule it can be summarized as P=m*d or power is equal to the masses and their dedication. The blm riots contained massive masses with little dedication so it was advantageous for the state to let it exhaust its support and die down. Trump supporters by comparison are much smaller, targeted the capital building, and domt have the same popular support allowing the state to confront them more directly

340 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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