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the black flower girl too

all bases covered

we wuz hadrian n shit

pretty wicked. i know some Brits who have avoided paying it somehow. here in the US i am about to cut off my cable tv because even the local news, which is the only thing i watch, has become totally pozzed as of 2017

damn wtf, i go onto discord after a week and all my groups are gone

^ Shakira Refos, and her (white?) gf, who is the person leading the BLM march in Bradenton, FL to remove a monument there with the names of Lee and Stonewell Jackson on it.

oh the times we live in

horat, saw your channel was down F


oi, imagine my shock

paul is a fragile guy

maybe it was Woes who shut it down

jk jk

should call into the charlottesville prison as pjw

chris this is what you get when you associate with RACISTS!!!

the smile on that woman... i mean seldom do i wish pain upon another human being... okay so that's becoming a more common desire of mine but still

she has to know she's a terrible human being

id like to take one of hte strings off her ukulele and... well ... sigh

21 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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