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why do you not let us change our own bames

we just talked about this


crystal bepsi > sprite cranberry

water is pretty top tier though

i dont have the shotgun pic on my phone

im going to need a toe pic from everyone in the server


im all about those anime fangs

i want to orbit you but you make it impossible

i manage to get one in a day

im down for terraria if people are going to play

no clue what time it is for you thouhg

this man has a gf what do you expect

i have never modded terraria

i would be down for a diamond mining session

im not like other orbiters

terraria modding is too big brained

im downloading it dont worry

australian man tries to download files

it seems pretty straightforward

new things are scary when youre autistic

with the mods that youre installing i think it'd be better to start fresh

but understandable if its a week old honestly

ok so i just downloaded the calamity meme where do i throw it

do i have to run something or am i rarted

ok hold on let me read out these donations

my mic frickin broke today

gotta say im a pretty big terraria modder

i usually enjoy vanilla but these mods seem pretty ebic

yeah wow terraria modding is nothing

it tells you on the page dingus

which is fine because ive got gamer leds

ill see if i can fuck with my mic

this nigga never modded minecraft

my terrarias all good to go

thats really sweet that you can just download mods from the mainmenu now

the madman alt tabs out of skyrim

squid go into the modcompile folder and run the modloader.exe

pretty sure you just run the game once to see if its working

and then once its set up that go to documents>my games>terraria>modloader

and then throw the downloaded mod files into the mod folder

sonichu lore is pretty intense

brev i thought someone said to backup

my repair skill isnt high enough

it wasnt plugged in the whole way

if it means anything i genuinely want to play games with you guys

have you set the serevr up?

you cant turn the music off for whatever reason

its only the main menu music im pretty sure


i told my cousin not to weed but he did and he died

its a good way to turbocancer if anything


can you put a red circle around it

how can you fuck up the s

why has someone not changed my name at this point

last 3 years have been a downward spiral

19 at the end of the month ๐Ÿ˜Ž

i dont even remember half of this year

holy fuck i love that webm

it was made via discord bot


just switched around for whatever reason

the small niggas we call shrimp, and the big meaty ones you eat we call prawns

chuck another shrimp on the barbie is a retarded saying that no one says

today i will chuck another shrimp on the barbie


i replied with not really

and then i said victoria in response to your nsw question

can you smoke weed in this game

phage more like phag hahehsueb

im taking a shit right now does that mean anything

youre in the right place then

phone on 4% wish me ,luck


yotsuba smoking weed hahsa

reminder that having mods for your discord server is rarted

sam just saying im one of the more sane people here

give me server rights thabks

483 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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